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Our Latest Livestream Had You Create Some Gross Burritos For Us To Eat [Livestream]

Sometimes, things get out of hand, turning funny scenarios into hilarious stories.

That’s what happened on our latest livestream, when we asked all of you guys to help Foodbeasts Elie and Rudy come up with customized burritos for each other.

The catch? Each time a burrito was made, a different set of ingredients were brought out and whoever would eat the burrito was blindfolded and had to listen to extremely loud music. This prevented the designated eater from seeing and hearing what the ingredients at disposal were for the burrito.

Viewers then pitched their best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) combination of five ingredients for Elie to use in Rudy’s burrito and vice versa. Of course, with unconventional ingredients like wasabi paste, Nutella, cheesecake-flavored yogurt, and Sour Patch Kids available on top of regular burrito ingredients like guacamole and beans, the combinations that were selected for the burritos were definitely not on the tasty side.

The result is what could be arguably be one of our funniest livestreams ever, so enjoy seeing how ruthless your combined efforts can be in conceiving some stomach churning burritos.


POP ROCKS Popcorn Is The Sensory Snack You Need To Eat Tonight

Nothing says movie night more than a freshly-popped bowl of popcorn. Though if you’re tired of your typical flavors of butter, kettle, or nacho cheese, here’s a popping new alternative.

Behold, Pop Rocks Pop Corn.

Foodbeast Family member Hector Gomez created a sweet and sour variation to the popular movie snack.

All you need is some popcorn, a fresh lime and some Pop Rocks.

Take a rolling pin and crush the confectionary into a powder. Then, cut a lime in half and drizzle the juice onto your popcorn. Finally, add a generous seasoning of your crushed Pop Rock powder on top of your popcorn.

Now, all that’s left is to enjoy.