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Houston Dad Catches Fish With Bare Hands In Hurricane Harvey Flooded Home

The wreckage caused by Hurricane Harvey has been devastating to the residents of Houston, Texas. More than 450,000 victims have been affected by the destruction and 30,000 are forced to seek shelter as the storm rages on. Still, in the wake of this historic flood, we’re happy to see some folks keeping strong for their loved ones.

According to BroBible, one father decided to use a little humor to put his family’s minds at ease during the disaster — by taking up fishing.

Viviana Saldana posted a video on Facebook of her father Saul Saldana catching a fish with his bare hands in the family’s living room. Up to his knees in rainwater, the patriarch dives head first and wrangles a fish with the ease of a grizzly bear.

Hopefully, the Saldanas and the rest of Houston can find some relief once the storm lets up.

Check out this video to see this dude’s impressive fish-catching abilities. Hopefully they kept that sucker. There are so many delicious things they could do with that fish — after they filet it of course.

Fast Food News

Burger King Employees Rescued By Boat After Being Stranded In Flooded Restaurant

Some crazy rain hit Brooklyn, Ohio this past Wednesday, to the point where they had to conduct rescue missions, according to Fox8 Cleveland.

With streets and businesses flooded, rescue crews had to deploy boats in order to save employees from a badly flooded Burger King. The fast food restaurant was so deep in water that they could not even open the front door to attempt an escape.

Employees in the Burger King said they were scared for their lives as the water kept rising, to the point of waist-deep. However, the rescue teams showed up just in time to get them out of there.

Thankfully there were no injuries reported during the flooding, but there were seven cars in the area, headlight-deep in rain water, stuck and unable to move.

There were no reports of how many Whoppers were lost in the flooding, though, but you have to imagine that not many made it out.