Hit-Or-Miss Sweets Video

Watch The Food Surgeon Flex Supreme Precision On This Banana Split Procedure

When we see hot fudge sundaes get made, they’re typically in settings where families with kids can pile on the toppings in a chaotic tower of banana and chocolate. However, chaotic is the complete opposite of the latest Food Surgeon video.

Probably known best for implanting a Kit Kat inside a 3 Musketeers Bar, the food doctor has a unique style you’d find watching an actual surgery. With all the loud personalities we see interacting with food on a daily basis, his videos are a refreshing change of pace.

Watch as he carefully performs a bisection on a banana with a steady hand, adds hot fudge, peanuts, and other ingredients you’d find on an ice cream sundae.



Food Surgeon Eerily Implanted A Cadbury Creme Egg Into A Marshmallow Peep [WATCH]


I’ll say it here, expect some big things from the future of YouTube’s greatest new food hero The Food Surgeon. Today he just revealed his latest experiment, a Peep Laparotomy using a Cadbury Creme egg and a Marshmallow Peep.

If you’re wondering “why this guy doing this shit?” or “yo this sounds like it’s gonna make me feel weird,” then you are expressing the same sentiment that makes The Food Surgeon‘s videos so immensely captivating. If you haven’t seen his Kit Kat-into-a-3 Musketeers bar operation, or the valiant work he put extracting seeds from a Strawberry, then you have a lot of Internet to catch up on.

Until then, watch the most squeamish yet beautiful operation to date: