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FOOD FIGHT: Five Guys Vs In-N-Out [The Katchup Podcast]

Last week, Five Guys caused quite a stir when the Harris Poll ranked it ahead of In-N-Out to give it the title of America’s top burger brand. While Five Guys is a more nationally recognized brand, the West Coast was in an uproar over its beloved burger chain not taking the top spot.

After having done our research with both chains, we decided that it was time to pit them in a head-to-head food fight to determine whose burger cuisine truly reigns supreme.

To do that, Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth sat down with BroBible co-founder Brandon Wenerd to chow down on meals from both In-N-Out and Five Guys while discussing both chains on a special episode of Foodbeast’s podcast, The Katchup, and all on Facebook Live. Wenerd is an East Coast transplant that grew up with Five Guys but also loves In-N-Out burgers, so he’s got some legit opinions and memories from both burger chains.

A poll was also put up on the Facebook Live video for viewers to vote for their pick of the superior burger chain. Between the poll and discussions of everything from Animal-style Double Doubles, bags of Cajun-style fries, and shakes, we eventually came to a final decision.

Who’s got the better burger? Do Five Guys’ Fries trump In-N-Out’s? These tough calls were made throughout the podcast, so you’ll have to listen to hear our final word on whether Five Guys is truly superior to In-N-Out or not.

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Five Guys Leapfrogs In-N-Out, Is Crowned America’s Top Burger Chain

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The battle of the United States’ iconic burger chains just got a new king of the hill.

In the annual EquiTrend study conducted by the Harris Poll, Five Guys topped In-N-Out for the first time to claim the title of America’s top burger brand, according to AOL. The study had respondents rate each brand on familiarity, quality, and likeliness to purchase, placing Five Guys in the number one spot with In-N-Out dropping to second.

One of the big reasons Five Guys was able to rank higher than In-N-Out was that familiarity category, with the percentage of consumers familiar with Five Guys jumping up 20 percentage points over the past four years. As the chain has expanded to currently include over 1,500 locations nationwide, it’s no wonder more people are now familiar with it.

While Five Guys and In-N-Out both serve simple burgers-and-fries menus, what differentiates Five Guys is the ability to customize with a wide variety of toppings and their overloading on the fries orders (and their fries are pretty bomb, to be honest). Maybe that also gave Five Guys an edge over the iconic In-N-Out.

Still, both are amazing burger joints, regardless of ranking. Comparing Five Guys to In-N-Out is like comparing the Warriors and Spurs for the best basketball team in the country: it’s really hard to pick a clear winner.