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Reebok and ‘Hot Ones’ Collab On Sneaker Capsule Collection

If you’ve never seen First We Feast’s hit interview show, ‘Hot Ones’, it’s the only one that is allowed to literally turn up the heat on guests with “hot questions and even hotter wings.” Translating that energy into literal sneaker heat, the Sean Evans-hosted program has now linked up with Reebok to a capsule collection of three ‘Hot Ones’-themed sneakers.

Featuring exclusive renditions of the Club C “Mild”, Classic Leather “Medium”, and Shaqnosis “Hot” models, each shoe will come with custom Reebok x Hot Ones sneaker packaging with tissue paper designed to be cutout and used as a bib. The collection also will debut exclusive unisex Reebok x Hot Ones t-shirts with crossover graphics, available in black or deep red.

The Reebok x Hot Ones footwear and apparel collection is available globally from beginning November 19.

Besides the sneakers, First We Feast’s merch game has been strong, making for great choices as holiday gifts for the foodie in your life. Think a trio of hot sauces, ‘Hot Ones’ Nugget Honey, and a ‘Truth or Dab’ game.

Peep the following photos for detailed looks of each sneaker in the ‘Hot Ones’ x Reebok capsule collection.

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New Show ‘Gochi Gang’ Is An Intimate Deep-Dive Into Japanese Cuisine and Culture

First We Feast’s new series ‘Gochi Gang’ premiered this Tuesday.  Hosted by YouTuber, anime producer, and food lover Reina Scully, the show highlights the cultural impact of Japanese cuisine in the U.S. beyond sushi and ramen. The name Gochi Gang was inspired by the Japanese phrase for gratitude, “gochisousama,” which is typically expressed after a meal. The gang represents the spirit of togetherness that sharing food with others brings. 

Japanese cuisine was gradually introduced to the United States decades ago. Initially, immigrants unaccustomed to American food would only eat imports. Since the end of the 19th century, Japanese immigrants were concentrated in neighborhoods called Nihonmachi, or it’s aptly named English counterpart, Japantown. While a macro view of these neighborhoods may correlate them negatively to a “ghetto,” Nihonmachis actually provided a space for Japanese culture to persist on foreign soil. It’s within these areas importation of homeland goods began slowly spreading to Americans in neighborhoods beyond.

Naturally, Japanese cuisine is vast. Sushi and ramen popularity within the US can be traced back to the post-World War II invention of instant noodles and endorsement of sushi by the McGovern Report. The McGovern Report (Dietary Goals for the United States, 1977) was published by the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs. Due to this, Japanese cuisine spread, yet has been mostly spearheaded by sushi and ramen. 

Gochi Gang aims to burst the floodgates to Japanese cuisine wide open. For Japanese people, preparing and eating food goes beyond mere sustenance. Reina Scully shared her thoughts on why it’s important to raise awareness about the culture and cuisine:

“Both Japanese culture and cuisine are multifaceted and interconnected with each other. Japanese food is generally typecast as ramen and sushi, but that’s just the very tip of the iceberg. There’s so much that’s worth exploring and the world deserves more insight into Japanese culture and food because it reveals how important of a role it plays in our history and tradition.“

Scully hopes that viewers not only learn about the wide range of tasty options, but also see how respectful Japan is regarding food. “We believe that food itself is spiritual and we treat it and those who prepare it with the utmost respect and gratitude,” Scully expressed. I personally believe that when food is connected to something deeper, it elevates the food itself. Equipped with experience and a little help from notable foodies, Scully is prepared to take you on a journey through the history of Japanese cuisine. Catch the first episode of Gochi Gang HERE and after you fill up on brain food, remember to say gochisousama!

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‘Hot Ones’ Host Tries To Get Scarlett Johansson To Spoil ‘Avengers Endgame’

Scarlett Johansson is getting ready to avenge the fallen later this April when Avengers Endgame finally concludes an 11-year journey through one of the most engaging movie series of all time.

While Johansson will surely make several rounds of press interviews, none of them will be like the one she just endured on First We Feast’s Hot One’s fiery wing challenge.

If you’re not familiar, the notoriously spicy chicken-wing based interview consists of celebrities eating 10 wings, each one hotter than the last, all while trying to answer host Sean Evans’ questions at the same time.

Not easy.

The artist also known as Natasha Romanoff pounded some brewskies to help ease the pain of the hot wings, so that added an extra layer of vulnerability to her question answering.

This is how Black Widow almost got herself in trouble. When Johansson eventually made her way through all 10 wings, Sean Evans threw a flurry of Avengers Endgame-related questions. They told Scarlett that she did not have to answer the questions, but in her fiery moments of vulnerability, her facial expressions would be the the key to each non-verbal answer.

As Evans asked her if Captain America will die, Johansson gave a painful face that may or may not be the from the hot sauce.

When asked if Goose the cat was the key to saving everybody, she did mouth, “I don’t know,” while in pain.

When asked if Thanos will be tricked into entering the quantum realm by Ant-Man, she also said, “I don’t know.”

When asking if Loki was still alive, she said absolutely nothing, which could also be a telling sign.

Johansson ultimately said, “I do not know what those last three things you said were, because my mouth is…. full of fire.”

So take those answers how you will, but we’ll ultimately find out when Avengers Endgame finally comes out April 26.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch Rhett & Link Unknowingly Drink Human ‘Saliva Beer’

Rhett and Link are no strangers to consuming strange foods, but even they weren’t ready for this beer.

The YouTubers were guests on That’s Odd, Let’s Drink It! and took confident chugs of Dogfish Head’s Chicha beer, before even being told what was in it.

Within the Peruvian beer was chewed up corn. Yup, in order to brew this beer, humans physically chewed purple maize. The reason being that saliva activates the starch from the corn and turns it into sugar.

Thankfully the beer also includes fresh strawberries and pink peppercorns, giving it a sweet and tart taste.

Once Rhett and Link were told what was in the beer, their faces immediately turned sour.

“Why’d you wait to tell us this,” Rhett said with a nervous chuckle.

Their minds were put at ease, though, as the saliva-covered corn is boiled for sterilization.

That’s probably not the worst thing the duo has put in their mouths, but it’s still cringeworthy.

The next drink was a little less strange, as they had a bourbon barrel-aged vanilla stout. The kicker was that it had an insanely high ABV of 18%.

To finish things off, the duo and host Sam Calagione drank a sour beer with a miracle berry. If you’re not familiar with miracle berries, they’re like little tablets you put on your tongue, that turn anything you eat, sweet. So you can imagine the effect on the sour beers.

They probably wish they had mixed the miracle berry with the spit beer, but they got through the show unscathed, and will live to drink another day.

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Watch Seth Rogen Taste Test Secret Menu Burgers

Seth Rogen is arguably one of the funniest men on the planet, so you know he’s going to have his mind blown in a hilarious way when trying new food.

On First We Feast’s latest episode of The Burger Show, host Alvin Cailan made Rogen choose between the Tupac and Biggies of the burger world.

Trying both In-N-Out’s Animal Style Burger,\ and Shake Shack’s Peanut Butter and Bacon Shackburger, Rogen reviewed and made a choice between the two secret menu items.

Rogen, a true gentleman and scholar, chose California’s Animal Style Burger over the East Coast burger. The convincing point seemed to be In-N-Out’s chopped chilies, as the  comedian said they were a revelation and added a dimension to In-N-Out that he didn’t know existed.

Is the debate between In-N-Out and Shake Shack now settled through the words of Seth Rogen? Probably not.  Fans will forever fight over the two burger spots. It also didn’t help that Rogen said he once got food poisoning from In-N-Out, but he did say he immediately went back, because In-N-Out is worth it.

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John Mayer Writes A Song About Eating Hot Wings, While Eating Hot Wings

If you’ve ever had any doubt about John Mayer’s raw talent as a musician, pull yourself together and listen to this instant classic he wrote on a ukelele, while eating some of the spiciest wings in the world.

OK, so maybe the song wasn’t life-changing, but Mayer put his skill on display while on First We Feast’s Hot One’s challenge.

If you’re not familiar with the show, celebrity guests eat 10 hot wings, each with a sauce that’s hotter than the last, while host Sean Evans asks mind-bending questions.

While Mayer did hit a few rough patches, he actually went through all 10 wings. On the 10th wing, Evans handed John a uke, as the two proceeded to jam out together.

Mayer, as he often does, kind of freestyled and put together an easy-on-the-ears tune about he and Evans “eating scarily.”

In the interview, Mayer also shared nuggets about his song writing process, why he loves Air Jordan 5 sneakers, and why he has god-awful facial expressions while bending chords on the guitar.

The interview as a whole was pretty insightful for fans of the guitar god, and he showed that he can push through the pain of dangerously hot wings burning his esophagus.

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Watch These High-Profile Chefs Compete To Create The Most ‘Instagram-Worthy’ Burger

If you’re gonna go out and make what you deem to be an Instagram-worthy burger, you’ve gotta make sure you come correct. The burger needs a ton of oozing, melty cheese, an epic, mouth watering cross-section, and something outlandish that nobody’s seen before. That’s sure to rack up the likes and get all kinds of people sliding into your DMs.

Alvin Cailan, the Eggslut breakfast creator and legend, decided to give his shot at making a burger creation built for the ‘Gram. In his new First We Feast show, The Burger Show, Cailan squared off against Top Chef alum Ilan Hall to see who could make the better Instagram-worthy burger.

instagram-worthy burger

Cailan created “The Baseball Burger,” a cheese-stuffed sphere of meat enrobed with onions to look like it could strike out Barry Bonds. It had two grilled cheese buns and a knife stabbed through the middle to give it that wow factor.

In contrast, Hall went for a Banh Mi Poutine Burger, mashing up iconic items from Canada, Vietnam, and the United States under one bun. Clearly the more chef’d up take between the two burgers.

The burgers were then put to the test by a pantheon of judges: celebrity chef Matty Matheson, First We Feast’s Sean Evans, and radio personality Miss Info. After deliberating on flavor, presentation, and Instagram-worthiness, the three agreed that Cailan’s Baseball Burger was better suited for our social media feeds.

As much as I’d be down with Hall’s epic burger fusion, I gotta agree with the judges on this one. That knife was the literal dagger that sealed Cailan’s win as to which burger was more Instagram-worthy.

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Watch Michael B. Jordan Get Flamed By This Fiery Gauntlet Of Wings

Michael B. Jordan has taken on the role of a boxer, a football quarterback, and more recently, Black Panther’s Killmonger. However, tackling an increasingly fiery gauntlet of wings may be his toughest challenge yet.

The accomplished actor went on First We Feast’s show Hot Ones to dish on the new Marvel film and more with host Sean Evans. As Jordan progressed through the increasingly spicy barrage of chicken wings, he also had to deal with Evans’ tough questions.

Jordan cruised through most of the wings with ease while discussing how he got into the Killmonger character, waking up early to eat more on cheat days, and his go-to convenience store food hacks. When it came to the final three levels of heat, however, Jordan’s eating pace slowed fast as he was visibly shaken by how spicy they were.

He tried his best to go the whole way without any milk or aids, but eventually gave in and took a sip before taking on the final wing, coated with the Last Dab hot sauce. The milk didn’t help him at all, but that didn’t deter Jordan, who powered through and managed to conquer all ten wings in the Hot Ones lineup.

Jordan’s run was impressive, but while Black Panther is out here flourishing, it would be dope to see Chadwick Boseman to take on the spicy wings next. It would be interesting to see if the true Black Panther can take the heat better than Killmonger.