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Domino’s Japan Is Selling a Fish & Chips Pizza

Photo: Domino’s Japan

Pizzas offer the ultimate blank canvas for food creativity to run wild on. It literally gives the opportunity for anyone to channel their inner Bob Ross in the kitchen and let happy little accidents come to play while also serving as the catalyst for some off the wall creations.

As a result we’ve seen plenty of pizza toppings that have dropped jaws, earlier this week we even saw turkey testicles have a go at some pizza dough.

Domino’s Japan is offering a new pizza that’s not as controversial as that, but still is raising more than a few eyebrows: Fish & Chips Pizza.

Photo: Domino’s Japan

According to Domino’s Japan’s site, the new Sakusaku Fish & Chips Pizza boasts crispy fish & chips, lemon, potato slices, basil, tartar sauce, and tomato sauce. It’s worth noting that its got whole lemon slices with rinds and all on top of this pie, so we really can focus on that being worse than pineapple as a topping.

Besides some lemon rinds being problematic, the rest of this concept does sound quite appetizing, especially given the fact that crispy fish and French fries in pizza form really does have high bussin potential.

The Sakusaku Fish & Chips Pizza starts at 3,000 yen (US$27) for a medium and goes up to 4,200 yen for a large.

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Easy At-Home Pancake Mix Recipes, Including FUNNEL CAKE

Many of us are working from home these days and as all the days of the week seem to blend together, our meals might start looking the same after a while, too. If you’re one who wants to shake up a few things in the kitchen, Foodbeast has been challenging one another to come up with dope at-home recipes with a unified theme each week. This, week: PANCAKES.

Using Krusteaz, who offers a variety of baking mixes that will cater to your pancake cravings, we came up with five recipes that will change how you look at pancake mix.

Foodbeasts Oscar, Marc, Hunter, and Constantine took to their kitchens and came up with four very unique recipes that all incorporate Krusteaz pancake mix. This includes a fluffy omelet, a giant Instant Pot pancake, fish and chips, pancake swirls, and funnel cake.

Check out the video to try and make some of these amazing eats in the comforts of your own homes. As for myself, I’m pretty stoked to try out Constantine’s pancake battered fish and chip recipe sometime this week.

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How Endangered Shark Species Were Snuck Into British Fish & Chips Shops

We don’t normally think of consuming shark outside of the infamous and deplorable shark fin soup, but a recent viral study shows that it’s a lot more prominent than thought in UK fish and chip shops.

Photo: Isai Rocha//Foodbeast

The paper, published in scientific journal Nature, found that 78 different samples of shark meat products found at fish and chip shops in the UK were marked with potentially deceptive names. Shark species identified included the endangered Spiny Dogfish shark, along with the Pacific Dogfish, Nursehound, and Starry Smoothound.

Ten different labelings were used to identify the various shark samples, but only one (“Shark Steak”) explicitly included the term “shark” in its name, and that was from a few samples obtained from a fishmonger. At the fish and chip shops, names like Rock, Huss, Rock Salmon, and Rock Eel were instead used.

European Union (EU) legislation in the UK allows these names to be used for the various shark species described, which means the restaurants were legally within limits to sell their shark as such. However, customers looking to eat fish instead of shark unaware of these regulations could easily be deceived into consuming the shark.

Why these restaurants are mislabelling spiny dogfish as such is up for speculation. It once was abundant and sustainable, but has since been overfished to the point of endangerment, especially near the UK. This led to the EU’s ban, but the spiny dogfish, or “rock salmon,” has still been in high demand at fish and chip shops, which drives up price and potential motivation to commit fraud.

How are the fish and chip shops able to get away with this? The authors of the study offered some insight, saying that a lot of the shark meat found from the restaurants was frozen and imported. The EU itself prohibits the Spiny Dogfish and other sharks from being caught, meaning that imports from the US, Argentina, and other parts of the world are crucial to sustaining that market.

The labels themselves may also play a factor. While virtually no mislabeling was detected by the research team, they did find that almost none of the packaging contained any identification of the actual species being sold. This is actually required by EU regulation to prevent “umbrella terms” like Rock and Huss from being used to sell critically endangered species like the Spiny Dogfish shark.

It would seem that an ideal solution to this shark fraud study would be to get rid of such “umbrella terms,” though it remains unclear how the EU will react to the research and change their legislation as a result.

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Gordon Ramsay Opens Fish & Chips Spot In Vegas


Las Vegas gets another Gordon Ramsay spot this week with the opening of his new Fish & Chip’s restaurant. More greatness from the chef, drink it in man.

The new restaurant will open its bright-red telephone box doors on Friday, Oct. 7, at the Linq promenade. Ramsay’s fast-casual fish and chips resartuarant will be the “prototype” of future expansions, reports Eater.

Menu items include battered fish and chips, a crispy fish sandwich, chicken and chips, shrimp and chips, sausage and chips, and just chips on their own. The restaurant will also serve British beers and milkshakes.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips will mark the Michelin-starred chef’s fourth restaurant in the City of Sin. Ramsay currently owns Gordon Ramsay Steak, BurGR, and Pub & Grill.

Now he just needs to add a taco spot and he’s got himself a monopoly.

Photo: Facebook


Everything You Never Knew About Fish & Chips

Fish and chips: one of vaguest, simplest, and most passive of dishes. Naturally, it’s English. Even the salt and vinegar passed over its crunchy exterior politely compliments the white fish and crisp potatoes, with only a subtle bite in the aftertaste (not unlike most English compliments).

By once having a flag in the ground across the globe, prompting the saying “The sun never sets on the English flag” England and the rest of the Brits did a superb job of exposing billions of people to English, God, and fish and chips.

Who do we thank?


While the pairing is synonymous with the Union Jack, the individual dishes didn’t originate within British borders at all. Portuguese and Spanish Jews fled to England with their fried fish in the 16th century and frozen Belgian housewives are credited with making the first “French” fries a century later.

Two origin stories compete for the now inseparable combo of fish and chips, but both center around the Industrial Revolution. Whether it was young Joseph Malin in London’s East End or John Lees in Lancashire Might-As-Well-Be-Scotland county, “chippie” shops fed the working class’s growing numbers in the late 19th century.

What the hell is “fish?”


Historically, cod should be the lucky fish battered and fried to perfection. Considering around 250 million servings of fish and chips are served in the UK alone each year, however, cod fish should be extinct. Luckily, most chippie shops utilize various kinds of white meat fish to keep the mobs at bay.

The Toxic Magic Of Newspaper


Okay, so the plate of fried fish and fries you get at T.G.I. Fridays is bullshit. Fish and chips were meant to be eaten with a double-pronged fork out of a newspaper cone. In the 1980s a layer of grease paper between the food and the daily headlines became mandatory throughout the U.K., forcing many establishments to do away with newspapers altogether.

Currently, the vast majority of newspaper ink is made from non-toxic soybean materials and there are dozens of companies selling grease paper printed with generic news. But that’s not the point. There’s a certain comfort in watching Taylor Swift’s face or a story about corrupt government officials become saturated with oil. Eating the news is so much better than reading it.

But maybe that’s just what Parliament wants me to do.


Free Fish & Fries at Long John Silver’s on June 28

Free Fish and Fries

Who: Long John Silver’s
What: Free Fish & Fries: one crispy fish filet and order of natural cut fries per customer (cod and catfish not included)
Where: Participating Long John Silver’s locations, find your nearest location here
When: Saturday, June 28 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

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Craving: Fish & Chips

As soon as the weather comes up and it gets toasty outside, one of my favorite getaways is to the plethora of restaurants in Orange County that serve up some awesome Fish-N-Chips. I’m starving. Nothing better than crispy fish, sprayed with lemon juice and dipped in a puddle of ketchup and tartar sauce. Summer, here we come! (PicThx the food pornographer)