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Petite Competitive Eater Crushes 360 Chicken Nuggets In One Sitting

How many chicken nuggets could you crush in one sitting? For me, that number stands at 40 nuggets in a single go. (We don’t talk about that night.)

Competitive eater Molly Schuyler, though, just blew everyone else’s personal records out of the water. During a Twitch livestream of the Foodbeast Challenger League, the world’s top-ranked female eater cruised her way through 360 Burger King nuggets in a single sitting. That’s 11.5 pounds of fried chicken, or 15,300 calories, for those counting.

For context, the previous mark using the same chain’s nuggets we could find was set by Darron Eats on YouTube, who ate 300 in roughly 50 minutes. Schuyler ate 60 more than he did, finishing in 1 hour, 14 minutes, and 33 seconds.

Schuyler was honestly unfazed by the amount of nuggets, and probably could have eaten a lot more. The tougher obstacle was the texture of the nuggets, which got hard fast once they went cold. A combination of dunking them in water and drowning them in ketchup helped her grind through all 360 nuggets. Had they all stayed warm, it’s anybody’s guess as to how many more she could have taken down.

This wasn’t the only eating feat set on the Twitch livestream. During it, competitive eater “Killer” Dan Kennedy muscled his way through a whopping 54 Winchell’s Donuts, while Naader “FreakEating” Reda downed 100 Mother’s Cookies with a gallon of milk.

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This 10-Pound Poke Bowl Challenge Is Almost Impossible To Defeat

There are some truly daunting food challenges out there, like the ferocious 10-pound OMG Burger or the One Chip Challenge straight from hell. This 10-pound poke bowl belongs amongst these behemoths as one of the toughest to finish out there.

Located at Poke Paradise in San Jose, CA, this gargantuan bowl of fresh fish could sink even the formidable Kraken.

What makes it so intimidating is the rice, which comes in the form of 10 heaping shovelfuls that take up the majority of this challenge. From there, you get 10 scoops of your choice of protein, plus any toppings and sauces you’d like to add on. Even if you can stomach all that you still about an entire rice cooker of starch to devour afterward.

It makes sense that Poke Paradise’s challenge has a win-loss record even Mike Tyson would be impressed with. Since its debut in April 2017, a massive handful of challengers have attempted to conquer it. Only two have emerged victorious, and both were competitive eaters. Eating phenom Joey Chestnut completed the challenge in about 15 minutes, while Raina Huang, the eater who also cleaned out Panda Express’ entire menu, accomplished it in 26 minutes.

You can view Raina’s full attempt at the Poke Paradise 10-pound poke bowl challenge below:

While the challenge is tough, the risk is well worth the reward. Defeat sets you back $60 (the cost of the bowl), while victory earns you $100 in cash, a spot in their hall of fame, and the empty bowl you vanquished.

Oh, and the meal is on the house if you win.

If you think you can be the third person to ever finish this 10-pound poke bowl, Poke Paradise is ready for your call. It does take 20 minutes to prepare, and the restaurant prefers if you call a couple of hours ahead so they have time to get things set up.

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Watch A Record-Holding Competitive Eater Take On This 10-Pound OMG Burger Challenge

The Catch in Anaheim, California is home to one of the most daunting food challenges out there: The OMG Burger Challenge. For the past 9 years, someone comes in about every two weeks to try and take down this ten-pound burger in an hour. Only one has ever succeeded, but record-holding competitive eater Raina Huang looked to change that with her recent attempt.

omg burger challenge

Huang took on the OMG Burger Challenge on a recent Foodbeast livestream. She’s no stranger to giant food, as she holds the current world record for the largest In-N-Out burger (a 50×50) and cleaned out the entire Panda Express menu in 45 minutes. Still, her biggest worry going into The Catch was that she wouldn’t be able to finish.

That’s because the OMG Burger is a beastly foe, packing a host of ingredients into its heft. It’s got a 5-pound beef patty, 3 whole onions, 4 tomatoes, 5 large pickles, plenty of cheese and dressing, and a heap of lettuce. Oh, and that’s all crammed into a 12-inch bun that’s seemingly more foam pillow than it is bread.

While you don’t have to finish them, there’s also a pickle and mini slider on top to garnish the burger alongside a MASSIVE moat of fries (also optional). Combined, everything weighed just over 16 pounds.

In terms of what’s at stake, not finishing the burger sets you back a solid $80. But winning gets you immortalized in the restaurant’s “OMG Champions” wall of fame and a $500 cash prize, so the reward is well worth the risk here.

The rules are pretty strict, though. Apart from the one-hour time limit, you’re not allowed any bathroom breaks, and the burger can’t be dipped in water or anything else to make it easier. There’s also a waiver that Raina had to sign before attempting the OMG.

Huang was up for the challenge, of course, and gave an effort that one of the hostesses said was the best she’s ever seen.

To view her full attempt, check out the livestream below:

Her strategy was to attack the meat patty first, and devoured it and most of the veggies in the first half of the challenge. However, the density, acidity, and flavor of the bread put Huang off, creating a struggle for her to get through. When time expired, Raina was left with about a third of the loaf and a spot amongst the many who had failed to conquer the burger.

Still, her shot at the OMG Burger Challenge was one of the most impressive to date. A hostess mentioned to Foodbeast that the closest anyone else had gotten that she had seen was to the two buns, and Huang went well past that mark.

Photos by Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast.
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Disneyworld Is Home To One Of The World’s Most Secret Food Challenges

If you’re a foodie and vacationing to Disneyworld, chances are you’re gonna spend a lot of time at Epcot. That makes sense, because the food there is diverse and exceptional.

However, make sure to visit the other parks, too. There’s some delicious foodie treasures hiding within all of Disneyworld, but none is more secretive than the Rio Grande Nacho Challenge hidden inside the Magic Kingdom.

Here’s the details you need to obtain this hefty meal: Head over to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in the Frontierland section of the park between 3 and 6 pm. Tell one of the cast members you want to order the secret nachos.

From there, it’s a plethora of hoopla, celebration, and gluttonous consumption of nachos that were perfectly captured by both YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood and the Disney Food Blog Guide. You’re served a whopping portion of nachos big enough to feed 6-8 people, so if you’re not feeling like taking the whole thing down by yourself, feel free to bring some friends along.

As long as the entire platter of nachos is finished, you’ll get the reward of a custom Sheriff’s badge and a certificate of completion for completing this challenge, so feel free to bring the squad for a fun time. If you’re feeling game, though, definitely try to take this whole thing down on your own, and let us know if you do.

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This 3-Pound Burger Challenge Is So Epic, It Ripped Some Dude’s Pants Open

It’s called the 8th Wonder of the World. Probably ’cause we’re left wondering if anyone could conquer this insane feat of gluttony tailor-made for Greek gods of myth.

The epic burger challenge comes from Watson’s Soda Fountain and Cafe in Anaheim, CA.

Foodbeast’s resident vlogger and Sour Patch connoisseur, Elie Ayrouth, and a few friends decided to attempt the formidable feat earlier this week.

The massive burger boasts a two-pound 100% Angus beef patty topped with six slices of American cheese, a salad bowl’s worth of shredded lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and pharmacy sauce on a behemoth of a bun. If that wasn’t enough to fill you, it’s served with an additional pound of fries and a pitcher of soda.

Competitors have to finish the burger within an hour and will receive Watson’s Soda Fountain merch as well as their photograph on the wall of fame.

Elie’s buddy Victor was the one to step up to the plate and the aftermath of the challenge split Elie’s pants in half. No joke.

Check out the vlog above to see exactly how it all went down.

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A Legendary Competitive Eater Can’t Even Handle This 22-Pound Mountain of Curry Rice

We’ve been witness to some insane eating challenges here at Foodbeast… but this gargantuan pile of curry rice takes the cake as the biggest we’ve ever seen.

According to Kotaku, the 10 kilogram (or 22.2 pound) challenge is the biggest offering on the “challenge menu” at Gold Curry in Kanazawa, Japan and in Bangkok, Thailand. While it normally costs 8,000 yen (or about $72 US Dollars), if you can finish the whole platter of white rice, curry sauce, fried pork cutlets, and cabbage in an hour, you take home a cool 900 bucks (or 100,000 yen).

So far, it seems that nobody has been able to take down the entire plate in an hour, and with good reason. The challenge predominantly consists of rice, which contains a ton of starch that can expand easily in your stomach and make it even harder to finish eating. The fact that you’re eating enough rice to feed a family of five for at least a couple of weeks doesn’t make it any easier.

If that doesn’t make the challenge seem daunting enough for you, top-notch competitive eater Joey Chestnut actually took the 22-pound platter on last year, as seen in the above video… and FAILED.

The one person who might ever be able to take it on is Chestnut’s colleague in the competitive eating world, Matt Stonie. He actually attempted a nine kilogram version of the challenge that he made at home and finished it in 55 minutes. Could he have taken on another couple of pounds in five minutes? Who knows.

In any case, if you think you’re up for the task, go try to conquer this insane eating feat. You’re sure to be immortalized in competitive eating history if you do.

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Watch Matt Stonie Crush Big Smoke’s Entire Order From GTA: San Andreas In 35 Minutes

If you ever played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you may remember a mission from the video game entitled “Drive-Thru,” in which character Big Smoke ordered a crap-ton of food off of the “Cluckin’ Bell” menu. The order is in the above video in case you don’t remember or want a quick refresher.

Six months ago, the 4chan community of Reddit apparently decided to break down what was actually in that order. Competitive eater Matt Stonie saw that post, did a little bit more research, and came up with a real-life version of the massive meal, combining different fried chicken orders from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, and Popeye’s to replicate what Big Smoke ordered.

In total, Stonie’s version came out to a whopping 9,050 calories, which is enough food to feed a grown man for at least 4 days. Stonie then proceeded to down the entire fried chicken feast while challenging himself to finish in under an hour. It was all in his bottomless stomach within 35 minutes.

I don’t know how Stonie or Big Smoke can handle all that food at once, but DAMN, am I impressed.


Watch this 120 Pound Lady Destroy 13 Monster Food Challenges

molly schuyler

Molly Schuyler is 5 feet 7 inches tall and 120 pounds, but can eat a 72-ounce steak in less than three minutes. Schuyler is a competitive eater and taking a look at her videos, she can eat the hell out of anything, and fast.

She describes herself as just a girl from Nebraska, but you can’t eat crazy amounts of food and stay under the radar for too long. Molly is the very definition of a Foodbeast and puts restaurant challenges to shame. Whether it’s downing a 7-pound burrito, or the “Spiciest burrito in the world,” Molly has documented her food challenge journey throughout the years. Even her humble beginnings where she ate five Milky Ways is pretty impressive, considering it was washed down with a half gallon of egg nog.

These videos are not for the faint of heart. Her ability to devour food like a vacuum cleaner is nothing short of amazing. Watch your back, Joey Chestnut.


5 Pound Chili Dog Pile


The Big Texan Steak Challenge


Markumm Monster Burger


The Diablo Burrito


5-pound Spaghetti Sandwich


7 Pounds of Orange Chicken


72-Ounce Steak in Under 3 Minutes


9 Pounds of Cottage Cheese


13 Slices of Pizza


16-Inch Pizza with One Hand


The Great Steak Challenge


54-Egg Omelette


5 Milky Ways and Half Gallon of Egg Nog