Old Bay Beer: The Seafood Companion We Wish We Knew About Before

Photo: Flying Dog

When thinking about Old Bay, two things that quickly come to mind is some fresh seafood and a glass of ice-cold beer.

I just learned that you can now enjoy two of those elements in a single sip. Yup, turns out Old Bay Beer is a very real thing.

Old Bay partnered up with Flying Dog, Maryland’s largest brewery, to release a beer called Dead Rise five years ago. Because of its exclusivity, Flying Dog is the only brewery in existence to use Old Bay seasoning in their product. The name Dead Rise pay homage to the Chesapeake fishing boats that gather shellfish year-round.

Originally a blonde ale, the beer is now brewed as a gose boasting a lemony tartness with little bitterness and 5.7% ABV.

For those interested in checking it out, you can locate a bottle through their beer finder. Man, now I’m craving seafood.


Old Bay Seasoned Beer Will Spice up Your Summer


Just when we thought beer had gone too far being brewed with brains and beard hair, Old Bay Brand Seasoning has decided they too want in on the beer game. Flying Dog Brewery has created a specialty ale commemmorating the seasoning’s 75th anniversary by brewing up the spice into some spirits.

Dead Rise OLD BAY Summer Ale will highlight the indelible character of OLD BAY through bright and refreshing citrus hop character and a crisp, tart finish.

Brewers perfected the recipe over six months in order to fully incorporate the signature flavors of the seasoning. Though the idea seems odd it’s not unusual to see Old Bay used in drinks, such as Bloody Marys, to get that salty, savory, spicy kick.

Dead Rise OLD BAY Summer Ale will hit store shelves in Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina starting on Memorial Day. The limited edition brew will only be available through Labor Day.

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