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Pecan Pie Pringles Hit Shelves for the Holidays


Remember the crime that was Pringles Pumpkin Pie Spice, White Chocolate Peppermint and Cinnamon & Sugar? Apart from tasting like toothpaste and spoiled sweeteners, the holiday flavors were a far cry from delectable. However, the head honchos over at Pringles Corporate aren’t going to quit that easily and recently debuted their newest seasonal flavor: Pecan Pie Pringles.

Spotted by an Impulsive Buy reader at a Dollar General store, the new chips have garnered an expected slew of whatthef*ckery.

However, unlike it’s brethren (which received a ubiquitous NO from the masses), the Pecan Pie-flavored Pringles have also received a surprising amount of positive fanfare. As Junk Food Guy writes:

Imagine a shortbread pie crust without much sugar…that’s what this tasted like! …The nutty and sweet syrup-y flavors mixed back in, and to be honest, these Pecan Pie Pringles tasted like I was eating the crust of a pecan pie, toward the edges! …The molasses flavor really complemented the nutty flavor well, and left a tiny sweet tinge on my lips… I liked these.  A LOT.  They trump all three of last year’s fall Pringles flavors, hands down.

And a fair amount of the internet seems to agree.

Our verdict? There’s hope, and hope is always a good thing. For those really looking to step things up, we suggest stuffing an actual pecan pie with Pecan Pie Pringles, then sprinkling the top with the little chippies at the bottom of the canister. Hey, the apocalypse is already coming, we might as well.

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Cinnamon Bun and Chocolate Mint Coffee Make Mornings Less Awful


What’s a good reason to get loaded up on caffeine way too early in the morning? There’s never a good reason, but if you’re gonna do it, it might as well be with dessert in a cup. We recently tried out Eight O’ Clock’s new Cinnamon Bun and Chocolate Mint coffee on a morning when we all needed the extra boost.

However, the Cinnamon Bun flavor tasted like cinnamon buns in the same way orange soda tastes like oranges. It was tasty, yes, but it definitely wasn’t cinnamon or bun. Same went for the Chocolate Mint — definitely got some interesting sweetness in there, but again, neither chocolate nor mint were detected.

Still, it got the job done and by the end of our cups we got that jolt of energy we were looking for. A surprise, seeing as both brews featured a gentle taste that left you wondering if you ingested any caffeine at all. Still, we’d take cinnamon buns and chocolate mint in our cup o’ Joe any day.

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Gravy and Wasabi Candy Canes Make for the Cruelest Prank Ever


I like me a good prank. You know– the harmless, slightly terrifying sort. But there are some jokes that just aren’t funny (hint: they’re secretly hilarious), especially when it comes to messing with one of my favorite holiday foods — candy canes.

Yes, gravy and wasabi-flavored candy canes now exist. Sure it sounds like an innocent idea and all, but these candies look like the one’s we’d normally eat. In fact, the manufacturer encourages prankster antics by suggesting we “sneak one in with regular candy canes.” Genius? Yep! (Just don’t pull a fast one on me.)


If the idea of gravy and/or wasabi candy has you running for the hills, perhaps you can incorporate them into a sweet sushi or use ’em as a mashed potato topping. Maybe.

Gravy Candy CanesWasabi Candy Canes, $4.74, for set of 6 @Archie McPhee

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Cheesy Lobster-Flavored Lay’s Exists, Now We Can Die Happy


When I think of a lobster covered in cheese, I think flaky bits of hot pink flesh melting into bubbling layers of havarti. Never once has it crossed my mind to consolidate these colossal flavors into one, tiny potato chip. However, it seems that Lay’s is determined to make the impossible happen.

Marvo over at The Impulsive Buy recently received some novelty swag, aka Cheese Lobster-flavored Lay’s, thanks to a benevolent friend. According to Marvo, this is a regular flavor in China, and the packaging promises a “Classic Great Taste.” Unfortunately, this is where our hopes of potato chip decadence die.

Despite being “not as gross” as he expected, the cheese tasted oddly like butter and carried a sweet aroma, as opposed to a pungent smell. Yet the worst part was that the taste of lobster was barely distinguishable, making the entire bag of chips nothing but a greasy sack of disappointment. That’s not to say that I’ve given up hope. C’mon Lay’s, I have faith in you. If they can make Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos palatable, you can do anything.

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The Pop-Tarts Vodka We Wish Was Real


With Carl’s Jr. rolling out with new Pop-Tart ice cream sandwiches, it seems these breakfast-desserts are the hot food item of the moment. Hoping to join the trend, Kellogg’s will be rolling out with new Pop-Tarts-flavored 80-proof vodka. The new line features three different flavor profiles: Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Strawberry and S’mores.

According to HiConsumption, the company has been prepping the boozy items for years at their headquarters and plans to introduce three new flavors every year. Except, this is all a sham. A cruel, cruel lie by Table to Grave meant to tease and tantalize our tastebuds with something we can only wish was real.

H/T HiConsumption

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Brunch Up with Maple Bacon, Pancake & Glazed Donut Liqueur


They say (and by “they” I mean “me”) that the perfect hangover cure is a shot of whiskey before a healthy serving of fried eggs, toast and bacon. That being said, Mama Walker’s line of breakfast liqueurs was bound to happen. The flavors are available in Maple Bacon with a “faintly burnt smokiness,” Blueberry Pancake with “hints of maple syrup and butter pancake,” and Glazed Donut with “the warm aroma of fresh-from-the-oven glazed donuts.” At 70 proof, these morning wonders are the winning combinations of said hangover cure.

Mama Walker, that dear woman, even recommends a  recipe for each flavor — our favorite being “Mama said WHAT?” The drink calls for 2 parts Maple Bacon liqueur and 1 part Jameson. Throw in a bit of ice, shake, strain and imbibe. Ugh, just the way breakfast/lunch/dinner ought to be.

Breakfast Liqueurs $tba @Mama Walker 

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479° Popcorn: Chipotle Caramel + Almonds

A chipotle is a jalapeño chili ripened on the vine until it turns deep red, then smoked for several days. We’ve combined this smoky spice with a touch of organic ancho chili for extra zest, and blended it with dark, rich caramel and roasted organic almonds for a sensation of warm, lingering heat with a sweet finish. Think of it as a decadent, grown-up version of the popcorn you enjoyed years ago on sunny afternoons at the ballpark.