This Looks Like A Chicken Wing, But You Won’t Believe What This Chef Actually Fried


Korean chef Elliot Taesoon Kahng is known for making awesome recipes on his Instagram. One of his most recent dishes, especially, is pretty ingenious.

As part of an early April Fool’s prank, @taesoon84 took the skins from fried chicken wings and did something amazing with them. After carefully removing the meat and the bone from the wings, the Instagram personality stuffed three different wings with macaroni and cheese, falafel and mashed potatoes, respectively.

He calls them April Fools Fried Chicken.

The faux wings are then floured, beer battered and deep fried. You couldn’t tell they were any different from real chicken wings.

Imagine expecting to bite into a crispy wing and getting a mouthful of mashed potatoes, or the delight of finding macaroni and cheese.