This Ambitious Pasta Chart Maps 250 Shapes, from the Supermarket to Italy


Pop Chart Lab highlights it penchant for alliteration with it’s newest addition: The Plethora of Pasta Permutations.

We have a ton of respect (and a bit of envy) for the person whose job it was to track down the over 250 shapes of pasta: generic supermarket brands or handmade from Italy, down to the last tortellini.   And we can’t wait to work our way through each delicious carb-tastic shape.  I know I’ll be stocking up on lots of Parmesan cheese and homemade tomato sauce. 250 days worth, to be exact.


The 24” X 36” poster can be pre-ordered for now, and the first batch will be shipped by August 8.  While you wait, maybe consider a pastasaurus, just to keep your new routine interesting.

PicThx Pop Chart Lab


Here’s How to Brew Coffee Even When Stranded On a Desert Island [INFOGRAPHIC]


(Or, you know, just whenever you don’t have a coffee maker)

It’s hard to imagine anyone having the internet access to read this article and yet not having a single source of coffee anywhere nearby, but hey, it happens. Like when your disgruntled coworker decides to barricade himself in the office kitchen to protest the new sharing policies. Or when ninjas steal your beans. Or death.

But thanks to this nifty infographic by coffee home-delivery company Tonx, you’ll never have to worry about any of that stuff happening ever again!

Peep the flowchart below for step-by-step instructions on what to do if you’re craving caffeine but simply don’t have a coffee maker, Starbucks, or grocery store nearby. The first thing is to find a grinder. Don’t have a grinder? How about a mortar and pestle? No? A rolling pin? A hammer? A big, burly gentleman and access to clean drinking water? Still no? Then goodness gracious, what in the world are you still doing here? Go out and find them!

Priorities, my friend. Priorities.


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Are You A Tarty Pink Lady or Red Delicious? Find What Apple Fits Your Mood


You want a healthy snack for breakfast, you say? Well, does your butler do your shopping? You might enjoy the  sweet firmness of a bright red Honeycrisp apple. And when it’s lunch, you will want to enjoy your spinach salad with goat cheese and none other than the delicate Golden Delicious. And for dessert, if you feel like an apple pie that Jason Biggs made and did God-knows-what with, The Daily knows just the apple for your racy appetite: the twentieth century Pink Lady, tart and crisp.

This fail-safe guide to choosing the perfect apple this fall season will be an essential when you venture out to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. The apple stand will no longer be a flurry of shades of red that you choose at random. In fact, after navigating the flow chart, it will finally make sense why you hate Granny Smith apples — because you hate pie! You will know which apple goes best with your PB & J, or the which apple you should pair with brie and if you were on the first season of Extreme Couponing, we’ve got just the apple for you.


via The Daily