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Personal Fondue Mugs Are The Kitchen Accessories We Never Knew We Needed (WATCH)

When it comes to whimsical kitchen gadgets and items, hilariously ineffective is usually par for the course when determining their use and importance in the world. Besides the comedy of imagining the OD struggles portrayed in each As Seen On TV infomercial, one simply knows to stay away from any product in that realm.

However, its seems as if we’ve found some Fondue Mugs that transcend all that ridiculousness. Foodbeasts Elie and Rudy forge on in the latest episode of Unboxed to test out this kitchen contraption that we never knew we needed.

Watch the eureka moment unfold in the episode above, as Elie and Rudy successfully spark up their own personal fondue party with ease and relatively no hiccups or over-the-top faux struggle. The premise is simple yet effective and would make for some killer Netflix and Fondue opportunities.

Players and playettes, you taking notes for this Valentine’s Day?


These Fondue Mugs Solve Double Dipping Dilemma

Rid yourself of all of your double-dipping concerns and enjoy that melty chocolate or cheese in your very own Fondue Mug. There’s nothing like being handed the free reigns to get as much of that gooey goodness on your bread/vegetables/fruit or whatever else it is you like to fondue, no judgment here. Let’s face it, you never get as much as you want on that first dip. This microwave-and-dishwasher safe set of two mugs comes with a set of dipping forks and a space for tea candles at the bottom of each mug to keep your fondue at optimal consistency.

Perfect for a couch potato date with you and your lazy significant other, or for college kids like me, on another lonely night in your dorm room without a stove.

Fondue Mugs: $15 @ Amazon

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