15 Boozy Facts You Didn’t Know About Tequila

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If you’re convinced that bottle of liquor with a worm floating at the bottom is genuine tequila, you might want to check this out before you take the plunge. Most likely a marketing play, the worm is only bottled in mezcal, another distilled agave spirit. While tequila comes exclusively from the blue agave plant, mezcal can be distilled from other varieties of the agave and maguey plant.

Still, that doesn’t mean the worm isn’t tasty. It actually, has a smart, pickled flavor that makes for a satisfying snack. Trust.

The infographic below explores more little-known tequila facts, such as the proper way to chase your tequila (if you must) and the difference between tequila and mixto. It’s some crafty knowledge to drop in your pocket this weekend and will come in handy next time you’re trying to tell the difference between Patron and Jose Cuervo.


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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza [INFOGRAPHIC]


Cheesy. Melty. Meaty. Greasy. Everything about pizza is glorious. From its crispy, buttered crust to that hot layer of mozzarella. Of course, even this global favorite has some things you probably don’t know about it. I suppose its the savory pie’s way of keeping things, er, exciting.

The infographic below offers some curious facts about global pizza consumption. Apparently, if you took all the restaurants around the world, you’d find that 17 percent of them are pizzerias; men who answer the door wearing muscle shirts order pepperoni 3 times more than other pizza. How you interpret the latter is up to you. There’s also a quick breakdown of popular pizza toppings around the world — from sunnyside up egg in Germany to coconut in Costa Rica.

Get hungry, below:


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Fast Food

This Flowchart Tells You Which Fast Food to Eat, According to Age, Location & Time


Are you a cop? No? Cool. Are you high? Yes? Do you live on the east coast? Yes? Then hustle on over to the closest White Castle. Helping munchie-ridden eaters everywhere, the below flow chart helps you decide where to eat according to specifics such as age, occupation, location and time.

It’s a handy tool of sorts when the weekend hits, it’s 3 am and you and your friends are arguing over which fast food chain to hit up. So, set aside your differences and pull up this chart for the final word. I just used this to help me decide which spot to hit up after work and I got In-N-Out. Double-Double and strawberry milkshake, I see you.

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42 Common Food & Drink Calories Visualized as Pixels [Infographic]


Counting calories is maths cumbersome and I’d much rather eat fried chicken without the daunting knowledge that it clocks in at 1400 calories. That being said, graphic designer Severino R found a way to visualize calories in a playful infographic, as opposed to the cold “Nutrition Facts” label style.

Severino translated amounts of energy into a more relatable form of reference: pixels.  Along with showing the daily male and female intakes, 42 common foods items are transformed into a pattern of squares — each pixel symbolizing one calorie (1 kal). The total number of squares/pixels in each food or drink represents the item’s total calories, making for a more digestible form of understanding that whole calorie counting business.

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A Cheat Sheet: How to Tell if Your Avocado is Ripe



Fast Food

The US Cities that Spend the Highest and Lowest Amounts on Fast Food


Who reigns supreme when it comes to cash cash money spent on whoppers and fries? Plano, Texas and Madison, Wisconsin, apparently. The infographic above breaks down America’s love affair with fast food and offers a peek at how US cities rank when it comes to the national average on spending habits at chains like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and KFC.

While Plano and Madison drop 2.3 and 1.94 times more than the average, respectively, Boston and Philly keep it at 92 and 63 percent less than the average. The trend seems to be that cities in the South and Midwest are more likely to swing by the drive-thru, while cities in the West and Northeast prefer alternative eateries. Click on the infographic above for a closer look.

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A Guide To 30 Different Delicious Shots You’ve Always Been Too Shy To Order


Dear boys and girls. Sometimes we get in a mood and have an urge to try something we saw in Cosmo once. It happens. You’re at a bar, working up the courage to approach the bartender. You decide to go for it, because Drake said so, and casually ask them for a Blow Job. They look at you for a moment, then to your relief, they smile and say “Sure.” It’s all going according to plan, until they say, “I’ve never made it before. Do you what goes in it?”


Now you’re blubbering about something “sweet” and “chocolate-y,” then mention the first time you had it was on your 21st birthday and you couldn’t use your hands because it was supposed to be like a real… blow job. It’s all downhill from there and the bartender looks unimpressed. You give up and just order a Vodka Red Bull instead.

To prepare you for the next urge, here’s an illustrated guide to 30 different popular shots. From the Buttery Nipple to the Blow Job, these 30 recipes give you everything you need to know for next time you have a special request for the bartender.


Designed by Donald Bullach


Honey Has a Longer Shelf Life Than Your iPhone [Infographic]


Feel strongly about your new iPhone and already have an obscure pet name for it? Don’t get too attached. Chances are you already dropped the iPhone 4 for a 5s, long before your bottle of honey even got a chance to age.

The infographic below, published in Times of Oman and Courrier international, provide an illuminating perspective on the value of food vs. the latest gadgets. By comparing how long food lasts before it’s inedible by how long popular electronic devices last before they’re phased out by the next hot thing, we’re forced to consider the our short-lived relationships with the gadgets we interact with every day.

While your unopened can of soda and iPad share the same lifespan, those instant oats will stay in vogue much longer than the latest Playstation console.

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