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How These Food Storage Tips Can Save You Money

Avocados, man.

One blink and their Kermit-green hue has turned into a muddy brown. We can thank Ethylene for this one, a natural gas that fruits and vegetables emit which speeds up the ripening process. This leads surrounding produce to rot at a rapid pace.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Americans waste up to 40% of their food, meaning a whopping $165 billion is thrown away each year.  This is partially caused by failing to appropriately store produce in the kitchen. Remember those bananas you bought yesterday? Well they’re probably as good as banana bread by now.

Not to be the kitchen cop, but these three storage tricks will help you put a halt to wasted fruits and veggies. Watch this video to learn how you can avoid turning your kitchen into a landfill.

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Clever Ways to ‘Hack’ Chipotle

So it looks like we haven’t been maximizing our Chipotle experience.

The genius folks over at Thought Catalog have bestowed the masses with a step-by-step guide to getting all you can out of the burrito-making powerhouse.

I offer my own interpretation of my some of my favorite tips below but check out Thought Catalog to get the full scoop.


You Don’t Have To Choose Between Pinto or Black Beans

The gist of this one was that although they make you think like you have to choose between one or the other, you are allowed to get both pinto and black at no additional cost. Part two of the bean method is tricky as you have to ask for ask for one of the beans first, wait for them to scoop it and then ask for the second so they give you two full scoops. If you ask for both right off the bat, they’re likely to get stingy with the portions. Therefore waiting for them to scoop the first portion is critical.


The 1/2 Meat+ 1/2 Meat = 3/2 Meat Method

Now the math on this one might seem a little off, but this is quite possibly the best of all hacking methods. The idea behind this one is that Chipotle gives one scoop of meat in all burritos. If you ask for half of one meat and half of another, it still technically meets that one scoop requirement, but now the employee making your burrito will be discombobulated trying to figure out how much a freaking half scoop is. While they’re struggling with scoop sizes and measurements, they’ll eventually end up giving you more than a scoop, hence the 3/2 in the equation.


Using the Chipotle App

If you’re not familiar with the Chipotle app, there is an option where you can place your order online, pay, and just pick it up without having to wait in line. Go straight to the front and laugh at the suckers in line who will probably hate you.

Take these steps (plus more on Thought Catalog) and run like the wind. Fill your little Chipotle-loving heart and thank those more clever than us.

via Thought Catalog