Would You Try Coffee + Food Pairings?


Can you imagine how much more agonizing a trip to Starbucks would be if your barista started judging you on what pastry you got with your pumpkin spice latte? “Ooh, the chocolate croissant, are you sure? Because the bitterness of the cocoa will totally battle with the sweetness of the cinnamon. Better just go with a bagel. Plus it’s vegan (I think). Yeah, you’re welcome.”

Well, like it or not, coffee is the latest beverage to go the old sommelier route, as the Coffee Collective coffee company in Denmark is now offering food pairings to go along with each of its specific drinks.

The idea is to keep the foods as simple as possible – “nothing that has enough potency to take the focus away from the the [sic] cup,” says the Coffee Collective blog. So that means no avocado, no chili, no chocolate.


“Every dish consists of a couple of slices of sour doe [sic] bread and some butter served with different jams and purées consisting of a single ingredient pressure cooked with just a little bit of sugar, to preserve it, and maybe a small squeeze of lemon,” the coffee pairings post reads, “This is topped with some kind of ingredient, could be a type of nut, to give it some texture and flavour balance. Other sides could be different cured meats or cheese all depending on which coffee we want pair it with.”

Personally, I’d love to know what I can eat with coffee that A) will help leave my mouth feeling less grimy and B) make my head hurt less. Where’s my Starbucks Martin Riese?

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Our Favorite Classic Food Pairings Tie the Knot – Literally


Unlike these “lover’s chips“, there’s something slap-you-in-the-face obvious about root beer and ice cream, milk and brownies, pretzels and beer going together. Also unlike those chips, these foods have been literally tied together and photographed by Kyle Dreier. He calls himself a food photographer, but thanks to this series, we know the truth:

Dreier is setting his sights on wedding photography. PB&J, he’s coming for you. Save the date.

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