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Guy Fieri Wasted No Time In Feeding California Fire Victims and First Responders

A devastating wildfire is mercilessly sweeping through Northern California right now. Known as the Carr Fire, the blaze began a week ago in Redding, CA, scorching more than 98,000 acres and destroying over 850 structures. At the time of publication six lives have already been claimed by the disaster, including that of two firefighters.

While first responders work tirelessly to extinguish the flames and evacuate people, culinary icons are stepping up to lend a hand with the efforts. Among them were celebrity chefs Guy Fieri and Jose Andres.

The fire began last Monday on Highway 299, caused by a spark from the mechanical failure of a vehicle.

Fieri told CNN that as a kid, he would often visit Redding. When news of the fire broke, Fieri, his son, and some of their friends caravanned out from Wine Country to help assist victims and first responders.

Teaming up with with non-profit Operation BBQ Relief, Fieri and his team got to work serving meals to over a thousand evacuees and first responders. Operation BBQ Relief provided the teams with smokers and pit crews to organize the cooking efforts.

They were joined by chef Jose Andres and the non-profit World Central Kitchen as the collective diligently worked to help keep both crews and victims fed. Donations of beef from nearby cattle farmers were provided for the chefs to smoke.

Though many are coming together to tackle this blaze, there is still a long road ahead before the Carr Fire is out. With so much devastation already claimed by the fire, it’s inspiring to see so many come together in an effort to assist those in need during this time.

As of run time of this story, CalFire reports that 20 percent of the fire has been contained.


How To Put Out a Kitchen Fire

For the majority of us who aren’t culinary students, in the fire safety field or simply lack the common-sense-know-how (this is my category), we probably would be somewhat dumbfounded if we found ourselves facing a blaze in our own kitchen. Here’s a video that was brought to our attention that could hopefully be of some assistance to someone in the near future. This is a more serious video, short in length, and of course we hope that you may never have to use this information, but things happen, and better safe than sorry! Stay safe, eat right!