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Watch How Fish Sticks Are Made, Thousands At A Time

If you’ve ever wondered how the delicious little fish sticks you get at the market keep their consistent shape and immaculate breading, prepare to be blown away.

The Science Channel was all over this on its “How It’s Made” series, as they went inside a frozen fish factory, showing the entire process of fish-based sticks, and breaded fish fillets being made.

It’s pretty insane to see that fish sticks start off as giant frozen blocks of minced cod, and eventually get cut down, seasoned, breaded and packaged into the ready-to-heat appetizers we know and love.

Tilapia fillets don’t come in giant blocks of frozen fish, but they are still frozen. The process is similar to fish sticks, as you can imagine, they both get coated and fried, while keeping their frozen consistency within.

Peep the vid, and get your little mind blown, as you’ll finally know how your favorite frozen fish products are made.


Tilapia Fish Sticks

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