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Ben & Jerry’s Resurrect ‘Candy Bar Pie’ In Pint Slice Form

Ben & Jerry’s has a Flavor Graveyard where it buries retired flavors, usually never to be seen again. That is where their Candy Bar Pie flavor was laid to rest for five years, until now.

That flavor is back in Pint Slice form, being unveiled along with a new Amaze-Mint Pint Slice.

Amaze-Mint consists of cool mint cookie balls covered in dark chocolate and cookie crumbs, while fans of the Candy Bar Pie will remember its fudge flakes mixed with peanut butter and pretzel pieces.

When choosing to revive the Candy Bar Pie, Ben & Jerry’s said its flavor guru Eric Fredette noted the popularity of sweet and salty combinations, making it a perfect fit for its Pint Slices.

Believe it or not, Ben & Jerry’s has a literal “Flavor Graveyard” in its headquarters of Waterbury, Vermont, filled with tombstones in honor of its fallen flavors.

It’s not often they revive a flavor from the graveyard, although they did it in 2018, re-introducing the Bob Marley inspired “One Love” flavor only a year after its metaphorical burial, when fans voted on it to be brought back.

Before that, they hadn’t resurrected a flavor since 2013, when B&J brought back the classic White Russian, which was originally in production from 1986-1996.

When asked if more graveyard flavors could be resurrected to push its Pint Slice products, a Ben & Jerry’s representative told Foodbeast, “You never know! But you can hope.”