A Painless Guide to 20 Superfoods and What They Actually Do [Infographic]


What the heck are super foods? They’re the foods we should be eating to stay healthy, but when dishes like ramen bun grilled cheese sandwiches exist, they’re pretty easy to pass over. If you ever find yourself in this sort of pickle, this infographic makes it simpler than ever to discern superfoods from grease bombs.

Blueberries, for example, are cancer-fighters and they’re full of fiber. What about kale? Bet you didn’t know the vegetable has more iron than beef and more vitamin C than an orange! And chia seeds are the super super food; just one tablespoon has more fatty acids than salmon, more calcium than a glass of milk and even more antioxidants than blueberries. BOOM!

Check out even more awesome superfood facts below.

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What Your Coffee Order Says About You


Coffee drinkers really like to tell you what do you and what life’s about. As evidenced here and here. Now, in a comic collection of your “average” coffee consumer, The Multiple Personalities of Coffee guide helps you distinguish the “Addict” from the “Snob”.

Apparently, whether you like to sneak in a little Kahlua in your morning cup of Joe or have a penchant for instant coffee, what you drink can be quite telling. So, prepare yourself for amusingly nonsensical associations such as business men (and women) always reach for the red eye (because business trips) and Americanos (for political reasons). It’s all in good fun but hey, who knows, you might unearth your deepest, darkest secrets within this chart. You ex-tea drinker, you.

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Hong Kong Consumes Almost 2 Million Pounds of Rice and 10 Million Pounds of Pork Every 24 Hours [Infographic]


If you’ve never been to Hong Kong, there’s one thing you should know — it’s a food lover’s paradise. The city is packed with Michelin-Star hole-in-the-walls, amazing street food and a fast food scene that puts ours to shame.

However, for those who have yet to visit the bustling city, dissecting and comparing Hong Kong’s culinary scene could be tricky. Luckily, HotelClub put together this handy infographic, breaking down some quick, basic info on its current culinary climate.

Did you know that Hong Kong consumes around 833 tonnes of rice (approx. 2 million pounds), 2,290 tonnes of vegetables (approx. 5 million pounds) and 4,480 tonnes of pork (approx. 10 million pounds) every 24 hours? The guide also offers some etiquette tips, such as making sure to fill everyone else’s teacup before your own and to avoid turning over a fish at the table since it’s bad luck. Check out even more interesting stats below.

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How Much Cinnamon, Water and Potato Skins You’d Need to Eat in Order to Die


You know that moment. You’re brushing your teeth and all of  a sudden you involuntarily swallow what you surely think is a fatal amount of toothpaste. “I’m too young to die!” your insides scream. Well, thanks to the helpful folks over at Digg, you’ll be rest assured that despite its icky taste, you can stop frantically searching “toothpaste poisoning” on Google.

For the curious folk who’ve always posed the profound question: “I wonder how much water/toothpaste/cinnamon I’d have to drink/eat before I got sick?” — this is for you. Digg’s guide to How Not To Kill Yourself With Household Items illustrates what amount of common household items and food you’d have to ingest before croaking.


Here’s a quick peek at how much cinnamon, water, spoiled potato skins, chewing gum, carrots, blue cheese and toothpaste would be fatal if consumed (numbers are based on a  “154-pound adult”).

Cinnamon: 40 tablespoons

Water: 1.75 gallons

Spoiled potato skins: 40 milligrams

Chewing gum: 404 packs

Carrots: 39 pounds

Blue cheese: 22 pounds

Toothpaste: 13 tubes

You can peek more gorgeous drawings, plus the complete guide here.


Bouncing Sushi Gifs Help You Finally Remember the Difference Between ‘Uni’ and ‘Sake’

Sushi has evolved over the years from an unknown entity to trendy universal dish to irreplaceable staple, winning over the hearts of even the most disbelieving of Americans. Sushi is constantly evolving –  new ingredients, preparation and serving methods — traditional nigiri sushi, cut rolls wrapped in seaweed or soy paper, creative additions like cream cheese, spicy mayonnaise and deep-fried rolls… dare I go on? It’s difficult at times to know exactly what is going on with little to no menu descriptions and endless varieties of fish to be devoured. Fortunately, tumblr artist Slimu has come to the aide of those loyal, yet at times challenged, sushi lovers.

Slimu offers up a unique alternative way to help you remember what the different types of fish and ingredients are so you can feel confident in what you are ordering. Even if these gifs don’t help you remember that “uni” means “sea urchin,” at least you’ll remember smiling at the bouncing jolly sushi characters. Peek some of our favorites below.

Additionally, this excellent how-to-eat sushi guide will aid you on your quest to becoming a true sushi aficionado.