ALERT: 8 Epic Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Now


Whether you like it or not, Instagram has become the ubiquitous food diary for every 20-something toting a smartphone. From Vienna-filtered photos of your mimosa brunch to the vsco-friendly dim sum you had for lunch, our Instagram accounts give us a peek into each other’s edible environments.

Of course, some people do it spectacularly better then others. These Instagrammers are compelling enough to keep us scrolling on their feeds, our eyes eating up images of street tacos, macaroons and steaming bowls of pho.

Yet who ranks as the crème de la crème in the world of food selfies? We picked the top Instagrammers doing it best, taking into account creativity, novelty, and their ability to keep us scrolling until our thumbs hurt.


Girl Eat World

Melissa makes traveling a priority,  finding clever ways to explore the world on a budget. The idea for Girl Eat World was born from her displeasure for selfies but desire to take photos of the food at memorable places she visited. Thus, her Instagram is a delightful stream of iconic foods set against the backdrop of monuments and beautiful landscapes, from London’s Big Ben to the streets of Tokyo. It’s enough to evoke unbearable feelings of wanderlust.



We first spotted Samantha when we stumbled upon her despicably cute portrait of edible minions. She demonstrates an impeccable attention to detail when creating these edible works of art, crafting whimsical fairy tale scenes out of Nutella and toast and portraits of beloved cartoon characters like Totoro out of veggies and rice.


The Vulgar Chef

We’re convinced Vulgar Chef is insane. In a mad genius sort of way, of course. His affinity for foul language and even fouler food constantly have us entertained. His instagram goes beyond what’s appropriate and births inglorious dishes like cookie dough shell ice cream tacos (above) and s’more burritos that “will give you man tits in 20 minutes flat”.



Remember those warm donuts stuffed with ice cream dubbed “milky buns”? Andy, who’s also CEO of IMKING, is the second half of the duo (along with Scott Nghiem) behind these novelty treats that have become Southern California’s latest obsession. His Instagram fuses his love for fashion and food in a way that captures raw, delicious colors. The contrast in addicting.


This Pinay Can Cook

With a penchant for phallic cuisine, this lady reigns in the topographical food art game. Forever bright and playful, thispinaycancook offers a cheeky perspective to how food is portrayed on Instagram. She’s also the only one we know who can make a giant penis look like something you’d find in a Martha Stewart magazine.


Dude Foods

Nick of Dude Foods was slinging mac n cheese bacon-weave tacos and stunt dishes before the internet could even say “be still my heart”. We’ve never met a man with more passion for bacon-wrapped and Doritos-crusted grease bombs. Somehow, when we think he’s reached his peak, he blows our minds with something entirely new, like chocolate chip cookie-stuffed cinnamon rolls. We tilt our hats to you, sir.


Tartine Baker

While many food accounts master the art of appeal, tartinebaker takes this to the next level by eliciting emotion through his photos. Through his lens, he’s able to bring drama to the complex fissures of sliced baguette and to the wrinkles of cooked sardine skin. His eye for texture gives life to the often ignored details of common foods and re-imagines them in a dark, thoughtful mood.


Cooking for Bae

Welcome to the most meticulously curated collection of the worst photos on Instagram. In a complete juxtaposition to everyone else on this list, cookingforbae pokes fun at the endearingly awful food we cook for our significant others. These struggle plates will make you cry, laugh, then #laughcry.


New Instagram ‘Dining Filter’ Automatically Deletes Food Photos [HUMOR]




NYC restaurants recently expressed their outrage over tiresome patrons snapping pics of their meals at the dinner table. Many angry restaurateurs have even taken to banning Instagram at their businesses, forcing guests to actual eat their meals.

Realizing the potential PR faux pas, Instagram released a new filter made specifically for food pictures.



Instagram’s new “Dining Filter” will automatically delete any food snapshots, meaning you’ll never be able to view your egg sandwich through the beauty of “Sierra” again.

According to The Phoblographer, a team of Instagram designers “developed an algorithm in a few hours that went live immediately. Instagram now has what’s known as the ‘Dining Filter’ which will flash a skull and crossbones across the user’s screen if (s)he tries to upload dinner to the cloud.”



Sources report that this same filter will also be applied to any baby photos due to the influx of nonsensical comments such as, “Too cute! I could eat you up!”



That was a cruel, heartless joke. We couldn’t help ourselves. You can thank The Phoblographer for that one.