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Whiskey Pancakes: The Tastiest Hangover Remedy To Date [WATCH]

A lot of people think that the best way to get rid of a hangover is to continue drinking the next day, a notion called “hair of the dog.” Unfortunately, drinking a Manhattan at 7 a.m. isn’t always the easiest thing to do, so Food Network’s Justin Warner and Reid Mitenbuler, author of Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America’s Whiskeyhave teamed up to create the best version of “hair of the dog” we’ve seen yet: whiskey pancakes.

Reid explains how whiskey is made and where it gets its flavor and color from, but only after he and Jason enjoy a few sips here and there of some good ol’ fashioned Bourbon, the American name for whiskey. Jason returns the favor by showing Reid (and viewers) how to make the perfect Manhattan pancakes using vermouth and Maraschino cherries in the butter, then adding bourbon to both the pancake batter and the tangy orange sauce.

Check out the video below to get full details on how to make these amazeballs pancakes.



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How To Make EDIBLE CAKE STEINS With Duff Goldman [WATCH]

“You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.”

Words, I imagine, that cake innovation pioneer Duff Goldman decidedly ignored, and thank the sugary, candy-coated gods above that he did.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.02.11 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.52.52 AM

For the three people on this Earth who don’t know, Duff Goldman is a famed pastry chef renowned for his extravagant and over-the-top (in the best way possible) cakes and his countless appearances on the Food Network. His appearances include many of his own shows (Cake Masters, Ace of Cakes, Duff Till Dawn) and as a guest on others (Iron Chef America, Man v. Food, Oprah, etc). Charm City Cakes is Duff’s inaugural bake shop located in Baltimore, while a second location, Charm City Cakes West, was opened in Los Angeles in 2011.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.33.11 AM

Melody and Duff eagerly chomp into their sugary glasses.

Recently, the sharp minds at Foodbeast and artistically gifted hands at Charm City Cakes West teamed up to create a mouthwatering innovation tailored to fit the absurd yet inspiringly creative nature of our generation. With the help of some members of the Foodbeast team, Goldman and his colleague Melody created an edible stein made of sugar, stuffed the stein with some chocolate cake and ganache, then topped it off with the espresso-inspired Stone American Stout, enveloping the cake stein with a “casual dessert” aura.


This unusual yet revolutionary creation speaks volumes about Goldman’s character as a chef and television personality, the type of person that focuses on making good times and memorable moments the endgame. Fun, resolute, deliciously practical and reflective of its maker, the cake stein will take you from thick to rich to sweet, all in one “glass.”

You can catch Duff Goldman and the supremely talented men and women he works with TONIGHT (5/16) at 9 PM PST on the season finale of Cake Masters, only on The Food Network.


Science Says This Is What Happens To Your Brain On Cooking Shows

There can’t be a better symbol of American life than having no time to to cook, but having three hours blocked off on our DVRs for all of Gordon Ramsay’s exploits. As the number of cooking shows rises, do our appetites as well? Let’s take a look at some of the known psychological effects of watching cooking shows to determine if it’s a good enough scapegoat for those extra 20 pounds.

Watching What You Eat

Lizzy Pope, an assistant professor of nutrition and food science at the University of Vermont, conducted a study to see if she could find a relationship between people’s health and the types of media they viewed. While the study factored in a number of media sources (YouTube, magazines, newspapers, etc.), Pope found that only cooking shows could be linked to a higher BMI. Conversely, this might just prove that overweight people are more likely to watch cooking shows, since it was not clear whether cooking shows were the cause or result of the increased weight.

Social Norms


Pope claimed, however, that it was unlikely that overweight people just happened to be watching cooking shows due to the phenomenon of “social norming.” Essentially, because people see so many souffles and chicken-fried steaks, they assume that it’s a normal way to eat. For that same reason, if you watched nothing but beastiality, eventually regular porn (and even IRL sexual encounters) would lose their appeal for you. You sick freak. But if you did a calorie count of a typical cooking show meal, you could just save yourself the hour of watching, head to McDonald’s and achieve practically the same results.

Put Down the Skillet


Because of the two effects described above, people who cook their own meals may actually be worse off. Idolizing someone like Paula Deen (her cooking, not her racism) might lead a moderately skilled cook to think that creating butter-saturated dishes on a daily basis was par for the course. All that fat adds flavor, but also puts inches on your waistline. Maybe pick a hero with some healthier habits—like Keith Richards.

Sharing Is Not Caring


Another dangerous place to obtain your recipes is through social media. As our asshole friends post photos of the extravagant meals they eat on their birthdays or vacations (or just because they’re a big fat slob that goes HAM on every sandwich) we again associate this with normal eating habits. Maybe try taking interesting photos of your cholesterol count instead.

Running on Empty


Another interesting point is about those who watch cooking shows while working out at the gym. The theory is that sometimes you need to dangle a little carrot cake in front of a rabbit to make it run. While the results are physically healthier, the overarching concept is the same as those described above, with a healthy dollop of self-loathing thrown in for flavor. Think of it as visual bulimia, essentially punishing your body for the unhealthy foods you crave, even though in this case you’re not actually indulging in them. What could possibly go wrong with that?


TV Chef Sandra Lee Just Revealed She Has Breast Cancer


Sandra Lee is probably best known for her television series Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. During a recent photo shoot, the 46-year-old chef discovered that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lee had just walked off the set when she received the phone call from her doctor, Just Jared reports.

In her show, the Food Network celebrity chef takes fresh ingredients and combines them with store-bought foods and creates meals that taste like they’re made-from-scratch. These include anything from single dishes, desserts, or even entire meals.

According to Lee, her doctors stronger urged her to pursue a double mastectomy. She strongly advises women in their 20s and 30s to get their mammograms before its too late.

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What I Learn From The Food Network


PicThx Endless Simmer


Pretty accurate


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The King of Food Science Proves America Has Been Making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches All Wrong


Alton Brown has a special place in our hearts. He’s one of the OG food celebrities that, like Anthony Bourdain, could give two flying-ahems what you think. Bespectacled and always sporting another Hawaiian tee from his endless supply of Hawaiian tees, he was at the forefront of this decade’s “rediscovery” of food. With a quirky, matter-of-fact demeanor, Brown introduced us to the the science of cooking and the motto of making the most out of what you have.

Now, he’s teaching us how to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, we’ve been making melty, gooey “grilled cheese” sandwiches all wrong. The secret? Grilling the cheese that goes into your grilled cheese sandwich. While this might come off as sorcery, it’s surprisingly very easy. Just check out the video and let the Bill Nye of food show you how it’s done. Lunch will never be the same.

Also, where in the world can we get that dinosaur squirt bottle? It’s everything our childhood never was.


Giada De Laurentiis Slices Open Finger on Live Television


Italian eats extraordinaire and all-out babe Giada De Laurentiis managed to slice open her finger during a live taping for Food Network’s annual Thankgiving special. The Julia Child moment occurred as De Laurentiis was cutting up a just-baked turkey roll and the knife slipped from her fingers.

“I guess I just sliced through my finger at the same time,” she told Today. “I think everybody kind of freaked out. We don’t do live television usually on Food Network. These things usually just get hidden.”

Working alongside Ina Garten, Bobby Flay and Alton Brown, De Laurentiis became pale and whispered to Ina that she’d cut herself badly, according to Radar. The show cut to commercial and when it returned, Brown told the audience that De Laurentis was getting medical attention. Of course, Brown couldn’t help but poke a little fun via Twitter.

Luckily, De Laurentiis was back on set 15 minutes later, thickly bandaged finger and all. She later posted before-and-after images of the bloody mishap on Instagram.

Crisis avoided.

H/T Radar, Today + Picthx Giada De Laurentiis