How Starbucks Is Fighting Back Against Shorted Latte Drinkers

A couple of months ago, we wrote about some pissed off latte lovers who sued Starbucks, claiming that the company was underfilling lattes.

Now, in order to get themselves out of hot water, Starbucks Corporation has filed, “a motion to transfer,” with the U.S. Judicial Panel Of Multidistrict Litigation, to have the cases heard in the company’s home state of Washington.

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In total, there are three different cases, with an additional case pending, involving customers accusing Starbucks of, “deceptive marketing practices, by misrepresenting the quality of made-to-order beverages in its cafes.

Additionally, the plaintiffs allege that Starbucks knowingly, “follows standardized recipes that result in the uniform under fillings of beverages,” according to a memo submitted by Starbucks Corporation filed with the U.S. Judicial Panel On Multidistrict Litigation May 26.

Due to circumstances involving multiple states, California, Illinois and New York, and the similarity of accusations, Starbucks Corporation is requesting the cases be transferred to a Seattle, Wash. court — where the corporation is headquartered — which will help “… eliminate duplicative discovery,” and, “prevent inconsistent rulings,” according to the memo.

The overlaying consistency within each case, remains that customers accuse the coffee giant of using inadequate cup sizes that do not allow for the amount of coffee or other beverage as advertised.

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The cases in question

Siera Strumlauf and Benjamin Robles v. Starbucks 

The two plantiffs Strumlauf and Robles, from Northern California, filed a lawsuit on March 16, 2016. They claim that the Starbucks sizes, 12 fl. oz. “Tall”, 16 fl.oz. “Grande” and 20 fl. oz. “Venti” falsely advertise how much liquid can be contained in the cup, and also allege that baristas have, “no discretion in determining how much of a given ingredient is used in a latte,” according to the memo. Starbucks has requested to dismiss the case, but a hearing is scheduled for June 1.

Stacy Pincus v. Starbucks 

Pincus, a resident of Illinois, filed legal action on April 27, 2016, over the claim that, “ALL COLD DRINKS ARE UNDER FILLED.”

The Pincus memo alleges all, “iced coffee, iced tea and blended specialty drinks,” as well as its, “shaken iced teas and shaken iced lemonades, Refreshers™ and Fizzio™ handcrafted sodas” are underfilled,” — and have been since 2006, according to documents.

Currently, Pincus case will be heard on June 21, 2016.

Brittany Crittenden v. Starbucks

Crittenden, a resident of New York, filed legal action against Starbucks on May 10, 2016, claiming that the company falsely advertises the exact amount of liquid each latte, mocha and espresso drinks contain. Crittenden is suing for an array of reasons, including, “negligent misrepresentation,” according to court documents.

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Now, as Starbucks prepares to defend itself against these steaming hot allegations, one thing is for sure, lawyers need to wake up and smell the coffee.


Scientists Discover Foam Discourages Drink Spillage

I love millennial scientists.

As much as I desperately want revolutionary battery life and cures for diseases, it’s always great when an experiment comes from a bar and Starbucks.

For Emilie Dressaire, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, inspiration came in the form of a latte, and for Alban Sauret, researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research, it was a Guinness.

Both, along with several colleagues, had noticed and were intrigued by the damping effect foam has on beverages and how that facilitates carrying them.

In a paper recently published by the American Institute of Physics and co-authored by François Boulogne, these researchers discovered that foam (from your latte or a stout) minimizes sloshing. By carefully adding one layer of foam at a time, they saw that five layers of foam (15mL or 3 teaspoons) correlated with less movement from the liquid beneath it by tenfold.

More foam didn’t have a significant effect on the liquid sloshing, nor did foam in the middle of the glass. The foam clinging to the sides of the glass are what dampens sharp movements from the liquid.

While this has larger implications for the way we transport substances like fuel, we’re more concerned with not spilling hot coffee all over ourselves and not looking like sloppy drunks on our third sixth eighth beer.



Salvador Dali Melting Clock Latte is Surreal


I know, the title has you in a fit of stitches. Once you get over the obligatory cheesy, let’s take a moment to admire yet another fine piece of latte art.

Posted to Reddit (where all great things happen), the photo depicts the most impressive of 3D foam skills. 3D marshmallow cats mewing over my cappuccino? Psh, child’s play. This Dali-themed latte was inspired by his famed painting, A Persistence of Memory, and features a foam clock melting over the rim of a mug.

This display of skill was no doubt achieved by a talented art student looking to hone his craft. We suppose that’s what $40K of yearly tuition looks like in latte form.

PicThx Reddit


Mo’ Foam Please: Ultrasonic Beer Frother is a Real Thing

beer frother

While the want for more beer foam may seem foreign to most of us living in the US, the rest of the world views beer head as a necessary part of a brew’s overall presentation and taste. The frothy foam adds texture and the kind of subtlety that reps a freshly poured drink. Although, perhaps this ultrasonic frother from Japan is taking it a bit too far.

The “Sonic Hour” by Takara Tomy uses vibrations to force bubbles up that create a thick head of foam atop your lager. Oh, and it comes with your own mini light show to get you in the “beer drinking mood,” with your choice of one of eight different “colors of illumination.”

Sounds dandy, but I’m going to be old fashioned and stick to whatever gets poured from the tap. Dance foam parties in my beer were never my thing anyways.

Sonic Hour $40 @Takara Tomy A.R.T.S.

H/T That’s Nerdalicious


19 (Sexy) Lattes We’d Rather Frame Than Drink


There are lots of great things about cappuccinos, like how they provide us with the fantastically addictive gift of caffeine. They’re also foamy, which is cool. But do you know the greatest thing about capps? They can transform into frothy, espresso-y, completely awe-worthy creations.

Ladies and gents, we’d like to introduce you to some fancy shmancy foam art. From PSY foam to happy cat capps, here are 19 photos of awesome coffee art we’d rather frame than drink.



19. Ayyy Sexy Latte!


Picthx Foodbeast



18. Just. . . this


Picthx The Gathering Place


17. Sailing Into A Romantic Sunset




16. Sweet Little Coffee Family

Coffee Family

Picthx @deeanthony11


15. Mustachioed Cappuccino


Picthx Bottles & Models


14. Magical Woman

Woman Cappuccino

Picthx @AngelVili


13. The Prez Himself

Barack Obama

Picthx Postmodern Lily

12. But. . . How?

Cappuccino Pattern

Picthx @tuuliitbuushu 


11. Angry Birds Strike Again

Angry Birds

Picthx @debbybosman


10. Dude with A ‘Tude

Cool Dude

Picthx @chiara83


9. Puppy Love


Picthx @tampcoffeeco


8. Earthly Cappuccino

World Cappuccino

Picthx Studio 6 Coffee House


7. Too Cutes to Drink


Picthx Women’s Day


6. “Let’s Juice!”


Picthx @Nowtoo


5. Don’t Feed the Latte


Picthx Imgur


4. Tastes Like Unicorn


Picthx @amazonrita


3. All Smiles


Picthx The Design Tree


2. Kitty Kapp


Picthx @VikiRahardja


1. Wish Upon a Latte


Picthx Art In My Coffee


Behold: the Beer Bottle Car Seat, for Scumbag Parents

For basically being over 70% water, most people’s most precious cargo is still remarkably fragile. But luckily for those parents who strive to take at least as much–if not more–care of their favorite brews as they do of their children, now there’s Growler on Board.

Essentially a holster-like foam “Beer Transportation Unit” designed to keep your little darlings safe on long car rides, GoB can hold up to three ~64 ounce growlers, keeping them from tossing around and making messes all over your back seat.

And for that bit of extra safety, the Growler on Board website also offers $2 car decals so you can warn other drivers to keep far, far away from your precious water bags–or you know, just convince them of what a horrible, horrible parent you are.

Growler on Board/BTUs are $30 online and available in yellow, grey, red and black; 2 for $50.

Drive responsibly.

[Via Gizmodo]