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10 Sneaky Foods That Aren’t as Healthy as You Think

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or exclusively follow foodporn accounts on Instagram, you may have noticed the #fitspo lifestyle has completely taken over. 

From Fit Tea brand ambassadors to self-identified wellness models, ~healthy living~ has become a fad that’s showing no sign of slowing down.

And while you may think you’re ready to hop on this bandwagon, I’m here to warn you that many of your favorite “healthy” foods aren’t as healthy as you think.

So before you commit to a life of early morning workouts and sponsored micro-influencer posts, here are 10 foods you *think* are healthy, but are actually just as deceiving as the puppy Snapchat filter.

Dried Fruit

Photo: zeevveez on flickr, CC BY 2.0.

Dried fruit may be a more nutritional snack option than say a luscious piece of chocolate cake or microwaved nachos, but sadly that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Dried fruit contains large amounts of added sugar that makes it, nutrition wise, much more similar to candy than actual fruit.  

Dried fruit may be a more nutritional snack option than say a luscious piece of chocolate cake or microwaved nachos, but sadly that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Dried fruit contains large amounts of added sugar that makes it, nutrition wise, much more similar to candy than actual fruit.  

Veggie Chips

Photo: George Kelly on flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Though it seems like this should be illegal, just because something contains a variation of the word “vegetable” in its name doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Veggie chips are fried like normal potato chips and are high in sodium and fat. *Insert facepalm here*

Peanut Butter

Photo: Mike Mozart on flickr, CC BY 2.0

If you’ve ever fit the archetype of “broke college student” you’ve likely had many a meals that consisted of just a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. You may have considered this a healthy detour from your usual diet of pizza and microwaved mac & cheese, but truth is, that’s not quite the case. Peanut butter along with other nut butters have sugar added in the form of high fructose corn syrup making the “healthy” snack option really not.

Canned Soup

Photo: crayolarabbit on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Consider this good news: You no longer need to eat a sad bowl of canned soup in the name of health. Turns out that cheap, canned grocery store soup is loaded with high amounts of sodium that is not only unhealthy, but can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. If you genuinely enjoy eating soup, opt for homemade, it’s generally quite simple to prepare.

Trail Mix

Photo: Foodbeast

If you’re like the majority of society, when you eat trail mix you meticulously pick out the M&M’s and little mini chocolate peanut butter cups leaving the raisins, nuts and other ~less than~ ingredients aside. Not too surprisingly, this results in a sugary treat that lacks substantial nutritional value. For a healthier alternative, look for trail mixes made up of unsalted nuts, a little fruit and even perhaps a bit of dark chocolate.

Instant Oatmeal

Photo: Mike Mozart on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Extremely high in both carbohydrates and sugar, instant oatmeal may be quick and easy to make, but sure isn’t healthy. Try making your own if you’re craving the ooey gooey breakfast staple for a more nutritious option. Or ya know, just yolo eat a bacon, egg & cheese.

Flavored Yogurt

Photo: Rebecca Siegel on flickr, CC BY 2.0

If you dismally eat yogurt while your coworkers enjoy morning treats like bagels or breakfast burritos in the name of nutrition, put the plastic spoon down now. Flavored yogurts are are made sweet with loads of added sugar and are thus not as great for you as you might suspect. Unfortunately, plain yogurt is a much healthier choice, but feel free to throw some fresh fruit on top for a little bit of natural flavor.


Photo: rusvaplauke on flcikr, CC BY 2.0

Though granola often appears on the “lighter fare” section of brunch menus, it’s really not that much better for you than some of the more inherently tubby options. A serving size of granola is a lot smaller than you probably think, so filling an entire cereal bowl with the sweet breakfast treat isn’t doing your beach bod any favors. It contains a significant amount of sugar so it’s better enjoyed when lightly sprinkled on top of yogurt or fruit than consumed in mass by itself. 

Bran Muffins

Photo: judam6 on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The sad but very real truth about any type of muffin is that they’re essentially cupcakes without frosting. Sure, some are slightly better than others, but even muffins’ most healthy iteration isn’t all that healthy. Yes, even bran muffins, despite their nutritional sounding name, are still filled with high amounts of sugar and fat. They also often contain more wheat flour than actual bran when purchased at a bakery or coffee shop.

Veggie Burgers 

Photo: Kathryn Wright on flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Though not all veggie burgers are created equal, some are pretty darn bad for you. Too often, store bought veggie burgers contain high amounts of sodium and not as many vegetables as you might think.  Most are made with rice, beans and are held together by a variety of oils and veggie proteins.


Woman Overdoses On Kelp & Edible 6-Pack Rings May Save Sea Life [KATCHUP]

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This week, a woman in China really wanted a boy so she decided to eat a ton of kelp to make sure that happened… causing her to overdose. Ever try to sit down and enjoy a pizza when a fight breaks out in front of you? You could try to break it up … or just relax and finish your slice.

Someone created edible six-pack rings that actually FEEDS marine life if they ever ended up in the ocean. Pretty cool, right? What’s not cool is ordering a plate of chicken wings and finding a deep-fried chicken head inside. Sick.

Finally, a vegan professor tried to disprove the notion that vegans are weak and malnourished. She decides to climb Mt. Everest, but meets an unfortunate end.

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Woman overdoses on kelp


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Vegan dies while climbing Mt. Everest

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.40.25 PM

Vegans have this incessant need to prove to everybody that their way of life is the best. It’s understandable, especially since the entire premise of being a vegan relies on saving animal lives, theoretically. So why wouldn’t they try to convince everyone that their way is the right way? Hell, I know I would.

That’s partially what led to the unfortunate demise of Dr. Maria Strydom, lecturer at Melbourne University. READ MORE

Guy enjoys his pizza in the middle of a fight

chill ass pizza eater

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Customer finds chicken head in plate of wings

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.18.21 PM

A fly in your soup sounds pretty good right about now, doesn’t it? A fast food restaurant in France called Quick recently became famous after serving a man his chicken wings meal, only for the man to discover that he was given much more than he paid for. After inspecting one particularly odd-shaped wing a bit closer, he realized that this was actually the fried head of a chicken. READ MORE

Brewery invents edible 6-pack rings


Saltwater Brewery, a craft beer company, wants consumers to toast to saving the ocean with their innovative edible six-pack rings.

The company, based in Delray Beach, Florida, is responsible for creating 100% biodegradable six-pack rings that will feed marine animals rather than harm them if it ends up in the ocean. The rings are made of material consisting of barley and wheat left over from the brewing process. READ MORE


Bear Falls Through Skylight into Home, Snubs Humans and Goes for Cupcakes


A black bear fell through the skylight of an Alaskan couple in the middle of their child’s birthday celebration Wednesday, CBC reports. The bear then proceeded to eat all the cupcakes. Because priorities.

The couple lived in a mountainside home that overlooked downtown Juneau. Because the area is closer to the woods, it also sees more bears. According to wildlife management, the bear was a young male weighing around 82 kg. When it landed in the Alaskan family’s living room, it caused a panic among the guests devouring all the kid’s cupcakes while ignoring all the delicious humans.

Homeowner Alicia Bishop opened the door as the bear casually walked out, belly full of cupcakes.

Sadly, the bear had to be put down by police officers as it posed a threat to human life. The bear was also believed to have entered another residence earlier in the week. RIP, buddy.

H/T CBC News

Fast Food

Aussie McDonald’s Goes ‘Macca’s’ for Australia Day


I’m going to start thinking of a kangaroo pun now, but in the meantime, here’s the deal.

Everyone has their cute little nickname for McDonald’s. It’s a fast food staple. We can’t help it. Mickey D’s, the Golden Arches, Ronald’s Place, Supersize-Me-Guy’s Tiny Square of Heaven. In Australia, it’s Macca’s, at least according to 55% of the entire population. Well, 55 is the magic number down under, because 13 locations throughout the country are changing their signs from McDonald’s to Macca’s, starting this week in celebration of Australia day. Mike Lollback, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s Australia said this:

“What better way to show Aussies how proud we are to be a part of the Australian community than by changing our store signs to the name the community has given us?”

I think I would start with free food, but to each his own.

The change, though temporary, started Tuesday in Sydney and Queensland and is said to “reflect McDonald’s place in Australia.”

Macca’s anybody?

H/T Finance News + PicThx Food World News


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