Meal Prep Like A Boss With These 4 Easy Recipes

As an adult, it’s pretty cool being independent and living on your own and shit, but if you’re like me, there are certain moments when you totally crumble under the pressure.

Like for instance, when your clothes are super creased and there’s a thing called an iron but you aren’t entirely sure where to get one or how to use it so you keep hanging your clothes in the bathroom and taking hot showers in an attempt to steam out all the wrinkles.

Or when you’re applying for a credit card and the bank person on the phone asks you what kind of card you want but you just keep saying “Whatever you think is best…” because you legitimately don’t understand the difference between the hundred million credit card options on the market today.

While I don’t have much advice on the first two matters, I definitely have some tips on the whole feeding yourself thing. It’s called meal prep, people, and it’s basically every lazy cook’s sacred Sunday ritual.

Essentially you just make a shit ton of easy food to nosh on throughout the whole week. If you get a set of spiffy tupperwares, you can even take your food with you to places so you don’t have to eat out all the time. It’s kind of revolutionary.

Since you shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice taste for convenience, here are four easy meals to make today that’ll hook you up for the week, done in collaboration with Meal Prep On Fleek:

Chicken Tenders

It’s pretty impossible to go wrong with chicken breaded in parmesan and breadcrumbs. Luckily this recipe calls for green beans and tomatoes, so that if they ask, you can tell your friends you’re eating healthy. Although idk why you’d wanna be friends with people like that anyways.

Lemon Pasta

You know when a recipe starts out with butter and garlic, it’s gonna be a good one. Once they started adding the cheese and pasta I started feeling excitement in places besides just my stomach. Damnnnn son. This will definitely be the dopest meal to set foot in your kitchen.

Baked Frittata Bites

This one is perfection because it addresses our favorite yet most difficult-to-prepare meal of the day: breakfast. I’m not sure about you, but getting out of bed in the morning is hard enough. Sometimes breakfast is just out of the question. But if you prep for the week with these baked frittata bites, all you have to do is heat a few up in the morning and you’re good to go.

Apricot Chicken and Shrimp

Chinese takeout has been my saving grace on more occasions than one, but that shit gets expensive. Next time, whip up some sweet and sour chicken and shrimp, for the sake of double the protein, and both your wallet and stomach will thank you. All it takes is a few ingredients and only one pan so you don’t really have an excuse.


FDA Warning Letter Reveals Whole Foods Isn’t As Sanitary As You Think

Adding to the list of controversy surrounding Whole Foods Market this year, the grocery chain received a warning letter from the federal Food and Drug Administration explaining that inspectors found “serious violations” at one of their main packaging facilities.

Specifically, inspectors discovered that Whole Foods North Atlantic Kitchen in Everett Massachusetts  had “failed” in many areas of food prep, leading to unsanitary and improper food handling procedures taking place inside the facility.

The letter, dated June 8, addressed to Whole Foods co-founder, John P. Mackey, and Whole Foods C0-CEO, Walter Webb, detailed the violations persistent with FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

On Feb. 10, 2016, inspectors found that a facility employee was, “mixing ready to eat pesto pasta directly under an area in the Assembly Room where condensate from ceiling joints was dripping onto the surface below,” according to the letter.

Another incident reported by an FDA inspector on Feb. 16, claimed that an employee was using sanitizer and other chemicals to clean surfaces and returned to handling food — without washing hands or changing gloves. Inspectors reported this multiple times throughout the visit.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.33.27 PM

Additionally, the inspection revealed that Whole Foods, “failed” to properly sanitize equipment that was used in food preparation and apparently swab samples of the equipment showed exposure to, “non-pathogenic listeria” in a vegetable chopping machine.

The FDA informed Whole Foods of these violations on Feb. 26, which Whole Foods responded to with a written letter, listing steps that would be taken to rectify these violations.

“Despite this, FDA has serious concerns that our investigators found your firm operating under these conditions. Further, your response includes retraining of employees as a corrective action for most of the observed violations but you failed to mention adequate supervision over your specialized food processing operations and how retraining will ensure sustained compliance,” according to the letter.

However, the FDA was not convinced Whole Foods had corrected these violations, because the grocer failed to include any documentation proving that corrections had been made and wanted actual proof.

“We do not consider your response acceptable because you failed to provide documentation for our review, which demonstrates that all your noted corrective actions have been effectively implemented. This documentation may include photographs, invoices, work orders, voluntary destruction records of any affected products, certification of actions performed by contractors, and/or any other useful information that would assist us in evaluating your corrections,” the letter continued.

A document titled, “Guide for US FDA-Regulated Organizations— “How to Avoid and Respond to FDA Warning Letters—for Temperature, Humidity and other Controlled Environments,” found on, gives detailed suggestions about how to deal with and avoid these violations.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.16.49 PM

While it is unclear if this document was meant for public consumption, it seems like a guide written to fool the FDA. Whole Foods Market has 15-business days to respond to the FDAs most recent letter, however, no reply has been reported at the time of this report.


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