These Self-Chilling Wine Glasses Solve Yet Another First World Problem


While storing a bottle of wine in the fridge is simple enough, forgetting to do so right before drinking time commences happens way too often. It’s rough. Luckily, there’s a clever solution in the form of the Host Freeze Cooling wine glasses.

The glasses are equipped with gel-cooling technology that chills your vino of choice to the perfect temperature, even if you are that party pooper serving warm wine. All you have to do is stick these suckers in the fridge or freezer, and bring ’em out when you’re ready to pour.

Another #firstworldproblem — SOLVED.

Host Freeze Cooling Wine Glass Set, $32.49 @Amazon


Cell Phone-Holder Cup Exists, So You Never Have to Real-Life Socialize Again


Yo dawg, we heard you like talking, so we put your phone on your Solo cup . . .

This “Cell Phone Holder Party Cup” from Perpetual Kid is the whole damn package. Take multitasking to a nerdy level when you sip, socialize and stare at your better half, all at the same time.


Although, we can’t guarantee that simultaneously dropping pickup lines IRL and refreshing your OKCupid profile on-screen will actually increase your chances of scoring.

Cell Phone Party Holder Cup $9 @Perpetual Kid

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Fast Food Purse Frees Up One Hand for Activities

to-go packaging

Fast food is not as easy as it sounds. One of the worst parts is having to carry a rolled-up, handle-less, greasy paper bag in one hand and a giant, slippery cup of soda in the other. You’re completely incapacitated until you reach your destination, and by then you’ve only sucked down half your drink, while the food gets colder every second.

No more! A new to-go packaging design could revolutionize (we’re serious, guys) the very system we rely on for quick, cheap eats. Simply slide your fries and hamburger into designated slots in this cardboard purse, slip the cup into the hole at the bottom, fold and grab by the handles and get on with your life.

But, uh, can I Super-Size that?

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11 Earth-Shattering Food Inventions that Will Change Your Life

As far as we’re concerned, food inventions don’t get nearly the credit they deserve. Sure, they might not be curing cancer or saving the world, but anything that keeps our cereal crunchy and automatically refills our beer cup has got to be worth a little fanfare. With that in mind, here’s a list of eleven food inventions that we’re sure are changing lives all over the world.



11. Anti-Loneliness iPhone Bowl


The only thing sadder than eating alone is eating alone without your electronic devices to keep you company. Luckily, the Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl prevents solitude-induced depression by carving out a space for that special something in your life: your iPhone. Just don’t let it fall into your ramen, or you’ll be lonely and phoneless.

Pre-order Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl @ MisoSoupDesign


10. Spoon-holding coffee mug prevents eye-stabbing


These specially-designed coffee mugs hold onto your spoon so you can maximize stirrability without worrying about getting a spoon to the face. We approve of any invention that makes coffee mugs multi-functional, but sadly these coffee cups aren’t available for purchase. Yet.


9. Deformed Caterpillar Polar Bear Ice Cube Maker


This Brrrrr ice cube maker from Black + Blum might look like the result of some really freaky inter-species sexcapades (if the polar bear/caterpillar orgy included a brief cameo by a manhole cover) but it’s actually the most efficient ice-cube maker we’ve ever seen. There’s no overflow and no mess, and explaining the bizarre plastic animal living in your freezer is the perfect icebreaker for any party.

Brrrrr $20 @Black + Blum


8. Wine-saving container makes corks obsolete


This swagged-out reusable wine container keeps your leftover vino fresh for seven whole days after you open it — way longer than even the fanciest reusable wine cork.

Savino $50 @ MyShopify


7. Tongue-Glove Toothbrush is not creepy at all


You might’ve thought that brushing your teeth while sitting on the toilet was the height of oral hygiene efficiency, but you were wrong. This is a toothbrush that 1) comes with built-in toothpaste, and 2) lets you clean out those food-packed molars any time, anywhere, with no one else the wiser. Stealthy, convenient, and efficient — we’re pretty sure this is the Batman of oral care aisle.

Toothbrush soon to be released at Tongue to Teeth


6. The Ultimate Breakfast Robot


Okay, so it’s really just a five-level automated breakfast machine that takes less than five minutes to whip up eggs, toast, ham, and cheese for you while you sit at the table in your underwear. The ultimate breakfast robot would also pour you a glass of orange juice and fry up some bacon on the side, but we’re not picky. We just like breakfast.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker $30 @Hamilton Beach


5. Forever crunchy cereal bowl is decades late


Any invention that maximizes cereal crunchiness and kills the dreaded soggy factor has our vote. We only wish this breakfast-saving invention had come out decades ago.

Eatmecrunchy $11 @Eatmecrunchy


4. iPhone Coffee Holder solves all #firstworldproblems


We love it when human ingenuity focuses on the important questions, like: “How can I text with both hands without spilling my latte?” The makers of this mug understand that we love texting (and the internet) almost as much as we love our daily caffeine fix, and we salute them for it.

Uppercup $25 @Indiegogo


3. Individual fondue mugs let you double-dip with no regard for the law


Everything about an individually-sized fondue mug makes us tingle in places we probably shouldn’t talk about on the internet. The twin fondue mugs are way more portable than traditional fondue pots and will let you double-dip to your heart’s content, plus they come with little tea lights for maximum melted deliciousness. Can you say perfection?

Fondue Mugs $15Amazon


2. Keyboard with built-in plate fights off stray bacon grease


We’ll be completely honest: Our jaws dropped when we saw this. Seriously, a plate that lets you eat at your computer while also protecting your keyboard from stray breadcrumbs and bacon grease? Every laptop should come with one of these babies stapled to the packaging. Sadly, this invention isn’t available for purchase; it was part of an art exhibit and isn’t being mass-produced. Sad day.


1. Ultimate beer-dispensing armchair is the height of human ingenuity


We saved the best for last with this beautiful Bottoms Up Armchair. This magnificent example of booze-motivated engineering automatically refills beer cups using a specially designed dispensing tap, which means you can get properly wasted without ever having to leave your seat. It’s what happens when ultimate comfort meets ultimate practicality, and we’re pretty sure that this is what true love looks like.

Bottoms Up Chair $1,149.99 @Bottoms Up


17 First World Food Problems Will Make You Want to Flip the F**king Table

first world food problems-photo

First world problems: We’ve all got ’em, and they’re pretty much unavoidable when you live in ‘Murica. But the worst kind? First world food problems. Imagine you’re craving a delicious PB&J, and you come to find out only the bread butts are left. Terrible situation? Yes. What about getting a cracked corn dog? Totally rude.

These issues receive a huge no thank you in our books, so here’s to #firstworldfoodproblems!




17. Ughhh Worst Cookie + Milk Situation, Ever

Food Problems

Picthx Imgur


16. Being left with just the butts.

Food Problems
Picthx @katieolson9


15. When pudding lids don’t cooperate.

Food Problem
Picthx Imgur


14. Even Worse: Outta Control Yogurt Lids.

Food Problem
Picthx @renatosegatto


13. And then there’s THIS. UNACCEPTABLE.

Food Problems

Picthx @Ldm313


12. What are we supposed to do, lap up overflowing soda with our tongues? (Yes.)

Food Problem
Picthx @ajuniorlove


11. Why don’t they invent more accommodating fridges? #champagnesadness

Food Problems
Picthx @tomdaveytom


10. FML.

Food Problem
Picthx 11000RPM


9. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Food Problem
Picthx Little Panda Bear


8. Just threw up in our mouths a little.

Food Problem
Picthx @melburnian


7. This should be illegal.

Food Problems
Picthx @skinnylegsss

6. It’s like staring into a watery pool of hopelessness.

Food Problems
Picthx @brynnlarrabee


5. Next.

Food Problems
Picthx @ChaiLatteAddict


4. We want a refund.

Food Problem
Picthx Imgur


3. Soggy Cereal. Nuff’ Said.

soggy cereal

Picthx fortheloveofkale


2. You’re Ruined, Taco. RUINED.

Food Problem

Picthx @HeezyBear


1. Oh no! Too. Much. Awesome.

Food Problem
Picthx @stephelee


This Clever Bowl Keeps Your Cereal Crunchy by Separating it from the Milk


Eating a bowlful of limp, lame oats is a sad, sad reality for many breakfast-eaters, but there is hope. Imagine a world where you can prepare cereal with milk, go about your business for about half an hour and come back to a  still crunchy bunch of flakes. This, my friends, can be a glorious reality. Cue: The Eatmecrunchy cereal bowl.

Simply make your breakfast per usual, and the milk filters below the cereal in a secret compartment while your flakes stay nice and dry atop a shelf. When you’re ready to scarf down a spoonful, just mix the oats and milk yourself, and scoop up the ideal balance of milky goodness and solid crunch.

Soggy no mo’, cereal fans!

Eatmecrunchy $11 @Eatmecrunchy

H/T + PicThx Eatmecrunchy