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7 Food Delivery Hacks That Will Come Through In The Clutch

Food delivery has taken the country by storm without question, but it comes with plenty of tradeoffs. On the one hand, there’s a lot that being in the restaurant has to offer, including the freshness of the food, that you lose out on. However, being at home and getting the food to come straight to you also provides its conveniences.

By looking at what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to delivery, it’s possible to mitigate the cons and transform the food delivery experience into the jack-of-all-trades we can lifehack it to be. From using our stovetops to saving on water for dishes, there’s plenty of small changes we can make when ordering in that’ll take the experience up to a whole new level.

Here’s a few quick hacks that you can easily pull off the next time you’re ordering delivery.

Reboil Your Broths

When ordering pho or ramen, you want that broth to be piping hot to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. Since it usually arrives at your door slightly cooled down, reheating is the best option here. Microwaves can be pretty uneven with bringing every part of your container to temperature, so bringing it up to a boil on your stove is the way to go. Your tastebuds and stomach will be thanking you.

The Perfectly Timed Delivery

Photo: Lok Shesa // Wikimedia Commons CC 4.0

It may take a while to master this, but if you can time your delivery order so it arrives at home the same time you do, there’s no need to wait. It requires knowing how long your commute home is and how long the delivery will take, but that extra attention to detail will be worth the result.

Keep Rice On Deck

Photo: Aaron Goodwin // Flickr CC 2.0

One of the biggest gripes with delivery is the extra charge all of that rice can stack on. Why pay a huge markup for the starch when you’ve got bags of it in your apartment? Whether you make a couple of cups in the rice cooker or have a microwaveable pouch on standby, it’ll help save a bit of money in the long run.

Take Advantage Of Your Toaster Oven/Air Fryer

Nothing’s worse than when the fries, fried chicken, or other crispy foods show up having lost their crunch. A quick blast in a toaster oven or air fryer, however, is all they need to be revitalized and to enjoy that eruptive texture.

Buying Your Favorite Mains In Bulk

If you’re skipping the rice deliveries as mentioned above, why just get a single order of orange chicken or spicy wings? Stock up on a few, and you won’t have to get delivery so much, reducing those additional fee costs. A few orders at a time means you can save some in the fridge and appropriately reheat them to get your favorite meals on repeat at a better overall price.

Know Who’s Got The Best Deals

Every food delivery app has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to know when to use which for each situation. Chief amongst that is keeping tabs on deals and discounts, which can be ordered via coupon or code. Grubhub and Doordash are your spots for coupons, while Postmates and Ubereats tend to have some helpful codes dropping weekly.

Any Container Can Be A Plate, Too

Dishwashing can always be a chore with delivery, but remember that the serving vessels also make for great plates, too. Even a standard vertical takeout box can be broken down into a functional bowl if you know how to hack it right. Check the above video for clutch a step-by-step guide.

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The Ideal Times To Use Every Food Delivery App [GUIDE]

It’s 2018, and it seems like the food delivery apps out there are a dime a dozen. However, if you read between the lines and look at the features of each program, you may find some surprising differences that make each one useful in different situations.

Depending on your preferential eating habits, level of convenience, and ability to spend, one app may make better sense to use in one scenario versus another. To illustrate that, here’s a look at a few of the different major delivery apps out there and the optimal time to get your grub through each.


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UberEats has a unique model for its delivery fee system: The closer you are to a particular location, the cheaper the delivery fee is. If you’re within about a mile of a restaurant, you basically get free delivery and just pay for the food. It’s perfect for those who are too busy to step out and get lunch.

The Ideal Usage: Use UberEats when you want food from nearby but are too swamped at work (or whatever else taking up your time) to go pick it up yourself.


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Out of all of the apps on this list, Grubhub (who recently bought Eat24 and also owns Seamless) has the most extensive list of takeout options. It can be used for delivery, too, but if you want to skip the associated fees and have a massive online database of takeaway menus on hand, this app makes perfect sense.

The Ideal Usage: Use Grubhub when you’re craving takeout and don’t want to pay delivery fees. Or if you’re like me and just want a massive collection of takeout menus to choose from.


A post shared by DoorDash (@doordash) on

Doordash just recently added their own pickup option, but it’s still a fledgling, so many restaurants haven’t hopped on board yet. Still, Doordash’s new DashPass and loads of “Try Me Free” delivery discounts make it a go-to app for the adventurous diner who would rather have someone else cook for them.

The Ideal Usage: Use Doordash if you get meals delivered to you all the time and want to be as diverse in your dinner options as possible.


A post shared by Postmates (@postmates) on

Postmates is so much more than a meal delivery app, because you can get groceries, sundries, and other items delivered to you on demand as well. You can also pay into a monthly program to get free delivery all the time, making it a clutch move for when you really need that pound of ground beef right now.

The Ideal Usage: Similar to Doordash’s, but for all different kinds of items and for those who cook regularly as well.

Amazon Restaurants

To compare Amazon as a whole to all of these apps would be like comparing Superman to the rest of the Justice League, so we won’t go there. In terms of the restaurant app, though, it doesn’t offer much yet in terms of discount options, but has a ton of local eats available. If you prefer to have one program or website that you get everything from, aka the perfect Amazon user, this is great.

The Ideal Usage: If you already get literally everything on Amazon.


A post shared by goPuff (@gopuff) on

GoPuff is an app at the intersection of convenience store and delivery. It can get you basically anything you need from the mini-mart, but isn’t meant to get entire meals from. Great if you have a sudden urge for bags of chips or some alcohol, however.

The Ideal Usage: When you need something from the convenience store ASAP.

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Yelp Eat24 Launches Robot Delivery Program In San Francisco

The future of meal delivery is here, America.

Yelp Eat24 has teamed up with autonomous ground-delivery robot maker Marble to create its first fleet of meal delivery robots.

The fleet will be released into San Francisco starting April 12th, where participating restaurants in the Mission and Potrero Hill Districts will be able to utilize the robots to deliver food to their customers.

The robots were made with a variety of sensors and technology similar to that of self-driving cars, which allows them to safely navigate busy sidewalks with ease. They can also map streets as they travel throughout the city to optimize delivery time and transportation routes. Marble plans to have the entire city of San Francisco mapped by the robots by the end of 2017.

“We are always looking for innovative new ways to give diners what they want: efficient and affordable food delivery,” said Shalin Sheth, Head of Delivery Operations at Yelp Eat24. “Marble’s robots help Yelp Eat24 restaurants better serve their communities and we’re excited to enhance the delivery experience for customers and be able to serve a larger market.”

Customers who order from participating local restaurants can order through the Eat24 app and will have the option to have a robot deliver them their meal. Their orders will be placed into adaptable cargo bays within the robot by the restaurant that are locked with a code, which is then sent to the customer to input on the robot for access to their eats.

Marble will be expanding their delivery robot fleet to new restaurants and delivery partners each month, and hope to eventually expand their service nationwide.

When that happens, you can count on these robots swarming everywhere as the new way to get your food delivered.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss Tastemade/Snapchat

These 8 Wacky Food Delivery Stories Required HUGE Tips

We’ve all been there. A craving strikes and we are at the mercy of our hunger. Whether it be a lack of mealtime companions, a very specific yearning, or sheer laziness, delivery often becomes the most viable way to satiate our appetites.

The seemingly mundane practice of ordering delivery, however, becomes less so when one’s hunger turns desperate or when you’re the spouse of the world’s most notorious reality star.

These delivery meals were not destined for greatness, but had greatness thrust upon them as some made journeys to foreign lands, others to iconic awards shows, and some even making their way out of this world.

So without further ado, here is a list of eight of the wildest deliveries, from a chocolate cake unknowingly combatting crime to a pizza feeding ravenous A-listers.

The Academy Awards


Photo: Slate

The 86th annual Oscars ceremony was comprised of old Hollywood glamor, gorgeous celebrities, and a pizza delivery of 20 large pies. Host Ellen DeGeneres drove Edgar Martirosyan to instant viral fame as she had the co-founder of Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria deliver a variety of slices to Hollywood’s biggest stars — not to mention in front of millions of live viewers. With icons such as Meryl Streep, Harvey Weinstein, and Brad Pitt indulging in this cheesy surprise, it’s no wonder Martirosyan left with a tip of $1,000 dollars.

A Delayed Airplane


Photo: CNN

Rain delaying a plane’s commute is hardly news. Unless that delay turned into an onboard pizza party. 160 passengers making their way from Washington to Denver had their bad luck rerouted when the pilot decided to order in. Calling on the assistance of a local Domino’s in Cheyenne where the plane was diverted 100 miles, the pilot ordered 35 cheese pizzas. With no food left on the plane prior to this order, it was likely the first time flight attendants had ever seen smiling faces when serving an onboard meal.


Vector illustration of a man lock up in prison

Photo: Bail Bond City

From deeming himself the modern day Shakespeare to stealing the mic from Taylor Swift at the Grammys, we’ve come to expect Kanye West’s eccentric antics. To add another shenanigan to the already extensive list is the time the controversial rapper used his one phone call in jail to order from Mr. Chow. In 2008 West got into an altercation with a paparazzo and destroyed his camera. Upon his arrest, it seems his love of high end Chinese food overtook any common sense when he made the call to the hip Beverly Hills restaurant from behind bars.

London to NYC


Photo: Flung Magazine

Kanye for the win. Making this list twice is likely something that only the Kardashian spouse could pull off. It’s evident that when the musician has a craving he will not let money, distance or even physical barriers get in his way. Indian food in Manhattan is clearly not up to West’s standards as he was compelled to order delivery from the British Raj’s dining room in Wales to be delivered to him in New York City. What would have been a $19 dollar meal turned into a $3,900 production. West also had to shell out money for the travel fees and accommodations for the restaurant’s head chef during this delusional journey.

A Moving Train


Photo: DJ Artwork

A British DJ just changed the train dining game. And luckily for us, he live-tweeted the whole thing. Traveling from Glasgow to Sheffield in the UK, DJ Artwork failed to bring any sustenance for the 5 hour trip on a train lacking a bar car. His need for bread, cheese and marinara, however, quickly transformed him into a creative visionary. He decided, and then successfully executed a plan to order delivery at an intermediary station. To celebrate his revolutionary feat, he even shared a slice of his pizza prize with a member of the train’s crew.

Outer Space


Photo: Anamanaguchi

Pizza Hut’s commitment to re-branding is truly out of this world (space pun). As part of a $500 million dollar investment into revamping the famous pizza company, in 2001 six ‘personal pan’ style pizzas were sent to the International Space Station. As the marketing officer for Pizza Hut, Randy Gier, insisted, “Wherever there is life, there will be Pizza Hut pizza.”

A Mexican Drug Lord’s Hideout

Photo: Business Insider

After hiding out for months in a bat filled cave, Servando Gomez Martinez, lovingly known as ‘La Tuta’ and the leader of the Knight’s Templar Charter, was taken down by a chocolate cake. In 2015, Gomez, who previously supplied large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine over the U.S border, was brought a birthday cake by girlfriend, Maria Antonieta Luna. Her phone was tapped and the cake delivery led officials straight to the kingpin’s hideout.

U.S Military Base in Afghanistan

Photo: Veteran News Now

Pizza 4 Patriots. That’s the name of the nonprofit that coordinated the delivery of 30,000 pizzas to American troops stationed in Kandahar, Bagram, and Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. This huge delivery set the Guinness World Record for the largest pizza delivery to date. The organization plus the employees of DHL who helped deliver the pies evidently recognized that pizza isn’t a privilege, it’s a fundamental American right.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Watch These Food Delivery Guys Freak Out Over Topless Girls At The Door

Delivery drivers never know what’s going to happen when the customer opens that door. For all they know, there can be a smiling face, or an angry, shit-faced asshole with a knife on the other side.

While this prank on “Break” was a bit shocking for the delivery drivers, it wasn’t harmful. Well, unless they got traumatized by the site of a female’s body au naturel.

As multiple food delivery guys arrived at this house — which apparently happens to be occupied by three bombshell women who walk around in lingerie — they were greeted by bare breasts every time.

Whenever one of the girls opened the door, at some point in the interaction, they dropped their tops and showed off their assets, while the deliver drivers just watched in awe.

If only all deliveries were this cheerful, and not filled with fear for one’s life.


Yelp’s Eat24 Acquisition Could Bring Online Ordering to 1 Million Restaurants


Yelp acquired the online food ordering application Eat24 this week because, why not put a ring on it?

OK, this is actually a huge deal. Full Eat24 integration will drastically improve the quality of the Yelp platform, which is somewhat janky on its best day. Yelp has been trying to offer services to connect businesses with their customers while creating higher engagement on their own website-application.

Yelp partnered with Eat24 in 2013 and has been attempting to seamlessly host their ordering application, but execution has been a little less than reliable. Acquiring Eat24 at the bargain price of $134 million will allow Yelp to focus on other service integration like scheduling doctor’s appointments.

Now Eat24 will have unfettered access to over 1 million restaurants in Yelp’s database, vastly outshining online ordering giant GrubHub Inc.’s 30,000+ restaurant inclusion and Eat24’s current base of about 20,000 restaurants. While it will still be the restaurants’ choice to use delivery-pickup features directly through Yelp, and they may already be using GrubHub or a smaller company like Caviar, it makes more sense for them to be on as many platforms as possible.

Yelp’s status in modern restaurant discovery will drive people to inflate Eat24’s status (which will likely be absorbed into Yelp’s powerful branding) and allow an industry standard to rise out of the dense food ordering-delivery market.


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Food Delivery Apps Battle for Your Stomach, No One’s Winning

Rising and Fortune 500 companies alike have been slowly realizing that people eat food. Like, a lot. Responding to this very basic acknowledgement, new food apps and online verticals have been popping up on consumer sites throughout this year. Like, a lot.

Maybe, too much.

The newest addition, UberFRESH, is the latest venture in Uber’s quest for world domination.

Given all the recent negative press surrounding Uber, numerous people have voiced concerns about trusting the company with their information. For the hordes of people who still prefer the service to Lyft and Curb, you can now also trust an Uber driver with your lunch order. The service is currently only available in West Los Angeles and Hollywood and exclusively honors lunch orders from select restaurants, but expansion is expected.


Recent Square acquisition, Caviar, possesses an Uber-like courier service that encourages everyday cyclists to deliver food for the company. Each courier is supplied with a GPS that allows you to track your order from mostly upscale restaurants that are required to post high quality photos of all menu items.

Both UberFRESH and Caviar offer an elitist feel to an everyman market, but Caviar insists that their company wants to appeal to a wide variety of customers and restaurants.

“Our thinking is that the ‘best’ food doesn’t have to mean expensive food,” a spokesperson for Caviar commented. “We look for restaurant partners that offer the best of everything—you know, those places that people get excited about and look forward to eating meals from.”

Both UberFresh and Caviar offer an elitist feel to an everyman market, but Caviar insists that their company wants to appeal to a wide variety of customers and restaurants.

Since food delivering processes become very habitual for consumers, it’s important for these types of services to make excellent first impressions. While service loyalty is great for these companies, the competition segregates the market and can also hide local restaurants from customers.

For a long time, I primarily used GrubHub for my noms needs, but my favorite Thai restaurant only operates through their online ordering portal and, to my recent realization, Eat 24. While my love for this restaurant pushed me to use their janky portal and even go old school with a few phone orders, this discovery has prompted a more 50/50 split between my use of the two food delivery giants (I eat a lot of Thai food).

Abby Hunt, director of public relations for GrubHub Inc., seems pretty undeterred by the increasing industry competition.

“GrubHub Inc. is the clear leader in the US restaurant food delivery space,” Hunt boasted. “Nobody is doing what we do, at our scale.”

With more than 30,000 restaurants across the country and in London listed on GrubHub platforms, she has every right to brag.

When large companies like Amazon Local and Uber attempt to disrupt the food delivery industry, however, it shrinks the market share of existing companies like GrubHub. While this process is capitalism at its finest and will eventually result in a clear winner, it makes it difficult for restaurants to make their food as available as possible to customers.

“GrubHub Inc. is the clear leader in the US restaurant food delivery space,” Hunt boasted. “Nobody is doing what we do, at our scale.”

Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese in Los Angeles, CA, began exclusively offering local delivery through Caviar four months ago and they see no problems with limiting themselves to one service.

Greenspan on Caviar

“We have been loyal thus far to Caviar based on their excellent network of clientele,” Jay Perrin, partner of Foundation Hospitality Group which owns and operates Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, predictably stated. “They have an extremely high-valued and immediate response to customer service that we find aligns itself perfectly with our brand.”

The restaurant is open to using other delivery services in the future, but they maintain that they are very transparent about Caviar in-store and on their website. Greenspan’s 73 Yelp reviews and undisclosed number of check-ins, however, have arrived at the conclusion that the hipstaurant doesn’t deliver at all.

When people are more confident that you cater rather than deliver, it’s safe to say your customers have not been made aware of your niche delivery service.

As newer apps and websites are developed, they try to appeal to the sensibilities of certain types of restaurants in order to break into the market. Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese was lured in by the chicness of Caviar, but the pairing does not prove as symbiotic as the restaurant believes it to be.

When people are more confident that you cater rather than deliver, it’s safe to say your customers have not been made aware of your niche delivery service.

For now, there’s just enough choice to make things interesting for consumers, but if this trend continues, restaurants could end up footing the bill.

Amazon Local, UberFRESH and Eat24 could not be reached for comment.


How to Get Free Ice Cream Delivered to You This Weekend


Who: Postmates

What: Delivery service Postmates announced that they will bring you FREE ice cream on-demand. Of course, before the frozen treat reaches your lips, you must 1) Download their app and find the “Free Ice Cream On-Demand” store 2) Choose whether you want chocolate, vanilla or a surprise flavor 3) Checkout. PS: They’ll still charge you for the delivery fee.

Where: LA, NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, DC and Boston

When: Today to Sunday, July 21