Beer Burglar Strikes Quiet Texas Town


While worse things have been stolen during a burglary, waking up and finding all your beer missing from the fridge would be pretty upsetting.

According to KPRC, Greg Shell of Friendswood, Texas went into his garage and noticed there were 8 beers missing. You’d think there’d be a high probability that Shell just drank them and didn’t notice, but there were similar reports of missing beer in other homes around the area.

Although the beer stolen might not be a big deal, residents are afraid that it could lead to something more serious in their quiet town. “Where we live, you don’t typically have problems like this,” said Shell.

There were similar incidents reported to Friendswood police last summer as over a half dozen homes were burglarized, had their beer stolen, cars vandalized and trash cans set on fire. An arrest was made in that case and police are investigating if these burglaries are related to last year’s.

The beer bandit is still at large, so residents will have to hide their Buds, hide their Lites, and hide their Heineken’s cause they stealing all the beers out here.


Only in Florida: Nude Men Break into a Restaurant to Steal 60 Hamburgers, 3 Pounds of Bacon

What do you do if you’re in Florida, naked with your bros and really really hungry? Break into a restaurant and do a really bad job at being subtle, apparently.

Last Sunday, surveillance cameras at Doc’s Beach House in Bonita Springs caught two naked men and one undies-clad assistant breaking and entering the establishment in search of munchies. In the video, the hungry bandits stumble around haphazardly in search of grub, before finally hauling away 60 hamburgers, 3 pounds of bacon, 3 red peppers and a paddleboard. This all happened at approximately 3 am, of course.

Taking a page from Hansel and Gretel, the three thieves left a trail of red peppers on the beach near a bathhouse. The police have yet to find the thieves, but that shouldn’t be too hard. Just look for a pair of undies next to the half-eaten bacon burgers.


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Polite Thief Says ‘Thank You’ After Robbing Golden Corral


This guy might be a thief, but at least he’s a polite thief. A South Carolina Golden Corral was robbed Monday and although the gun-wielding robber threatened to shoot the employee at the register, he did not leave the scene before thanking her.

The Golden Corral worker said a man approached her, and she asked him if he wanted something to drink. The man showed her a gun, then instructed her to open the register and “Keep calm, or I will shoot you.”

The robber then told her not to even think about “pushing the (expletive) button,” for help.

So it seemed like the worker had no other choice but to give him the money.

And if all of this didn’t already sound like a scene from a witty heist movie, before the robber ran out, he gave her a quick, “Thank you” and disappeared into the 8:30 p.m. setting sun.

Police said no arrests have been made.