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If You Have These Ingredients In Your Cupboard, Come Stress Bake With Us LIVE

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Like a lot of other places, the Foodbeast team has all been working remotely throughout the “shelter in place” orders that have been set. That hasn’t stopped us from creating the food content we love, especially in our “Foodbeast Kitchen” series on Twitch.

Foodbeast Kitchen League judge, Chris Abouabdo, has decided to jump on this week for a “Stress Baking” edition that will see fresh bread, biscuits, and more get made live — and we’d love to extend the offer for anyone to come cook and hang with us.

The main focus of the stress baking will be on some biscuit creations. Chris has come up with some Breakfast Biscuit Boats, as well as the recipe for a sweet Oreo Biscuit Bread Pudding that are both simple yet scrumptious. He’ll also be embarking on a longer project to make some fresh bread, a process that requires an overnight slow fermentation.

Below, you can find all of the ingredients Chris will be using throughout this week to make his bread dough, biscuit recipes, and some home fermentation projects he’ll be starting. Those include a hot sauce, French fries we’ll make from fermented potatoes, and a fruity blueberry base for a potential future barbecue sauce.

Check in on our streams on March 26th (at 2 PM PST) and 27th (at 12 PM PST) on Twitch to see these come to life! As part of the stream, we’ll also be looking at the pantries and fridges of anyone who wants to let us know what they have, and help come up with some dope recipes you guys can make. To chat with us, make sure to head to the Twitch stream and click the “Follow” button.

For those that want to follow along with the stream, we’ll be placing the ingredients list below so you’ll have it on hand. Once the stream is over, we’ll also be posting highlights within this piece that show the process of the biscuits and the bread!

Throughout the coming weeks, we’ll also be keeping track of those home fermentations as we keep streaming food recipes and our competition series, the Foodbeast Kitchen League. Make sure to stay tuned to see when those events are happening!

For now, though, if you want to jump in on the stress baking with us, the full ingredient lists are below:


  • Bread Flour
  • Wheat Flour
  • Yeast
  • Salt


  • Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Baking Soda
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Butter
  • Buttermilk

Biscuit Boats

  • Frozen hash browns
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Cheese

Oreo Biscuit Bread Pudding

  • Oreos
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla Extract

Fermenting Shopping List

  • Tomatillos
  • Habaneros
  • Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Potatoes
  • Blueberries
Science Twitch Video

Debunking 9 Of The Internet’s Most Viral Egg Experiments

Some of the most viral videos on the internet come from fun food “science experiments,” most of which are fun ways to transform or think about the things we eat. Eggs tend to be an especially popular category, especially with the myriad of seemingly mystical alterations they can go through.

However, as is always the case with the internet, things may not always be what they seem, especially when put through the lens of a jump-cut video. To prove whether some of the most viral egg experiments were actually true or not, we decided to test them out ourselves. The entire process took over 24 hours, all of which we conducted live on our Twitch channel so that folks could see how it all played out.

Below are the results of the nine experiments we attempted to prove as true or false. You can also view the shortened YouTube version of how we conducted these tests above.

Vinegar Egg Experiment

We took a few different eggs, added them to a beaker of distilled white vinegar, and let them sit for about 30 hours at room temperature. Marinating raw eggs like this for over a day is supposed to eat away at the egg shell and solidify the egg white, leaving you with a bouncy egg.

While our shells didn’t completely eat away, the eggs were slightly bouncy, but couldn’t survive a fall of more than a foot. Since it didn’t work as the internet led us to believe on both parts, we marked this test as failed.

Neon Vinegar Egg Experiment

By adding highlighter to the above vinegar solution, you can effectively dye the dissolved egg, leaving it a neon-like hue. Apparently, this may also glow under black lights, but we didn’t have one available to test it out. As for the dying, though, this one succeeded.

Dissolving Eggshell Experiment

If you take just the egg shell and remove all of the insides, you can also dissolve it in vinegar. What you should be left with is a thin membrane enclosed, almost like a small bouncy ball. After 30 hours, almost all of the egg shell had dissolved, but not quite. Had we given it an extra 12, this would have worked the way we wanted, so we said this experiment was a success.

Silver Egg Experiment

This experiment relies more on optical illusions, it seems, but by charring an egg shell completely then setting it in water, you’re left with a silver hue on the outside. This one was tough, but managed to work out for us, making it a success.

Blooming Egg Salad Experiment

Although it’s more of a hack than an experiment, we were curious to see how pressure played a role in this test. By pushing an egg through something thin yet tough, like a mesh, you can effectively dice it into thin pieces. While this was a success for us, you do have a little bit of a mess at the end from any bits that get smushed against the mesh.

Egg Shaping Experiment

When eggs are cooling after being hard boiled, the shape of the white can apparently be changed by adding the right amount of pressure. We were able to use this to make eggs in the shape of diamonds and cylinders, so this egg “science” was a resounding success.

Egg Bottleneck Experiment

Apparently, cooling hard-boiled egg whites can act like a more viscous solid that allows it to move and transform its shape. In this case, we were able to use steam from boiling hot water to create a vacuum, pulling the egg through a hole smaller than itself and trapping it inside a carafe. It did take a few minutes (a lot longer than what some videos would have you believe), but it was a success nonetheless.

Blow Peeling Experiment

In some viral experiments, we saw people “peel” hard boiled eggs by breaking off the top and bottom pieces of shell, then blowing through one end to force it out. Yes, this was ridiculous as it sounded, and even the strongest of gusts we could muster couldn’t get the egg to budge. For us, this was a fail.

Golden Egg Experiment

Shaking an egg long and hard enough can, some claim, mix together the yolk and the white so that when you boil it, the resulting egg is yellow all the way through. After several minutes of vigorous movement, the yolk simply would not mix, no matter what we did. This was a disappointing fail.

Overall, 6 of the 9 experiments we tried did end up succeeding, proving that while most of what’s out there does work, as always, take what you see on the internet with a grain of salt.

Celebrity Grub Twitch

Trader Joe’s Favorites Are The Theme Of Foodbeast’s Next LIVE Cooking Battle

We’ve all got our favorite items at Trader Joe’s, whether it be the legendary Orange Chicken, the hype new Knafeh released this year, or even some holiday Jingle Jangle. Some of those favorites are about to be stretched to their creative limits in an upcoming intense cooking battle.

On this week’s upcoming matchup of the Foodbeast Kitchen League, two of Twitch’s top chefs will be squaring off in a Trader Joe’s Battle. Returning champion CookingForNoobs, who unseated chef Josh Elkin last time around, is going up against newcomer Jae_Benny, a Twitch chef and gamer with a serious lineup of unique recipes up her sleeve.

For those unfamiliar with the Kitchen League, in each matchup, the audience has the ability to sabotage the chefs live by taking away knives, eyesight, or other things they need to cook their dish. They also have a key voice in the vote, grading each chef on their dish’s visual appeal as well as the chef’s swagger throughout the match.

The two chefs are making recipes that are based either on their favorite Trader Joe’s items, or using their Trader Joe’s items. What that will actually entail remains to be seen, but it should make for an intense and tasty matchup.

CookingForNoobs and Jae_Benny will square off on Foodbeast’s Twitch channel, live at 11 AM PST on Thursday, December 12th.

#foodbeast FOODBEAST Recipes Video

We Are Most Thankful For This ‘Thanksgiving Split’

Happy Thanksgiving Foodbeast fam!

If you’re looking to serve up some unique takes on Thanksgiving dishes this year, look no further than this latest creation in the Foodbeast kitchen: The Thanksgiving Split.

No, it’s not the latest dance meme taking over our timelines. This friends, is our diabolical homage to a traditional banana split, using Thanksgiving foods. Forget the box, this take goes beyond any traditional realm to serve up some goodness in no other way. Look no further than a bite of this to fulfill all Thanksgiving dinner stops in one chew.

Appetizer? Check.

Main course? Check.

Dessert? Duh.

Tell me you’re not down, my pals. Tell me you’re not down. The tryptophan spins will hit you in double time and have you professing to be thankful for the feels that this Thanksgiving Split have you in.

Brand Recipes Video

We Asked A Chef To Cook A Full Meal Blindfolded, Here’s What Happened [WATCH]


Photos by Christian Bourdeau

Cooking is an art, and a good chef can do it in his sleep.

To prove this, we blindfolded local Orange County chef Aron Habinger to see how he fared in putting together a meal without use of his sight. Food delivery service Blue Apron sent us a box of recipes, and ingredients that coincided with those recipes, as Chef Aron tried to cook a Summer Pepper and Potato Shakshuka on-the-spot, and blind.

Peep the Facebook livestream below:

We didn’t even tell the chef what he was cooking, we just handed him ingredients, kind of guided him a bit, and let him do his thing.

As you’d imagine, a lot of chopping was involved, and every time the knife hit the chopping board, we winced, expecting the worst for Aron’s fingers.


Also good to note, Chef Aron usually knocks back a couple brewskies when we ask him to cook, but this time there was no way he was going to wield that knife, blindfolded and under the influence.

Toward the end, there was another “Oh no” moment when Aron reached into the oven, but luckily, no third-degree burns came about.

The dish actually came out pretty lit.

Sure, it took an hour to make a 15-minute recipe, but it got done and came out appetizing, even without Aron seeing anything he was doing.

Maybe next time we’ll ask him to try it in his sleep. That’s the obvious next step, but until then, check out our Foodbeast hookup to get three Blue Apron meals delivered to you for free on your first order.


Cravings FOODBEAST Recipes Sweets Video

Get Peanut Butter Wasted With This Incredible REESE’S CRISPY TREAT

You’re the world’s biggest peanut butter fan, but you feel like you have no more horizons left to explore. What could possibly be the next big adventure for your peanut butter-loving palate? Maybe this ridiculous Reese’s Crispy Treat for starters.

In our latest Foodbeast Kitchen recipe, we re-interpreted a classic treat that Reese’s Peanut butter lovers will be infatuated with for years to come.

The ingredients are simple, all you need is some butter, marshmallow creme, Reese’s Puffs, Reese’s Pieces and a fat heap of peanut butter.

Check out the video for the full recipe, in detail. You may even find peanut butter enlightenment, though we recommend pairing it with a cold glass of milk.


This Pizza Cake Was Made In A Rice Cooker, Here’s How


When we were younger, we’d love birthday parties for one reason: pizza and cake. The two foods were always the highlight of our trips to Chuck E Cheese or Discovery Zone. As we grew older, we began to see the two items paired less and less.

One day, this guy Josh Elkin came into the FOODBEAST Kitchen and brought that dream back into the forefront of our hearts. With a rice cooker no less.

Here’s what you need:

Pepperoni, flour, Italian seasoning, baking powder, sugar, eggs, milk, marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.

Here’s what to do:

Mix together the sugar, flour, baking powder and Italian seasoning. Add your eggs to the bowl of milk and beat the egg. Combine the wet and dry ingredients.

Layer the bottom of a rice cooker with pepperoni and then add the cake batter. Only add half of the batter to the rice cooker, let it even out, and then add some more pepperoni slices and shredded cheese. Add the remaining batter to the top of that.

Set your rice cooker for 45 minutes. Once it’s done, remove the cake and start “frosting” it with your marinara sauce. Throw some more cheese and pepperoni to the top and set it on a baking tray. Brown the pizza cake until the cheese melts.

Once that happens, it’ll be ready to slice into. Check out the video for the entire recipe, measurements and all.



Yes, That’s A Chili Cheese Egg Roll. Here’s How To Make It


Whoever came up with the brilliant idea to put chili and cheese together should get a statue made in their image. With that chili cheese passion in our hearts, we met with chef Josh Elkin to knock out another wondrous creation in the FOODBEAST Kitchen.

Since we’ve been on an egg roll kick, Chili Cheese Egg Rolls were born.

Here’s what you’ll need:

An egg, egg roll wrappers, cheese, chili and oil or deep frying.

Here’s what to do:

Beat an egg and use it as a wash for your egg roll wrapper. Then, place a chunk of cheese at the center. Velveeta’s a pretty solid choice for meltability, but any cheese will do.

Spoon your chili on top of the cheese. The chili should be either room temperature or colder to make the folding process go as smoothly as possible.

Start wrapping your egg rolls carefully and place it into the deep fryer. Allow it to cook until it’s golden brown.

Now, you’re ready to serve and chow down. Check out the video for the complete recipe.