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Houston Dad Catches Fish With Bare Hands In Hurricane Harvey Flooded Home

The wreckage caused by Hurricane Harvey has been devastating to the residents of Houston, Texas. More than 450,000 victims have been affected by the destruction and 30,000 are forced to seek shelter as the storm rages on. Still, in the wake of this historic flood, we’re happy to see some folks keeping strong for their loved ones.

According to BroBible, one father decided to use a little humor to put his family’s minds at ease during the disaster — by taking up fishing.

Viviana Saldana posted a video on Facebook of her father Saul Saldana catching a fish with his bare hands in the family’s living room. Up to his knees in rainwater, the patriarch dives head first and wrangles a fish with the ease of a grizzly bear.

Hopefully, the Saldanas and the rest of Houston can find some relief once the storm lets up.

Check out this video to see this dude’s impressive fish-catching abilities. Hopefully they kept that sucker. There are so many delicious things they could do with that fish — after they filet it of course.

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Colorado Is Paying People To Catch This Illegal Predatory Fish

Colorado has a massive problem with a predatory fish species, and is looking to pay fishermen to come in and help alleviate the issue.

Several years ago, a large quantity of Northern Pike fish were illegally dumped into Colorado’s Green Mountain Reservoir. As a voracious predator, the pike were able to grow swiftly by consuming many of the native fish in this crucial body of water that connects to major rivers like the Blue and Colorado River. As their population continues to swell, a growing concern amongst the Colorado Water Conservation Board and Colorado Parks and Wildlife is that Northern pike could enter these rivers and continue to spread like wildfire, eventually eliminating the native fish like pikeminnow and bony tail, all of which have already become endangered.

To prevent this massive blow to Colorado’s ecosystem, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is calling on all anglers to come out to the Green Mountain Reservoir and catch as many of these Northern Pike fish as they possibly can. For each pike they reel in, fishermen will receive 20 bucks as a way to say thanks for preserving Colorado’s ecosystem.

To receive credit for each fish, all you have to do is show up with your fish, driver’s license, and fishing license at the Heeney Marina in Silverthorne. Parks and Wildlife will keep the head of each fish, but the bodies can either be returned to the catchers to use for a tasty meal or donated to the Marina for future distribution.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash and have a fun fishing road trip, maybe consider adding in some public service and going after some Northern Pike. The state of Colorado and the Green Mountain Reservoir community would certainly be happy you did.

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Chris Pratt Teaches How To Properly Clean And Gut A Fish

Chris Pratt has been known to tame velociraptors and lead gangs of galactic misfits on planet-saving missions, but now he can add skilled fisherman to his resume.

In a tutorial video for Vanity Fair, Pratt let his expertise shine as he showed his technique for cleaning and gutting fish.

Pratt was fishing in Lake Perris, California, and apparently “caught” a sea bass, which he used for his demonstration.

Pratt starts off by cutting the bass’ “fish hand,” then slices through “the business section of the LA Times.” Whatever that means.

After he sliced and diced his way through the whole bass, he released it right back into the wild, because Pratt’s an eco-friendly guy.

I’ve never caught and gutted a fish myself, but Pratt’s techniques seemed pretty legit. I totally feel ready to head out into the lake myself and give it a try.

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Dock To Dish L.A. Wants To Eradicate Foreign Fishing For A Good Cause

Any ecologist will tell you that everything, from the tiniest shrimp in the ocean to the sunbathing sea lion, is connected in some way. For years now, it’s been well-documented that over fishing disrupts the natural order of the ocean and can lead to greater global issues.

Regardless, fishing is inevitable. That’s why Dock to Dish L.A. is working with local fishermen to ensure the distance between you and the fish you eat is kept to a minimum. Essentially, Dock to Dish wants to take your fish directly from local fishermen, straight into the kitchen of top local chefs.

“The U.S. imports 90% of its seafood from overseas.” – Dock To Dish L.A.

UPROXX spoke with the organizers behind Dock to Dish who are working to expose the dangers of commercial fishing on a global scale, primarily what is referred to as “illegal, unregulated, and unreported” foreign fishing.

It’s easy to see that fish is a highly demanded food source and has been a reliable practice for survival for centuries. However, due to decades of unregulated fishing practices, safeguards are needed in order to keep moderation in check.

“70 percent of seafood populations are in critical danger due to unsustainable fishing.”  — Dock to Dish

The question becomes, how do you establish a system of checks and balances in a place as vast and lawless as the world’s oceans? It’s impossible to say, but with companies like Dock to Dish working to stabilize local markets, sustainability may still be achievable.

While the selection of fish may be a bit unreliable, the system Dock to Dish is currently implementing may decrease the need for unregulated foreign fishing, hopefully leading to improved fish populations in local waters.


Gordon Ramsay Has The Best Reason For Catching The Ugliest Fish Ever

Last week, Gordon Ramsay took us noodling — also known as catfishing — in Oklahoma. Ramsay showed us just how difficult noodling is, but admitted that the freshest catfish must be caught by hand.

It turns out Gordon has some advice for catching a conger eel, too. Gordon claims this type of eel is a very delicious fish, but explains that it’s not a popular dish because it’s, “fucking ugly.”

Watching Gordon wrestle with the conger eel’s elusiveness is surprising, because Gordon seems like such a natural fishermen. The conger eel lives in British waters, according to Gordon. However he says the appearance drives people away from consuming them regularly.

Once the eel is wrangled, Gordon causally slices the fish’s spinal cord and the boat heads back to the galley to make some conger ell puree.

Making the puree seems to really change the aesthetics of this dish. The conger eel may be ugly, but Gordon we’ll take Gordon’s word for it when he says it’s “fucking delicious.”


Newly Discovered Surfing Spider Makes One Terrifying Fisherman

In terrifyingly cool news, scientists have discovered a species of spider in Queensland, Australia. The arachnid is capable of swimming and catching its own fish to eat, according to Business Insider.

The Dolomedes briangreenei, named after Columbia University Professor Brian Greene, was unveiled to the world at the World Science Festival.


About the size of a human palm, the arachnid uses vibrations on the surface of the water to swim, or surf, around and look for prey.

It’s capable of catching fish, frogs and tadpoles. The spider also eats cane toads, which can grow up to 6 inches from snout to tail.

Let’s take a second and picture a spider chowing down on that.

Still, it’s awesome there’s so many creatures out there that haven’t been discovered yet.

Photo: Queensland Museum

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Belgium’s “Drunk Fishing Championship” Is The Best (And Funniest) Event EVER

I don’t know why nobody told me about this earlier, because I’ve been doing it my whole life and nobody has ever given me a gosh dang trophy, just tickets, fines and lectures.

“The trick *hiccup* is to use bive lait *hiccup*”

In the small and all but forgotten country of Belgium, there is a crossover sporting event called the “Drunk Fishing Championship,” in which contestants (presumably) try to get as drunk as possible and catch the biggest fish.

Although the video is depressingly short, the message is quite clear. And here I’ve been drinking on my couch and in bars and not in fishing competitions, like an IDIOT.

Despite how awesome and amazing and Andy-heavy that video is, there are still many questions that were raised and never answered, as if I was watching LOST. How are the contestants scored? Is there some sort of scale that averages your drinks and your catches? Where can I get my own Andy? I need him…

From what I can gather, the winner is chosen by some sort of combination between drunkenness and number and/or size of the fish captured. While most men seem to be finding a balance between the two, Andy the Amazing decided to lean more towards the drinking part.

And then, of course, he simply decided to lean more towards the lake altogether.



Photo Credit: YouTube


Marlin Nearly Stabs Fisherman To Death In EXTREMELY Close Call [WATCH]


When Conor Cogan went fishing with his two buddies, he probably didn’t think he would be narrowly escaping death at the hands of a marlin. Boy was he wrong.

In a Facebook video Cogan shared with his friends, the three were on a boat when one of Cogan’s mates wrangled a 198-pound marlin. Watch as Cogan nearly gets impaled by the marlin’s sharp beak.

Dude’s probably living his life to the fullest right now. Or back on that boat. Check out the video below.

Had a great day off Port Stephens yesterday on board " The Pump". Went 6-6-4 for the day and also had one come into the boat. Pretty much as close as it gets.

Posted by Conor Cogan on Friday, January 1, 2016