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White Rabbit Ice Cream Exists and Has The Internet Going Nuts

White Rabbit is a candy that milks nostalgia from all who have experienced it. The famous rice paper surrounding the candy melts in your mouth leaving a sweet and creamy texture. It’s something that never lost its classic appeal, but has always deserved a moment in the spotlight.

Foodbeast’s managing editor, Reach Guinto, envisioned evolving that creamy flavor even further and suggested it as an ice cream flavor to Los Angeles ice cream shop chain, Wanderlust Creamery. This collaboration transformed the dream of White Rabbit ice cream into a reality.

Inspired by fond memories of childhood, White Rabbit ice cream was born. Wanderlust mixes real pieces of White Rabbit candy into a custom milk and buttery base, creating an ice cream that delivers an adaptation true to its origin.

The reaction to this ice cream is well-deserved, yet the scope of its reach is far beyond what anyone expected. It first debuted in honor of Lunar New Year with plans to only have it available through the month of February, but it catalyzed a feverish desire to covet it.

For some perspective, Wanderlust’s most popular flavor sold 40 gallons within one week in the middle of summer’s peak in July, while 39 gallons of White Rabbit ice cream sold in just a day and a half.

Not only is Wanderlust struggling to meet the demand, they are have difficulty sourcing the essential White Rabbit candy itself. Wanderlust is cleaning out wholesale stores such as Laksi, in Los Angeles, but so are other unnamed creameries who have been inspired to jump at the chance to craft their own version. Owners Adrienne Borlongan and Jon-Patrick Lopez drove all over Los Angeles trying to find a distributor, until they got in contact with one all the way in San Francisco to help.

“We were worried people won’t be able to get it,” shared Borlongan, speaking on if folks would understand and appreciate an ice cream flavor based on the Asian candy. However, examples of consumer fervor within this recent boom came in the form of some patrons traveling as far as 300 miles away only to discover it had already been sold out upon arrival.

Virality is a powerful but misunderstood aspect of the Internet world, and it’s unclear how or when White Rabbit ice cream exploded into a media frenzy, but Borlongan has her suspicions, “I think it started with Subtle Asian Traits [Facebook page] sharing it last week,” she stated. Since then, the Foodbeast and Wanderlust creation has been featured in news outlets around the world and was a trending topic on WeChat, a social media and messaging app with over a billion active users. Also, other scoop shops globally began creating their own versions of White Rabbit ice cream as well.

White Rabbit ice cream will not be around for much longer, but due to high demand the creamery has decided to make it available through March. We can only hope for a permanent spot in the Wanderlust Creamery collection, but all parties are pleased with this dream coming to fruition in the best possible way.

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How Foodbeasts Around The World Champion Their Breakfast

Breakfast is the essential morning kickstart our bodies need to refuel and recharge so that we have the energy to power through the day ahead. While we could just go for the basics and load up on the 87, many of us like to go for special fuels and craft the morning meal we don’t just need, but deserve.

Whether it’s a loaded cheeseburger breakfast burrito, or some scratch-made waffles with syrup, we know how to treat ourselves when it comes to morning meals. Below is just a smattering of the dope breakfasts all you fellow Foodbeasts have shared with us, whether it be from a local restaurant or your own culinary wizardry.

It’s a global affair of morning fare that may inspire you to try something new or different the next time you wake up. Or it could just be an insane collection of soothing, oozy egg yolk porn to help you get through the rest of your day.

Cheese-Crusted Breakfast Burrito


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A post shared by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on

Low Key Burritos adds a cheesy blanket of deliciousness to a breakfast staple in the Los Angeles area. With a layer of melted cheese that’s both crispy and gooey at the same time, the intense flavors provide a whole new dimension to what’s possible with breakfast burritos.

Creme Brulee Cupcakes


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A post shared by Brandon Hayes (@nyc_cheatdayking) on

This blend of creme brulee and cupcake can be found at Molly’s in New York City, and they recommend you eat this within an hour of ordering. Personally, I could see myself scarfing down the entire thing within seconds of receiving it, although I’d spend a little extra time enjoying the shattering crunch of that caramelized sugar on top. Technically, this creme brulee counts as breakfast, right?

Shrimp Tempura Benny


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A post shared by UNLOKT Las Vegas (@unlokt) on

Treating yourself in Vegas can mean many things. Spending hours at the slots, enjoying a fancy steak, or perhaps going in on a juicy, delectable fried shrimp benedict. Found at the aptly named SKINNYFATS, it comes with a spicy buffalo hollandaise and is served on buttermilk biscuits, providing plenty of fatty and greasy goodness to help sort out whatever level of hangover hell you’re pushing through.

Crepe Bretonne


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A post shared by Elena.nti (@elena.nti) on

This breakfast hails from Lower Brittany, and has become popular across France along with other European countries. Featuring a buckwheat crepe and the possibility of sweet or savory toppings, Instagrammer @elena.nti loaded hers up with ham, cheese, and a perfectly runny egg that altogether screams “comfort food.”

Egg Bagel Sandwich, Food Baby Approved


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A post shared by Food Baby (@foodbabyny) on

They may not have the teeth to bite into this yet, but even babies can appreciate the deliciousness of Brooklyn-based Hunky Dory’s breakfast egg bagel. Instagrammer @foodbabyny’s kids clearly already have refined palates, as they’re locked in on the intense aromas of grated cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula that come loaded into this sandwich.

Pork And Plantain Hash Sandwich


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A post shared by Elie (@bookofelie) on

The streets of downtown Los Angeles are home to Don Francisco Coffee’s Casa Cubana. The local roasters put the same attention to detail in their breakfast menu as they do their brew, with this pork and plantain hash sandwich being one of the cafe’s culinary crown jewels.

Dim Sum In Glasgow


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A post shared by ell eats (@jingyiuu) on

With the world as connected as it is, you can find cuisines from around the world in places you may not expect at first. Case in point, would you expect to find traditional Chinese dim sum in the middle of Edinburgh, Scotland? The pieces of cheung fun (rice noodles) encasing crispy strips of youtiao (Fried dough) are especially appealing to my stomach.

Thick Sausage Patty Sandwiches


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A post shared by Anne & Michelle (@nycmunchkin) on

There’s something mesmerizing about the drippy, juicy sausage patty serving as the base to this breakfast sandwich. Is it the size of three regular sausage patties, or the way the cheese drapes over an almost transparent blanket of flavor? Whatever the reason may be, I’m drooling just staring at this breakfast sandwich from Due West in New York City.

Giant Cinnamon Rolls


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A post shared by 👯‍♀️Shay & Steph (@soflofooodie) on

This cinnamon roll is the actual definition of “Go big or go home.” In the case of Florida Instagram user @soflofooodie, they went really, REALLY massive with this gigantic cinnamon roll. As huge as it is, though, it still manages to remain a work of art that looks simply gorgeous.

Breakfast Roti


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Head to Makati City in the Philippines, and you’ll come across a place called Roti Shop that’s turning the flatbread into a ton of creative eats. This breakfast, for example, features a fried egg on top of murtabak, a roti that’s stuffed with your choice of filling (corned beef, lamb, veggies, tuna, amongst others). Definitely a dish to add to anyone’s “must-try” list.

Beautiful Breakfast Waffles


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A post shared by Elliott (@fforfood) on

It’s fitting that this plate of waffles, syrup, and fruit comes to us from the Museum District of Richmond, Virginia. Based on the above photo, it looks like this breakfast should belong in some type of gallery.

Artistic Full English Breakfasts In Thessaloniki


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A post shared by th__rt_photographer (@th___rt_) on

Who says you can’t find an amazing Full English Breakfast outside of the UK? This one was spotted in Thessaloniki, Greece, and comes with a sausage expertly cut in multiple directions to add levels of crispy texture. With bacon, beans, eggs, and plenty of potatoes, this is truly a complete meal.

Vibrant Plantain-Stuffed Breakfast Burritos

Who knew a breakfast burrito could look so kaleidoscopic? With the plantains, rice, and everything else going on in here, this “El tradicional” from La Pupusa in Downtown Los Angeles is an ideal morning meal to add to your Instagram feed.

Savory-Meets-Sweet Breakfast Sammie


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A post shared by Dear Mama Coffee (@dearmamanyc) on

If you can’t choose between sweet or savory for breakfast, finding the options that satisfy both cravings are like a gold mine. Case in point, this “Lean Cuisine” sandwich from Dear Mama Coffee in New York City. It’s got homemade breakfast sausage, soft scrambled eggs, and a blueberry serrano jam inside of two fluffy pancakes for a tasty explosion of flavor.

Epic Turkish Breakfast Spread


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A post shared by Burak Özdemir (@cznburak) on

Now THIS is what I call an epic breakfast spread. Put together by Turkish food Instagrammer Burak Özdemir, it’s got everything you’d dream of for breakfast: Eggs, meat, pastries, cheeses, fresh produce… truly a Foodbeast-worthy meal perfect for the whole gang.

Mangu Tres Golpes


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A post shared by Rochelle Marie (@atinyrock) on

Mangu Tres Golpes is a Dominican breakfast that consists of mashed plantains, Dominican salami, fried cheese, and crispy, sunny-side-up eggs. For those not able to head to the Dominican Republic to track this down, you can find this particular plate at Mambo’s Dominican Kitchen in Chandler, Arizona.

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Foodbeast Picks: The Best Meals We’ve Had In 2018

The past few years we’ve enjoyed highlighting the best meals we as Foodbeasts have had within the calendar year. However, this year we’ve decided to let some of our friends and beloved industry experts chime in as well. So not only will you see the culinary highlights that we’ve experienced this past year, you’ll also be privy to the best meals acclaimed chefs like Michael Cimarusti and Adam Perry Lang have had. So kick back and try not to drool all over yourself as we share the absolute best meals we’ve had in 2018!


Rudy Chaney: Foodbeast
Best Meal: Majordomo; Los Angeles, CA


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Ribeye was real good… fries were fuckin nutzo

A post shared by rudeluv (@rudeluv) on

My girlfriend Ashley took me here with fellow Foodbeast Chris and Liz. I hadn’t been to a Dave Chang restaurant in years and really wanted to try it out after following the opening on his podcast. We ordered a lot of bing, including the cave aged butter and the micro-planed foie, lots of uni, some scallops and the ribeye. The fries that came with the ribeye were easily the best I’ve had in my lifetime. I don’t eat like a Foodbeast as much as I used to so this was truly special.

HONORABLE MENTION: The Coop Deville Sandwich at The Crack Shack; multiple locations


Chef Louis Tikaram: EP & LP
Best Meal: Som Tam Jay So; Bangkok, Thailand


This simple street side stall in the heart of Bangkok was my favorite meal in 2018. During a recent Asia family vacation, I ate at a few Michelin star restaurants, though this meal had the biggest impact on me and was the most memorable. All the meat and seafood were slowly cooked over charcoal for a perfectly tender and smoky finish. The intensity and balance of the grilled and chopped catfish and Galangal Laap were mind blowing, while the fresh Som Tam complemented the insanely tender and tasty meat. Put that together with the zingy Nahm Jim and Jim Jaew for dipping and I was in heaven! I ate here every single day during my trip! That good.

HONORABLE MENTION: Bak Kut Teh “Meat Bone Tea” at Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh; Singapore


Chef Michael Cimarusti: Providence, Connie and Ted’s, Cape Seafood and Provisions, Best Girl, Il Pesce Cucina; Los Angeles, CA
Best Meal: Chefs Table at Brooklyn Fare; New York, NY


The meal was truly perfect from beginning to end. The attention to detail, the quality of the product, and the execution was at a world class level. Chef Cesar Ramirez has created a restaurant that allows him to cook at the highest level with perfect ingredients.



Chef Alvin Cailan: Eggslut; Host, First We Feast’s “The Burger Show”
Best Meal: Butcher’s Feast at Côte; New York, NY

Côte is a fun place, the quality of their dishes are supreme and best of all, they have an amazing staff that keeps you smiling all evening.



Izzy Rocha: Foodbeast
Best Meal: 2 Shredded Beef Burritos and a Double Del Cheeseburger at Del Taco

When Del Taco brought back its shredded beef burritos, I couldn’t care less. But I still ate them for a month straight after work, which probably helped accelerate my 12-pound weight gain to end the year. Also, I added a Double Del Burger one night just to really feel like an asshole.

HONORABLE MENTION: McNuggets dipped in nacho cheese; McDonald’s


Chef Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins: El Jardin; San Diego, CA
Best Meal: Lorea; Mexico City, Mexico

Lorea in Mexico City is singular. I brought my sous chefs with me this past year. Two courses in, we literally all looked at each other and said that we could have left at that very moment and it would have been the best meal of the year. The team is so good about making you feel like you are meant to be there. Every time I visit, I’m just blown away by how good a restaurant can be if you are not just focusing on food and making sure that you take care of every element in the entire experience. My favorite bite from the tasting menu was a very unassuming one of local yogurt and honey. It was incredible.


Constantine Spyrou: Foodbeast
Best Meal: Culina; Beverly Hills, CA

In the United States, Italian cuisine is oft relegated to pizzas and pastas, but Chef Luca at Culina opened up a world of so much more, and it was amazing. He presented us with an entire spread off his menu that showcased the best of Tuscany. From the Sformatino di Bietole (Swiss Chard flan) to a wild boar sugo with fresh pappardelle and a tiramisu with popping candy, every dish was a work of art and a strong piece of evidence that Italian cuisine has so much I still have yet to taste.

Honorable Mention: JenRed Pork and Emerald Chicken Combo Plate at Chino Bandido; Phoenix, AZ 


Elie Ayrouth: Foodbeast
Best Meal: Lo Mein Cacio e Pepe at 
Comstock Saloon; San Francisco, CA

Foodbeast video producer Ricky and I went here on a whim one rainy night while working in San Francisco. We were lured in because we heard they had a “rainbow tartare” on the menu, a Foodbeast clickbait if there ever was one. Comstock is situated on the borders of SF’s Little Italy and Chinatown and the food is a perfect melting pot of Italian and Asian sensibilities in a saloon thematic, with history dating back to 1907. I’m about to rattle off some crazy dishes, but know that none of these are expensive (especially for those accustomed to regular Bay Area prices), and all of them are better than the last. Imagine CAVIAR CHEXX, or a “20 Dollar Mozzarella Stick.” Their Chef Jason Raffin just seems to be having a helluva time in the kitchen, and even lets you order “Family Meal,” where you just ask your server to serve you what the staff will eat after hours. As part of one of the best meals I had all year, you gotta order their Lo Mein Cacio e Pepe. It’s the perfect representation of rich ass San Francisco, takes from Chinatown, the three finger wag of Little Italy and a perfectly constructed fusion of pecorino, parmesan and Szechuan pepper.

HONORABLE MENTION: Forn Al Hara; Anaheim, CA


Nastassia Johnson: Influencer;  @letmeeatcake
Best Meal: LASA; Los Angeles, CA

Chase and Chad Valencia have long been at the forefront of the Filipino food movement, and all of the insanely delicious meals I’ve had this year prove that they are continuing to lead the pack. Whether it was their Kesong Puti Dumplings (with roasted & raw carrots, carrot ginataan, and queso de bola) for dinner or Bistek Burger (with a double beef patty, toyomansi stewed onions, and queso de bola on a potato bun) for lunch, every dish consistently left my mind blown — and seriously impressed with their passion and creativity. No wonder they got a nod as one of Food & Wine’s best restaurants of 2018.

HONORABLE MENTION: Pikunico; Los Angeles, CA


Chef Adam Perry Lang: APL; Hollywood, CA
Best Meal: Chivichanga at Sonoratown; Los Angeles, CA


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Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you know that the chivi’s are really 🎶 singing 🎶 today, so if you haven’t had them yet…get over here for dinner!! We’ll be grilling up these juicy little burritos on homemade flour tortillas until 9pm in the @lafashiondistrict of #DTLA ♥️ if you can’t make it tonight, the #NYT published a recipe detailing how to make them at home 🏠 and you can find the link inside our bio ⚡️it’s at the very end of the article⚡️ !! It’s been a whirlwind week so come say hello and keep us company and get your clothes all perfumed with the smell of mesquite wood fire! Image credit: @foodiemagician Nice to meet you!Thanks for coming – and for taking an interest in what we do! #estilosonora #sonorenses #amorycariño #sonora #sanluisrc #yarribaelnorte #yarribasonora #lafrontera #tortillasdearina #flournotcorn #flourtortillas

A post shared by Sonoratown Taqueria (@sonoratownla) on

I was first introduced to Sonoratown’s Chivichanga by Javier Cabral, my LA Mexican food guru. I was struck by the lightness of the hand pressed flour tortillas and the impossibly delicious chicken. The team at Sonoratown is just as incredible as the food they serve. Every time I visit, they welcome me like family.

HONORABLE MENTION: Sushi Park; West Hollywood, CA


Andy Nguyen: Co-Founder, Afters Ice Cream
Best Meal: Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, KS

The ribs were amazing but it was the Z-man Sandwich that had my mind blown. Imagine sliced smoked brisket, onion rings, smoked provolone cheese, barbecue sauce, all on a Kaiser roll. It was so satisfying with every bite. I need to recreate that thing somehow.

HONORABLE MENTIONBCK in Houston, TX for their version of Spaghetti-O’s


Analiese Trimber: Foodbeast
Best Meal: Giant Bento Situation at Kuroshio Kaiko; Renjoji, Ainancho, Minamiuwa-gun, Japan


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Michelin star dining in Japan 🇯🇵

A post shared by Annie Trimber (@annietrimber) on

Everyone knows about the Americanized version of the Bento box, but I can tell you, it’s way better in Japan. This unassuming restaurant is located in one of the smallest towns in the Ehime Prefecture. Fellow Foodbeasts Marc, Chris, and I were taken here after a shoot for our bluefin tuna project by a fisherman and CEO of the company, who ordered for us. We had no idea what to expect. After some hot green tea and pleasantries, all of a sudden our server appeared at our table with these giant Bento-looking boxes filled with an array of goodies. There was fresh, sashimi-style Skipjack tuna with fresh wasabi, thick slices of meaty bonito nuzzled in between the folds of onion salad, crispy, fresh-out-the-fryer tempura, miso soup, a salad, and another dish that I would soon learn would infiltrate my taste buds and dreams for the foreseeable future — in the best way possible, of course. Before me was a bowl full of rice with thinly sliced raw sea bass nestled delicately underneath a shiso leaf. Next to it was a raw egg and soy sauce. We learned to use our chopsticks to mix the yolk and then stirred in the soy sauce. The next step was to pour that mixture over the fish and rice. One bite in and I was sold. Our translator told us this dish was a staple among the Japanese vikings back in the day. Each bite was perfect: the fattiness from the egg yolk, salt from the soy sauce, intrigue from the shisho, and a meaty, blank canvas type of fish ready to absorb all the flavors. As we were leaving, we noticed a tiny sign in the lobby signifying the restaurant had a Michelin star, which solidified our meal. Here was this unassuming, unpretentious restaurant with one of the highest culinary accolades in the world, serving a wholesome lunch service and doing what I wish more restaurants did — letting the food, not the awards, do the talking.

HONORABLE MENTION: Caviar Tacos at rose.rabbit.lie, The Cosmopolitan Hotel; Las Vegas, NV


Chef Casey Lane: Viale dei Romani at the La Peer Hotel; West Hollywood, CA
Best Meal: Kobe (Stone) Steak at Aburiya Raku; Hollywood, CA


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A post shared by @au_wingyin on

The Kobe beef, topped with garlic slices, is cooked on a super-hot stone with paper (with liquid fire poured over it table side); the thinly slivered potatoes are laid on the stone underneath and finished table side with a cognac jus – simply perfect. The most delicious meat ever, and a meal that never disappoints.

HONORABLE MENTION: Sushi Sushi; Beverly Hills, CA


Reach Guinto: Foodbeast
Best Meal: Suckling Pork Neck at Restaurant Alcalde; Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Chef Francisco “Paco” Ruano is crafting masterpieces here. It’s no wonder that Restaurant Alcalde is recognized as one of ‘Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants’. His cooking is thoughtful and beautiful, paying due homage to the ingredients and flavors of Mexican cuisine, all with a whisper of European influence. I’ll never forget the experience of having had the suckling pork neck with black mole sauce there. Already from the jump I was captured by the exquisite plating of the dish — I’d hang the picture I took of it on my wall if I could. But beyond the visually arresting aesthetics were the fork-tender pork neck, the creamiest beans ever, and the viscous, unctuous ink and 20-hour labor of love that was Chef Paco’s  irresistible black mole sauce. Unforgettable, really.

HONORABLE MENTION: Miso-Braised Ox-Tails at Alta West Adams; Los Angeles, CA


Chef Jessica Largey: Simone; Los Angeles, CA
Best Meal: The Charter Oak; St. Helena, CA


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Thank you for the lovely lovely meal @the_charteroak @ckostow @katiannahong #allofthevegetables

A post shared by Jessica Largey (@roselargey) on

The warmth of the hearth and each dish prepared on it matched the incredible hospitality. The food was beyond delicious (we ordered the soy dip three times in one meal…) and the interactive service touches like the dessert cart made for a very memorable experience.

HONORABLE MENTION: n/naka; Los Angeles, CA


Sam Brosnan: Foodbeast
Best Meal: Shin Sen Gumi Hakata Ramen; Los Angeles, CA


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Raw quail egg is the cherry on top of this perfect bowl (and meal!)

A post shared by Foodbeast Rejects (@foodbeastrejects) on

A hearty meal consisting of chicken rice balls, miso soup, and a tuna bowl topped with a raw quail egg stands out to me as one of the most enjoyable of 2018 (washed down with iced green tea and a little plum wine). Shin Sen Gumi is always a filling favorite after a day of exploring LA.

HONORABLE MENTIONHand-Pulled Noodles at Shandong Restaurant; Oakland, CA


Peter Pham: Foodbeast
Best Meal: Smoked Chicken Wings at Ember Barbecue; Santa Ana, CA

Myself and fellow Foodbeast and Latin Lothario Isai Rocha were working late one evening and were trying to figure out what to get for dinner. There was a sensual moment where we locked eyes with one another, stared into each other’s souls, reached deep down and pulled the answer from each others’ innate desires: Wings. A new joint, Ember Barbecue, opened a few blocks away that offered amazing Kansas City-style barbecue. Pitmaster Derrick Foster, a former Marine and native of Kansas City, opened the location up with his wife. Ember’s wings are smoked for an hour with hickory wood before Pitmaster Foster flash fries them for a few seconds to crisp up the skin. As Isai and I both gestured for each other to go first, our fingers touched tips, igniting an electricity in our persons that have not and may not be seen since. Famished incisors tore into crisp chicken skin, unleashing the smokiness of the meat. In our carnivorous state, we didn’t notice there was a cup of sauce to the side of our platter. Isai plunged the tip of his pinky into it and tasted, suckling the sauce and studying its components. His eyes lit up, a fire scorching the surface of his pupils. We drowned what was left those wings with the sauce and continued our thrust to finish off the succulent platter of poultry. We ate in silence, only stopping to wipe the sweat from each others’ brows with a dirty napkin. Once we finished, we sat there in silence, hands covered in grease, sauce, and sinew. Exhausted. Satisfied. Sleepy.

HONORABLE MENTIONAnything with the chili oil that Costa brought back from 99 Ranch


Josh Elkin: Recipe Development Expert and Self Proclaimed Champion of Breakfast
Best Meal: Double Cheeseburger at Burgers Never Say Die; Los Angeles, CA

Here’s the deal. In a city like LA where everyone is trying to make the best Impossible Burger, elevating it with truffle, fancy cheese and buns, all I’m looking for is the contrary. I want a stick-to-your-ribs, greasy and simple all beef burger that I know will be consistent every time. Intro Burgers Never Say Die. It’s a backyard burger place that has become a cheeseburger heaven. The burgers are smashed ultra thin, piled on with American cheese and stacked two high. Its not that big of a deal for a 2×2 burger as these ones are so thin you can’t even realize. I’ve had millions of burgers in my life, and this one is by far the best I’ve ever had.



For Food and Streetwear Fashion, The Collaboration Makes Perfect Sense

A KFC merchandise collaboration with legendary streetwear designer Nigo. Nigo’s own A Bathing Ape brand links up with Heineken to create a limited edition capsule of clothes and accessories. High end streetwear house and sneaker boutique KITH re-imagining Coca-Cola merchandise into smart and ultimately cool clothes. All unlikely partnerships, really, but beyond the surface, the union of food and streetwear fashion absolutely makes sense.

As discussed in the latest episode of the Foodbeast podcast, The Katchup, such a marriage of two cultures is a burgeoning wave that’s set to disrupt how we view and consumer brand partnerships. With the help of special guest Mile Canares of ComplexCon, the conversation unpacks the similarities between food and fashion and why their union is creating such an impact on today’s culture and will continue to do so going forward. From streetwear being the blueprint for today’s restaurateurs to hype dictating much of both industries, there is no stone left unturned in this examination of the dynamic between the two.

And as initially mentioned, this improbable harmony of food and fashion has produced some quality products. Here’s a list of some of the best collabswe’ve seen thus far between the food industry and streetwear.

10. KITH x Coca-Cola


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A post shared by Jimmy Page (phon) (@phon90s) on

9. Pizza Hut x The Shoe Surgeon


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A post shared by Nick Jetson (@freshjetson90) on

8. KFC Limited 2017


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A post shared by Minc Marketing (@mincmarketing) on

7. Danny Bowien (Mission Chinese Food) x Moncler


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A post shared by Danny Bowien (@dannybowienchinesefood) on

6. McDonald’s x Colette


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A post shared by VisteLaCalle (@vistelacalle) on

5. Nike x Momofuku & David Chang


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A post shared by Craig (@samurai_sous_chef) on

4. Chinatown Market x Howlin’ Rays


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A post shared by HOWLIN’ RAY’S (@howlinrays) on

3. Heineken x A Bathing Ape


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A post shared by BapesApparel|AAPE|BAPE|SUPREME (@bapes.apparel) on

2. KFC x Human Made


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A post shared by HYPEBEAST Style (@hypebeaststyle) on

1. Takashi Murakami x ComplexCon


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A post shared by rung pavarodom (@sivanuj) on

#foodbeast Adventures Culture Features FOODBEAST Video

Is Kansas City The Barbecue Capital Of The World?

The regionality of barbecue in the U.S. is but another wrinkle in the textured history of the cuisine’s rich contribution to the canon of American cooking. You’ve got four distinct kingdoms of ‘cue that are fierce in their respective representation. Think of it as a friendly yet spirited feud between dynastic families or noble houses.

With House Carolinas you have a fine affinity for pork. Their whole hog obsessions and expertise make for a destined pairing with their trademark vinegar-based sauces. House Memphis flies the banner of pit-smoked, dry-rubbed ribs coated in a thin, tangy sauce. For House Texas, their juicy brisket cooked low and slow is their pride and joy. Fun fact: when folks use the term “Texas barbecue” it more than likely refers to the Central Texas-style. But no matter what, beef is their main course. Finally, you have House Kansas City, where slow-smoked meats rubbed in a complex formula of spices and slathered in their signature, gloriously gloppy, tomato-based sauces are their bastion for barbecue braggadocio. Oh and they also happen to be the loudest of the bunch to tout themselves as the barbecue capital of the world.

Bold claim, sure, but the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Barack Obama, and even (oddly enough) John Madden co-signing hold merit. As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire — or in this case, succulent, soul-stirring ribs that put the concept of an otherworldly kind of goodness on a pedestal.

And it’s there where I trailed the lead, curious about this barbecue capital of the world and finding out whether such a crown is too heavy for Kansas City to wear or just the right fit. Along the way we put this assertion of barbecue dominance to the test, whether it be through conversations with a barbecue historian to attending the world’s largest barbecue competition to even finding out the preferred choice of pork brand for these lauded bbq pit-masters (pro-tip: it’s Smithfield).


Editor’s Note: Pitmaster Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke Barbecue
#foodbeast Cravings FOODBEAST Hit-Or-Miss Video

This $500 Valentine’s Day Exclusive Pizza Is The Epitome of Extra

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and the Hallmark holiday is notorious for influencing restaurants to showcase just how indulgent and extravagant they can get with their meals, all in the name of romance. Realizing that the holiday for lovers is a chance to capitalize, Firenza Pizza decided to take the concept of opulent romantic dinners and create something for all pizza-loving folks out there.

Enter the ‘Golden Surf & Turf Pizza’, a sumptuous pie that features high-end ingredients like a lobster bechamel base, manchego cheese, lobster tails, Wagyu filet mignon, ikura caviar, and a light topping of gold leaf flakes. As expected, this swank lineup of fixings will gut punch your wallet, what with its $500 price tag and all.

But hey, when it comes to bae (especially a pizza-lovin’ one at that), money should be no object right? If you’re sure of this, then treat them to this palatial pie at Firenza Pizza locations on Valentine’s Day.

It’s only available just for V-Day, so make sure to hop on this lavish train quickly.

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Every Single Newsworthy Item At Foodbeast’s NOODS NOODS NOODS Fest

This weekend, Foodbeast is hosting its second annual Asian food festival: NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Original Cup Noodles. The event on Saturday, January 27th will have some of Southern California’s dopest chefs, restaurants, and breweries lining the street with food and merriment, with a bustling Super Smash Bros. tournament unfolding inside the Esports Arena.

As tradition has it at Foodbeast festivals, chefs and restaurateurs have taken to create 20+ different and exclusive menu items across the all-you-can-consume VIP and buy-as-you-go Marketplace sections. Some restaurants, like festival regular Bruxie, often use the festival as a playground to trial items that may later appear on their permanent menu.

In between stuffing your face with iconic noodle dishes and craft brews from some of the area’s most sought after brewers, attention will also be on one of the largest Super Smash Bros. tournament in the area. Inside the walls of the Esports Arena, hundreds of competitors will duke it out over a cash prize pool listed in the thousands. If you’re interested in a last minute signup to strut your Smash Bros. skills, sign up on the website!

Those of you checking out the intense Super Smash Bros. tournament at the Esports Arena and perusing the NOODS marketplace will want to have a guide to take you through the gauntlet of noodle deliciousness in store.

The all-you-can-consume VIP section is filled with so many unique eats you’ll want to pace yourself to really achieve full satisfaction. Luckily, we’ve got all the deets right here for y’all to peruse. This list right here showcases every exclusive eat that’ll be available in the Marketplace and VIP sections of the festival.

Official event information and tickets are available on We also recommend following the Noods OC Facebook Event Page and our regularly updated @NoodsNoodsNoods Instagram.


A lot of the following Marketplace vendors will be selling more than one item, we are just highlighting the exclusive menu items only available at this event.

Norigami Tacos

jumbo cheesy ramen eggrolls

Norigami’s menu will be featuring these cheesy seafood ramen eggrolls. Bacon, imitation crab, cream cheese, and ramen are all stuffed inside of these on-the-go bites. Norigami’s exclusive item is a creative mashup of crab rangoons, ramen, and egg rolls.

The Mad Dumpling Truck

Mad Dumpling is serving up a hefty portion of pan-fried bulgogi beef dumplings in the NOODS marketplace. They’re served in a bed of sesame gochujang noodles and garnished with scallions, kimchi, and sesame seeds.

Drizzle Inc.

Matcha Kit Kats and Pocky crown Drizzle’s epic dessert, a sesame ice cream funnel cake cone. Coconut jelly, sprinkles, whipped cream, and condensed milk round out the toppings on this sweet tooth-busting treat.

The Milky Way

Catering company The Milky Way is selling a karaage chicken ramen cone that’ll leave you starstruck. The actual cone is a ramen-infused waffle, and even more noodles come stuffed into the cone with the Japanese fried chicken. There’s also kimchi on top to turn up the heat on this trendy fusion of fried chicken and ramen.

The Tri Tip Man

California barbecue meets Chinese noodles in the Tri Tip Man’s sweet and spicy tri-tip lo mein. The meat and noodles are drenched in two different sauces: a sweet and spicy plum sauce and a zesty sesame drizzle.

Ninjas With Appetite

On top of a brand new teriyaki surf and turf ramen that’ll be making its exclusive debut at NOODS, Ninjas with Appetite will also be selling their internet-famous teriyaki cheesesteak burrito, giving you a chance to try one if you’ve been missing out on the opportunities so far.

Haute Sandwich Hut

Haute Sandwich Hut will be serving up a special surf & turf burrito in the NOODS Marketplace. They’re made with shrimp, steak, lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro, Top Ramen, sour cream, black beans, shredded cheese, and pico de gallo.


A whole fresh soft-shelled crab is served up in Megadon‘s Marketplace offering. The deep-fried shellfish is served on top of a bed of curry udon noodles, made with carrots, onions, and garlic butter.

Red Envelope

noods marketplace

A nest of fried noodles is the final resting place for an entire Cajun lobster before it makes its way into your mouth. Known as Red Envelope‘s Cajun Lobster Nest, it also comes with corn, cilantro, and a Cajun XO Sauce.

And for the thirsty, there will also be three special beers on tap for sale in the Marketplace:

The Bruery will be serving up their ‘Mischief’, a tropical and fruity Belgian-style Ale. The Good Beer Company will have ‘I Got This’, an American-style Pale Ale, on tap. Finally, Smog City Brewing will offer up ‘Little Bo Pils’, one of their brewed Pilsners.


Bruxie: Kickin’ Kimchi Ramen Waffle

With a noodle twist on their classic fried chicken and waffle sandwich, Bruxie’s VIP item consists of a ramen waffle bun, kimchi cheese sauce, pork belly, and their kickin’ chicken.

Ninjas With Appetite: Teriyaki Cheesesteak Ramen

Ninjas With Appetite created an epic Teriyaki Cheesesteak burrito that went viral in 2017. In that same vein, their teriyaki cheesesteak ramen will consist of teriyaki steak, and cheesy ramen noodles.

Belly Bombz Kitchen: Firecreacker Chicken Ramen Quesadilla

Belly Bombz is going crazy with a quesadilla made with ramen crepe batter. Stuffing it with their firecracker chicken, corn, cheddar, onion, and green onion makes their noodle mission complete.

Haute Sandwich Hut: Neapolitan Ramen Waffle

The exclusive dish from Haute consists of fried ramen noodles that are waffle-ized and topped with bits of Chinese chicken sausage, green onion, forbidden rice, and a sweet & sour drizzle.

Cali Tacos: Carne Asada Cup Noodles

Cali Taco’s owner, Josh Torres, has developed a special Carne Asada ramen that heralds his signature restaurant. The noodles come with carne asada, shredded cheddar, cabbage, pico de gallo, and cotija cheese, all topped with Cali Sauce.

Ten Asian Bistro: Spam, Eggs and Parmesan Cup Noodles

Ten Asian Bistro’s Andrew Molleda has given a breakfast-like twist to Cup Noodles. Spam, scrambled eggs, veggies, and ramen noodles are tossed together in a house Yakisoba sauce and Sriracha. That all gets topped off with quail eggs, more spam, and nori.

Starry Kitchen: Chili Crab Noodles

Starry Kitchen starts off with a live crab to make these noodles happen. The crab is fried then cooked in a spicy Chinese chicken stock. That sauce gets an egg scrambled in before getting ladeled over a pile of garlic noodles.

Clever Leaf: Stuffed Crab Claw Garlic Noodles

A traditional Chinese dim sum item gets elevated in this exclusive Clever Leaf item. Garlic noodles are stuffed into a shrimp patty, which is deep-fried with a soft shell crab claw sticking out of it.

Miyabi Uni: Miyabi Uni Ramen Bowl

Miyabi’s special Seafood Ramen Bowl is topped with uni, aka sea urchin. It’s made with a seafood ramen base and served with a spicy sauce that’ll make your tastebuds tingle.

Supernatural Sandwiches: Scallop and Bacon Mini Roll

scallop roll

An explosion of seafood flavor, this mini scallop roll comes with a plethora of toppings. Romaine lettuce, bacon, aguachile ponzu, and black garlic squid ink aioli all turn this sandwich into a mouthwatering, unique bite.

Mama Kristy’s: Mama Kristy’s Chicken Soto Ramen

A take on Indonesian Chicken Soto, a herbal broth made with onions and other aromatics is served alongside chicken and egg to make this Chicken Soto Ramen a prime option.

The Pie Hole: Yakisoba Pot Pie

The Pie Hole is putting a unique Japanese twist on their classic pies. Their Yakisoba Pot Pie consists of yakisoba noodles, steak, cabbage, and yakisoba sauce packed into a mini pie crust.

Megadon: Mini Poke Bowl

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If you’re looking for a quick refreshment from all of the starchy noodles, Megadon will have some fresh poke bowls available in the VIP section as a neat palate cleanser.

Red Envelope: Summer Spring Rolls

Sure it’s not summer anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sink your teeth into Red Envelope’s vibrant Summer Spring Rolls. The rolls are wrapped with ingredients like steak strips, peppers, onions, cilantro, vermicelli, strawberries, and avocado inside.

Sgt. Pepperoni’s x Oak & Coal collab: Pizza Dough Dumplings

Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza store teamed up with Oak & Coal in Costa Mesa to make a pizza dough dumpling filled with organic pork belly, chicken, tofu, kimchi, and mozzarella cheese.

En Tu Boca: Ramen Crusted Chicken Wings

Wings are the ultimate party food. What better way to kick off the festivities than to crush a few dozen of these ramen-crusted chicken wings from En Tu Boca? Remember, there’s no wrong way to eat a chicken wing.

We haven’t seen what these babies look like yet, but if they’re anything like the name indicates, we’re going to have a good time.

Jinny’s Pizzeria: Cheesy Corn Pizza

If you need a brief break form the noodle action, you can grab a slice of pizza, because who can say no to pizza? Jinny’s Pizzeria will have cheesy corn pizza slices on deck for the masses.



The Dirty Cookie: Ube and Matcha Cookie Shots

Not only will TDC bring its Matcha Green Tea Cookie Shot, but it will be making an exclusive Ube Cookie Shot, as well.

The Loop: Lil Loop Churros

The Loop will be bringing its popular churros to Noods Fest, but in mini form. Fans can choose between an ube glaze churro with shredded coconut, a cinnamon churro with pineapple glaze, and a matcha glaze churro with almonds.

Creamistry: Choco Pie Nitro Shake

Creamistry’s signature nitrogen infused “NitroShake” will be garnished with Choco Pies, marshmallows, and whipped cream.


Hint Water will keep everyone hydrated in VIP!

Pass the hint please 🤜

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There will also be five breweries inside the VIP section offering up a variety of unique beers. Twenty Eight, Towne Park Brewery, Bruery Terreux, The Good Beer Company, and Smog City Brewing will all be on tap. Bruery Terreux will have their Fredereick H., The Good Beer will serve a Fiesta Farmhouse Ale, and Smog City Brewing will have a beer known as Sabre Toothed Squirrel.

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet to the Marketplace or VIP section and want to get one (or all) of these items, make sure to snag some before heading to NOODS NOODS NOODS!

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Black Garlic And Squid Ink Aioli Elevate This Scallop Roll To The Next Level

Scallops are definitely in the conversation for the tastiest shellfish you can buy. Their faint sweetness, combined with a succulent flesh and light oceanic aroma make for an irresistible bite that’s worth the cash. One of the more underrated yet delicious ways to enjoy this mouthwatering mollusk is in a buttery, toasted roll, and one restaurant is pushing the bounds of deliciousness on that simple combination.

scallop roll

San Diego’s SuperNatural Sandwiches has brought out the best of the shellfish in their scallop roll, available exclusively at Foodbeast’s Asian food festival, NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Original Cup Noodles and taking place on Saturday, January 27th, in Santa Ana, CA.

SuperNatural’s fantastical recreation of the scallop roll pairs tender scallops with romaine lettuce, ponzu aguachile, and a buttery brioche bread. But what truly elevates it to new heights is the deep black aioli garnishing the top. It’s made with squid ink and black garlic, giving a briny back note and fermented, umami punch to the sandwich.

This scallop roll is definitely a seafood lover’s dream, and is worth a stop to the VIP section of NOODS NOODS NOODS to try it. You can get tickets for that all-you-can-consume session, or for the buy-as-you-go Marketplace, here.