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How To Make A Soda Fountain At Home Using Cardboard [WATCH]

Is this project necessary? Absolutely not. Is this project awesome? Hell freaking yes!

Using the type of engineering skill that I wish I had growing up when I was consistently losing in my school science fair, The Q YouTube channel put together a soda machine using soda bottles, cardboard, a 9V battery, some tubes and wires, a push button switch, and a DC6V mini air pump motor.

After tying together some wires, gluing the cardboard, and sticking some tubes inside the soda bottles, the end result was a DIY tap, kind of like the ones you’d see inside fast food restaurants.

Yeah, it takes a little more effort than my oversimplified description, but with a little help from the video above, this could be a fun science project or just something to do if you’re bored at home and happen to have a mini air pump motor lying around.


Small European Town To Build A Public Beer Fountain, Hear That America?

Slovenia: the land where the women flow like beer and the beer flows like…well, beer, but from a fountain.

The small country has recently started making big moves to attract more tourism, specifically to the tiny city of Zalec (with a population of 4,878) by building a giant, public fountain that spews the sweet nectar of the Gods (beer) rather than the normal warm piss of Beelzebub (water).

With tourism to Slovenia surprisingly on the decline in the last 40 zillion years, the beer fountain is a surefire way to attract a few more people that really just want to get drunk in public.

There’s no doubt that hipsters and millenials alike are already booking their $12 plane tickets to Slovenia, however this new plan has caused quite a stir amongst city government officials.

The large majority of ruffled feathers all provided the same argument, that the $400,000 project could run the city into the ground if it fails. Furthermore, nearly half of that cost will be paid for by all 74 taxpaying citizens of Zalec, either through recommissioned funds or increased taxes, an aspect they are not stoked on.

Still, I’m really looking forward to reading police reports about drunkasses urinating in the same fountain that got them trashed.



Photo Credit: Yelp, Meme Center, Resort Piran