Top 6 Instagram Photos This Week [06/13/12]

Here we are with week 2 of Foodbeast’s Top 6 Instagram Food Photos. We carefully & hungrily picked through a ton of photos, and it looks like dessert takes the cake (hah!) for this week’s set. If you’re one of the many who use the app, be sure to include #FOODBEAST in your food photos and you might end up on our list!


1. Bacon Burger, Fries & Gourmet Malt Vinegar

Ate this 6 hrs ago and it feels like 10mins ago. #burgers #4peaks #foodbeast #heartburn — @beauowns


2. Oreos Sundae

— @foodcrushes


3. Burger Cupcakes

Cute! #cupcakes #hamburger #cupcake#foodporn #food #dessert #yum — @jbabyy24


4. Extra Creamy Coffee

Caffe Mozart @ Cafe Wien Nisantasi Istanbul (13,25 TL) — @foodonfoot


5. Ice Cream Cones Bouquet

#istelezzet #foodporn #chocolate#yummy #yum #food #foodart #dinner#nom
#cake #cool #cupcake #coffee#nomnom #delicious #dinner #pastry#bread #dessert
#icecream#foodstagram #cool #nyc #family#love #loveit #bw #turkiye #turkish#italy —


6. Rainbow Cupcake With Rainbow Sour Belt




Top 6 Instagram Food Photos This Week [06/06/12]

The Top 6 Instagram Food Photos is a weekly series where we gather the hottest food photos of the week that have been posted to Instagram, one of the most popular photo sharing smartphone apps. If you use Instagram, make sure to hash tag your photos with #foodbeast to get our editors’ attention! Next week, your food pictures might make the Top 6!


1. Fries, Hamburger & Onion Rings

#burger #hamburger #cheeseburger#cheese #frenchfries #french #fries#sweetpotatofries #onionrings #onion#rings #ketchup #food #foodporn#luxury #bmf #blowmoneyfast — @blowmoneyfast


2. Camera Cake

#weheartit #notmine camera cake! #2 — @dino_sour


3. Funnel Cake

#canada #wonderland #food #sweet#cake #yummy #sexy with @purplesight — @wellarmed01


4. Hawaiian Shave Iced Cupcakes

Had to take a pic of this before I inhaled it. Hawaiian “Shaved Ice” cupcakes. Lemon curd #lihing filling. I guess mine has tigers blood and vanilla. #food #foodbeast #fatkid — @wellarmed01


5. Small Banana, Small Whiskey

Can you guess what’s big and what’s little??? IT’S SO CONFUSING!!! — @whhilwhheaton


6. Disney Rice Krispy Treats, on a Stick

#foodporn #awesome #yummy#chocolate covered rice krispy #treats#love #food #instagood — @bellabakery



FOODSCAPE: An Art Exhibition With Food As the Primary Subject Matter

An exploration of food. That’s the theme of our very own art show we’ll be hosting March 3rd, 2012 and through the rest of the month. Paintings, illustrations, photography and sculptures are but a few of the mediums that will be present, but it’s the food that will tie everything together.

For so long food has been one of the greatest common denominators bridging cultures and industries, and this is what we hope to celebrate through the month of March, particularly on our opening night, March 3rd, 2012. For those of you in Southern California (and beyond, please be our guest), we invite you to mark your calendars (RSVP on Facebook) for a night of good food, good art, and a copious amount of both of them.

More information on our official sponsors, food trucks, live music and free goodies are to come. Spread the word.


Exhibit [A]
555 Pine Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802

 All artists should submit and get in touch with us ASAP, as last call for artwork is rapidly approaching.

Please direct all inquiries to:


Craving: Dynamite Roll

A few years ago I found this small sushi place in Newport Beach, CA called Sakae. Their all-you-can-eat is amazing because it’s their entire menu with no limitations for $20. Resident Foodbeast Vyanie and I made the trip down there yesterday and this was a roll I had yet to try called the Dynamite Roll. It’s a California roll completely covered in sautéed onions, mushrooms and scallops. Trust me it was amazing.


#FoodBeast: #YouKnowYouHungryWhen Trending Twitter Topic

#YouKnowYouHungryWhen is the latest food-related trending topic on the popular social networking website Twitter. People all over the world are tweeting any signs or hints of hunger and hashing them together with #youknowyouhungrywhen. So the real question is, what’s making you hungry right now?


Cravin' Since 88' Wallpaper

I made this awhile back and as I was going through some of my old folders, I came upon it and thought I’d put it up for anyone that may want to use it. If you wanna see some more wallpapers with different foods, drop a comment and I’ll make up some new ones. (Click image to get in 1280 X 1024 res.)


Pic of the Day: Omega's Burger Ketchup Art


I rode my bike for the first time in two months after fracturing my ankle, the other day. 30 miles on a track bike, when you haven’t ridden in a while is a killer but it was worth the trip to Omega Burgers in the Orange circle. I was feeling creative and thought I’d do a little food Beast artwork on my tray cover. That place is definitely worth a check out.


National Foodbeast Day: Orange Date Crate Giveaway

How could we celebrate our first National Foodbeast Day and not give something away? Luckily we have our friends over at Carl’s Jr. who have put together an awesome Prize Pack that coincides with the release of their sweet new Orange Cream Shake (available at a Carl’s Jr. near you, right now!). The prize pack is worth well over $200 and includes the following:

  • Carl’s Jr. Orange Cream Shake Coupons
  • Orange Converse Sneakers
  • Branded Beer Cozy (to keep your shake cold!)
  • “Orange County” the movie on DVD
  • The Real Housewives of Orange County “Real” Tee for your girlfriend
  • Flip Video Ultra F260 Orange 60-Minute Digital Camcorder

How do you get this awesome pack? Send us a picture of something you eat today! It can be anything, but to know you took it today or after, include something that says “foodbeast”, either on a napkin, a piece of paper, whatever. Once you have it, e-mail it to: with “ORANGE DATE CRATE” as the subject. You have until Sunday, May 10th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST to send in your picture. We will pick the one we like the best! Remember, it completely depends on our mood during selection…you might send in a picture of an oreo and win, you never know! Good luck everyone!