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Watch Irish People Lose It After Drinking Coffee For The First Time

Coffee’s the legal adult drug that no one will judge you for consuming, but it’s not necessarily everyone’s drug of choice.

While everyone you know might be a coffee addict who can’t function without their fix, there are surprisingly people out there who haven’t ever tried it.

Facts., The Irish YouTube channel, found such people and recorded their honest first reactions to the drink.

Their first sip was of the classic Americano, which is a bit of a brutal first drink, since it’s straight up shots of espresso with added water. Excitedly, one of the recipients said it “smells like dirt,” just like his friend told him it would.

They transitioned into a macchiato, which tasted better, but apparently also tasted like, “An old lady’s underpants.”

After the macchiato, they went back to Bittertown, trying an espresso, and nearly ripping their eyes out.

The film crew seemed to be a bit merciful to end the video, letting the new coffee drinkers try a mocha, which is basically a hot chocolate coffee, but by then it was too late. Each of the drinkers said they’d pass on the coffee life.

“It’s OK to like coffee. Just don’t be one of them coffee wankers.” Important words to live by.


Watch These Babies Eating Things For the Very First Time

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