The Delicious Fish Tacos From ‘I Love You, Man’ Are Real and Here’s Where To Get Them

“Those fish tacos are the tits,” said Jason Segel’s infamous character Sydney Fife in the 2009 comedy “I Love You, Man.” The fare mentioned comes from James’ Beach restaurant – a non-fictional, Venice Beach establishment that currently sells the fish mahimahi tacos on its brunch, lunch and dinner menus.

The movie celebrates multiple subject matters – urinal cake advertisements, Johnny Depp’s performance in “Chocolat,” and the 1970s band Rush, in addition to the multiple conversations dedicated toward the James’ Beach tacos. My research subconsciously started with the band Rush and its greater hits like ‘Tom Sawyer” and “Limelight” (both played in the movie), which led me down the rabbit hole of more obscure tracks like “Manhattan Project” and a “A Farewell to Kings.” And it was this newly found, and perhaps shortly-lived obsession with Rush over the past couple years that made we wonder. If I was missing out on Rush this whole time, what if I was missing some of the best fish tacos of my life? Even worse, what if I was missing THE best fish tacos of my life?

The fear of missing out led my colleagues and I to James Beach, in the midst of a restaurant tour with Zagat, with one mission: confirm or deny the allure of the tacos.

James Beach Fish Tacos I Love You Man Venice Beach

James Beach served us three types of tacos – the mahimahi, the grilled jumbo wild shrimp and the crispy duck confit. For a myriad of reasons, this combination is the perfect upper-middle-class taco sampler.

First, because all the tacos are served with guacamole. Ain’t no need to order extra. Secondly, they serve large flour tortillas. No street tacos found here. Thirdly, the tomatillo salsa verde is served within a tiny vessel practically guaranteeing less spills on your Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Windowpane dress shirt. And it’s not spicy enough to cause any digestion surprises. Lastly, the tacos range in price from $23-$27, which doesn’t include the $14 must-order jalapeño margarita.

I personally tend to lean toward tacos from loncheras that can be paid with the remaining change in your pockets, doing my best to pronounce pastor, asada, carnitas, lengua and the double l’s of pollo. But there’s no doubt these tacos are fucking delicious and should be on your LA bucket list if you’re not worried about the extra bucks. 

The video with Zagat below showcases our entire meal and includes a couple of other Venice Beach gems like the $5 breakfast from Hinano Cafe and the skateboard beer sampler from Venice Ale House.

Fast Food

Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich Return to Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s with Cod Fish Tacos

Codfish sandwich

Those tired of the meat and chicken options at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants will be happy to hear that the Charbroiled Atlantic Codfish Sandwich is set to return to the menu. This is great news for anyone about to give up meat on Fridays for Lent, which starts next week.

The cod fish sandwich is a charbroiled Atlantic cod filet, lettuce, tomatoes and savory tartar sauce sandwiched between two sesame honey wheat buns. At 420 calories, the sandwich also has 15 gram of fat and 20 grams of protein.

Codfish Tacos

Also returning for seafood lovers is the Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Taco, a charbroiled Atlantic cod served with Santa Fe Sauce, shredded jack and cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, and fresh salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla. At 340 calories, it’s available at participating Carl’s Junior locations under the Green Burrito name, or Red Burrito for Hardee’s.

The fish sandwich and taco are available for a limited time with prices varying depending on location.

Picthx: Carl’s Jr.


Langostino Lobster Returns to Rubios for Limited Time

Most well-known for their fish tacos, Rubio’s has announced the the return of their Langostino Lobster Taco and Burrito which is sure to please pescetarians and carnivores alike.

The limited edition burrito is filled with “tender Langostino Lobster drizzled with warm basil butter, citrus rice, and fresh guacamole. Wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, the burrito includes black beans, chipotle white sauce, salsa fresca, and is topped off with crisp lettuce.” The Langostino Lobster Taco Plate is served with “two tacos topped with freshly sliced avocados, a cilantro-onion mix, chipotle white sauce, and cabbage” and includes with a side of “no-fried pinto beans and chips, .”

A Surf & Turf Taco Plate is also available for lovers of both land and sea. The meal includes a Langostino Lobster Taco as well as a Grilled Gourmet Steak Taco paired with a side of no-fried pinto beans and chips.

Dubbed a fan favorite over the last decade, Rubio’s has revamped their signature seasonal recipe to enhance the flavors of the Langostino Lobster while still staying true to its humble beginnings.

Fast Food

The Simple Pleasures of the New Grilled Chimichurri Salmon Dishes from Rubio’s


Working at a food blog, you come to understand what will and won’t do well on your site. You actively seek out the ostentatious, the bizarre, the HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, BATMAN. Little by little, your writing becomes less about celebrating food and more about gawking at it (which is, of course, its own brand of fun). Every once in a while though, you find something that – while not bacon wrapped, nutella-stuffed or Sriracha-drizzled – nevertheless deserves to be shared, on no merit other than sounding absolutely incredible.

Say it with me now. Grilled. Salmon. Chimichurri. Is your mouth watering yet?

Rubio’s, the San Diego-based chain who brought $1 Fish Taco Tuesdays into the mainstream, is now offering new Sustainable Grilled Chimichurri Salmon burritos, tacos and salads for a limited time. As the press release details:

“. . . each item features sustainable, grilled Atlantic salmon topped with Rubio’s chimichurri sauce, a savory blend of chopped basil, parsley, chives, garlic and olive oil. The mouthwatering burrito and taco include fire-roasted corn and Fresno chiles. The burrito comes complete with black beans and salsa fresca, while the taco is topped with crunchy spring mix, butter lettuce and crema. Providing an even lighter option is the salad, made with fresh spring mix and butter lettuce tossed in a chimichurri balsamic vinaigrette dressing and topped with fresh sliced avocados, Fresno chiles, crema and fire-roasted corn.”

This summer, do yourself a favor, at least once. Put down the Waffle Taco and pick up something that sounds good and is kind of good for you. If nothing else, it’ll leave you feeling good about yourself, so you’re free to sneak in that extra Frosty cone for dessert.

Fast Food

El Pollo Loco Announces the Return of Fish Tacos

In El Pollo Loco restaurants now through mid-April 2012, the chain will be offering two new fish tacos — the Classic Baja Fish Taco and the Spicy Chipotle Fish Taco. Both the tacos feature a lightly beer battered Alaskan Pollock. The chain reminds audiences that the Pollock are sustainably fished from the cold waters of the Bering Sea.

The light beer batter incorporates a slight heat from the addition of Cayenne pepper, tucked into warm corn tortillas and topped with shredded cabbage and cilantro. The Classic Baja Fish Taco is drizzled with Baja style Lime Crema sauce, and the Spicy Chipotle Fish Taco is topped with smoky hot Chipotle sauce.

Both tacos are available individually and as a combo with a choice of any two fish tacos, a small Classic side, and a small drink. The launch of the tacos will be supported by television spots appearing in select markets as of the start of this year.

Will you be trying El Pollo Loco’s fish offerings? Or does chomping on seafood from a spot called El Pollo Loco throw you off?



Wahoo’s To Open 32 More Stores, including New York & Vegas

Wahoo’s is expanding! The California-based fusion taco and burrito purveyor just announced that they are to open approximately 32 new locations across the United States including a location in New York.

Wahoo’s first east coast location is set to open this November at 333 Park Avenue South, just a few short miles away from New York University and is to be the first of many locations to be opened in the state.

Wahoo’s co-founder Wing Lam has just signed a deal that would put into motion a 32 unit expansion of the 52 unit chain currently located in California, Colorado and Hawaii. Lam intends to bring the glory of fish tacos to locations all over the US such as Nebraska, Nevada and Texas.

The Chain is also going to open its first Santa Barbara location within the vicinity of the University of California Santa Barbara, one of the state’s most notorious party schools. Lam has declared this location “Our first school pub” where beer and wine will be served and hopes to open the new location by the next fall quarter.

(via OC Register)

Fast Food

El Pollo Loco Reveals Two New Fish Tacos

Through mid April 2011, El Pollo Loco will be offering up two fish tacos — the Classic Baja Fish Taco and the Spicy Avocado Fish Taco. Both tacos feature crispy beer battered Alaskan white fish hiding in corn tortillas with shredded cabbage and fresh cilantro. The Classic Baja Fish Taco comes complete with yogurt sauce mixed with their signature house salsa recipe; the Spicy Avocado Fish Taco is highlighted by yogurt sauce alongside Loco’s avocado salsa recipe. Each of the two tacos comes with a slice of lime and are available individually or as part of a combo that includes any two fish tacos and a small drink.


Adventure: Bear Flag Fish Co. (Newport Beach, CA)

It’s lunchtime, we’re hungry, and we had a hankering for tacos (the stock picture above is from a nighttime shot on their website, too cool to pass up though). Our friend and contributing writer Mitch suggested we hit up the Bear Flag Fish Co. for what he claimed was “The best fish tacos in Orange County!”  For a county bordering the sea and also blanketed with high quality mexican food, that claim needed to be tested. The location boasts a quality selection of fresh seafood and a modern ambiance. Hidden off 31st street in Newport Beach, we decided to give this place a true test drive: