Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Costs $225 Per Scoop


Ice cream rules, even when there’s something offbeat or unusual about it (see: Facebook-flavored and spaghetti ice cream). Our latest find gives even the strangest of varieties a run for their money, because this ice cream glows in the dark.

Food inventor Charlie Harry Francis of Lick Me I’m Delicious came up with this never-before-seen creation that is, in fact, edible. So what’s the secret behind the glow? It’s caused by “calcium activated proteins that react when they are agitated,” AKA the stuff that makes jellyfish glow. Basically, if you lick the ice cream, it starts to radiate light!

Unfortunately, the ice cream would set you back $225 per scoop, because apparently jellyfish glow is expensive. Francis achieved the same result another way though, using “quinine from tonic to make a glow in the UV dark gin and tonic sorbet,” which we can only assume is a bit more affordable.

Picthx Lick Me I’m Delicious


Vending Machine Dispenses Free Coffee for Yawns

Coffee Machine

A lot of us bank on our good friend cup o’ joe to get us going in the morning. Or, if you’re really looking for a kick in the pants, espresso tequila. But sometimes we’re just so tired that even asking a barista for a coffee is too much. Cue: this genius invention from coffee roaster Douwe Egberts.

The company recently put a coffee vending machine in the O.R Tambo International Airport that’s equipped with facial recognition software. (Note: this doesn’t get weird, it gets awesome.) If the gadget detects someone yawning, it dispenses a free coffee. So basically, Douwe Egberts is saving the under-caffeinated population, one tired folk at a time.

America, get in on this insanity.

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‘Kitchen Safe’ is the Cruelest, Smartest Cookie Jar Ever

Kitchen Safe

Ever find yourself in a binge battle between you and deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough or Watermelon Oreos? You’re not alone, hungry folk. Sometimes we’ve gotta put the kibosh on our cravings, which is why David Krippendorf created the Kitchen Safe.

This cruel-meets-genius container features a lid that seals shut when the timer on top is set. So let’s say you put in a whole load of cookies and set the countdown to an hour. That means it’ll be 60 grueling minutes until you can stuff your face again. NO COOKIE FO’ YOU.

The Kitchen Safe is hoping to be funded via Kickstarter, so head on over and donate a few bucks. Lawd knows we’ve all got our binging weaknesses.

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This is What a Watermelon Stroller Looks Like


Summer’s just around the corner, and you know what that means — prime time watermelon season! Whether it comes as a cakejello shot or is the real deal, we love us some deliciously messy fruit. But really, who wants to lug around a whole watermelon? They’re the size of a small toddler and, ugh, warm watermelon is the pits. Hence, the Tama-chan: a stroller/fridge for your watermelon.

This orb-shaped fridge on wheels not only keeps watermelons cool, but it also chills anything around the same size. Tama-chan even has heating capabilities if need be, for like, orb-shaped chicken and stuff.


This quirky food case clocks in around ¥ 19,950 ($200 US), but we can’t really put a price on convenience, now can we?

Tama-chan $200 @joybond

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Abduct and Farm Precious Egg Yolks With This Glorified Egg-Shaped Vacuum

Quirky Pluck

Food inventions rule. Most make our lives way easier, and are just plain ol’ awesome. Remember the Eat Me Crunchy bowl that keeps flakes from getting soggy? Life-changing. And so, to add to the never-ending list of useless but totally necessary food inventions — say hello to the Quirky Pluck, y’all!

You know how it’s nearly impossible to separate an egg yolk from the whites without making a totally gross mess? Well, the Quirky Pluck is here to save us from said misery. With one little squeeze, the egg separator sucks up the yolk with ease (rhyme swag for days, yo). Check it out in full action below:

Cool guys! You invented the water bottle:

Quirky Pluck $13 @Quirky

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This Compartmentalized, Vertical Kitchen is the Jenga of Modern Appliances


Are you struggling to find extra space in that teeny tiny apartment? Or maybe you simply have a knack for compact household appliances? Well friend, it’s your lucky day. We’d like to introduce you to ECooking, the vertical kitchen unit.

This Massimo Facchineti creation has all the basic cooking amenities built into a single column. A stove, sink, fridge, oven, storage, countertop space and an espresso maker are all within arm’s reach. The design even features an herb garden with a UV light. Talk about a fancy shmancy portable kitchen, eh?

The only problem we see people running into is the unit’s height. This thing is the high-rise of modern kitchens and we’re guessing you’d have to be pretty tall to reach all of the compartments with ease. Hopefully, it comes with a built-in ladder as well. Shoot, it has an herb garden, it might as well throw in a ladder or two.

ECooking isn’t available for purchase just yet, but there’s buzz that it could roll out in early 2014.

H/T + PicThx Gizmodo