Oktoberfest Stout-Flavored Frozen Yogurt Has Hints of ‘Hops’


If you think your October was just starting to wind down, think again. 16 Handles released a new Oktoberfest Stout flavor, and it’s all you’ve ever wanted from dessert — think beer and cold, creamy froyo. The flavor is “a new spin on artisan flavor by merging the dessert-like base notes of Oatmeal Stout craft beer with farm-fresh dairy. The result is a creamy and earthy blend of Fro-Yo with familiar hints of hops and barley.”

It’s also low fat, so you can get your brew on without all the calories. We recommend topping this brew-flavored froyo with a generous helping of peanuts, which sounds to us like the perfect bar snack.


Pizza-Flavored Popcorn is Made With ‘Italian Spices’


Ever struggle between whether to snack on pizza or popcorn? Well, this age-old munchies dilemma has been solved thanks to pizza-flavored popcorn.

Made by the folks over at Doc Popcorn, this limited-edition flavor — so cleverly named “Poppin’ Pizza” — rolls out just in time for back-to-school snacking. The new item is gluten-free, made with whole grain kernels and contains no cholesterol or trans fat. Oh, and it’s packed with  cheese and Italian spices. So much for the dollar slice.

The company also offers other flavors including Triple White Cheddar, Salt-n-Pepper, and Caramel Kettle. You’re encouraged to mix and match on their website, creating a grab bag of any popcorn combo you can imagine. While there’s no prosciutto flavor yet for me to mix with my  pizza, I think Hoppin’ Jalapeno will do for now.


Foie Gras Ice Cream Will Give You the Most Expensive Brain Freeze of Your Life


You may know that Sam Mason, former wd~50 pastry chef and founder of Empire Mayonnaise is a sucker for crazy flavor combos.  After all, his newest ice cream shop, OddFellows Ice Cream Co. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, quickly made itself known for maple-bacon pecan and chorizo cornbread ice creams.

OddFellows has become delightfully weirder since opening. But apparently strawberry tomato, burnt marshmallow, and manchego pineapple just wasn’t haute-couture enough for the elite ice cream consumer.  And so, the foie gras, cocoa, and peanut butter flavor was born, announced in high style on OddFellows’ twitter page.

The decadent desert is only available for purchase in-house and in a single scoop, making this one exclusive treat.  Because nothing says fancy like duck liver on your slow-churned, small-batch, locally sourced ice cream.

H/T GrubStreet + PicThx Odd Fellows

Fast Food

Krispy Kreme Launches New Key Lime Donuts – It’s Okay, I’m Not Trying to Diet Anyway


Donuts like these are the reason “cheat days” exist. Or you know, cheat lifetimes.

Inspired by “summer sweetness,” Krispy Kreme has just released two new Key Lime-flavored donuts – still about a month too early, but they sound delicious, so we’ll let it slide. The first is the Key Lime Cake, which is a cake donut topped with key lime cream cheese icing and a “Kreme” dollop, and the second is a Key Lime Cheesecake, a yeast donut filled with key lime cheesecake and topped with graham cracker crust crumbles.

It’s the perfect alternative to Sprinkles’ Key Lime-flavored cupcakes, because goodness knows nobody eats cupcakes anymore.

H/T Grub Grade + PicThx Krispy Kreme


Now You Can Get Ice Cream Shop Wasted With Rainbow Sherbet Vodka


This goes out to all the kids who loved eating Daiquiri ice cream just because it looked cool and not because they knew what it was supposed to taste like. Pinnacle Vodka, makers of such childhood-inspired flavors as Cake and Whipped Cream and Pumpkin Pie have just made ice cream-flavored vodka a reality with their latest Rainbow Sherbet.

Meant to evoke “a nostalgic feel of summer memories,” the 70 proof Rainbow Sherbet offers notes of zesty orange, sweet lime and creamy raspberry — though, sadly, with absolutely none of the color which made the original ice cream so iconic.

On the plus side, the next time you have a hankering for some good ol’ nostalgia feels, your buddies won’t accuse you of being a pedobear for trying to hang out with the kids at Baskin Robbins. Probably.

Pinnacle Rainbow Sherbet is currently available nationwide at an SRP of $12.99 for a 750ml bottle, with another new flavor, Strawberry Shortcake, to be released later this year.

PicThx Beam Global


This Fancy-Shmancy Typeface Looks Exactly How Whisky Tastes


It’s not exactly “scratch and taste” but this whisky-themed typeface by Scottish illustrator Steven Bonner gets pretty damn close.

Designed for Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky, the illustrator transformed the liquor’s flavor profile into a series of letters characterizing each unique note, as noted by Design Taxi.

Check out the oaky “O,” vanilla-y “V,” creamy “C,” and honey-y “H,” below and just try not to lick the screen.





H/T + PicThx Design Taxi