Disney World Created A Peter Pan Float That Tastes Like Key Lime Pie

With a name like Peter Pham, I grew up hearing just about every Peter Pan joke you could think of. What’s funny is I grew up learning to love the story crafted by J.M. Barrie about an immortal boy who fought pirates and flew like a bird. Like Pan, some days I wish I could float away to Neverland.

Speaking of floats, PopSugar reports that Walt Disney World in Florida just created a new float inspired by the boy who wouldn’t grow up.

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The Peter Pan float is made with a special Key lime ice cream, Sprite, and a feather made from red chocolate, mimicking the one on Pan’s hat.

Apparently, it tastes like a Key lime pie.

Disney fans can find this dessert sold at Storybook Treats in Fantasyland. Peter Pan’s float was created in honor of the film’s 65th anniversary. I’m most curious as to how the Key lime ice cream will taste and whether or not it’s dairy-free like the Dole Whip served at Disneyland.

Off to Neverland then, I guess.

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McDonald’s Japan Unveils Stunning Cherry Fruit Soda For Cherry Blossom Season


As the popular Japanese Cherry Blossom season continues, more and more brands are incorporating the aromatic flavor of the pink flower into their items.

Rocket News 24 reports that Japan McDonald’s Corporation announced that they’ll be releasing two new beverages to coincide with cherry blossom season: the McFizz Sakuranbo and the McFloat Sakuranbo. The latter features a swirl of vanilla soft-serve.

Sakuranbo, or cherry fruit, is the prominent flavor of the beverage which is a retooling of  McDonald’s Japan’s Sakura Cherry McFizz last year. The new beverage is said to be on the fruitier side than the more floral tasting drink from the previous year.

You can find the Sakuranbo drinks at all participating McDonald’s Japan locations beginning March 8 through early April.


This Humble Spot Found A Way To Turn A Root Beer Float Into A Donut


Some donut shop in California made a donut burrito and the Internet is still going nuts over it. Halfway across the country, however, another donut joint found a way to turn a root beer float into a donut.

Mojo Monkey Donuts, found in Saint Paul, MN, is known for infusing popular drinks with the breakfast pastry. One of their newer items is a donut that’s based on the iconic ice cream and soda combination: the root beer float.

The donut is made with a root beer vanilla pastry creme and topped with a vanilla butter cream. They throw some cherries on top, a root beer glaze and stick a straw through it.

Simple and brilliant.

While the special donut is only a limited time item, you can find it at Mojo Monkey’s on Father’s aDay for $3.49.


Caramel Apple Cider Ginger Ale Floats


Recipe: Neighbor Food Blog


Turns Out Air-Filled Potato Chip Bags Make Excellent Floaties


Students in South Korea are combatting the tyranny of “mostly-air” potato chip bags by tying a bunch together and floating down a 574 foot wide river. Sounds like an excellent plan.

Earlier this week, the students Sung Taek Chang, Sungo Ho Yoo, and Hyun Soo Park posted a video of themselves testing a prototype floatie made from 30 or so chip bags supporting one of the boy’s weights in an unidentified shallow body of water. Their proposed two-person raft will be made of 180 bags and be used on a river that stretches 300 miles and reaches up to half a mile wide in some areas. According to Kotaku, the boys plan to set out on their expedition as early as tomorrow.

For those who aren’t already aware, the air in potato chip bags is meant to prevent the chips from breaking and crumbling in transit, though this is an amusing way to gripe about the lack of actual chips. Maybe instead of “air,” chip companies can start filing their bags with helium. Potato chip bag-UP house, anyone?


UNICORN SPOTTED: Taco Bell Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Slushie


Dr Pepper hasn’t released a new flavor since the 2000s. Sigh, those were the days, amiright? Cherry, Vanilla, and Chocolate soda were fantastic, but the flavors are getting harder and harder to find.

Luckily, a few birdies told us that a new flavor, Dr Pepper Vanilla Float, hits shelves in mid-May.  Welp, it’s May, and the flavor has been spotted, not as a soda, but as a slushier, icier concoction.

Impulsive Buy reader Sldy spotted the Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze at a Taco Bell in St. Louis, Missouri. While we’re not sure if this is a limited-time offer, we’re certainly going to be on the lookout for food unicorn at Taco Bells in our area.

Have any of you tried one? Have you tasted the sweet vanilla-ness of a new Dr Pepper flavor? Is it, at least, marginally better than Dr Pepper Ten? Let us know in the comments below.

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Root Beer Float Cupcakes

One of my favorite childhood sodas till this day is root beer, hands down! The rich deep taste never fails to satisfy me, but when we have vanilla ice cream in our kitchen, regular root beer usually gets the FLOAT treatment. With my affinity for Root Beer, you can imagine my fluttering heart when I was introduced to these Root Beer Float Cupcakes.