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How To Start A Fire With A Stick Of Gum, Just In Case Your Life Depended On It

Picture this: you’re lost in the woods with no cell service and the sun is about to set. Rather than sitting in the wintry darkness and getting eaten by lions, tigers, and bears, you decide you need to get a fire going for warmth and safety. Unfortunately, all you have in your pockets is a stick of gum and a fairly used battery.

According to Grant Thompson (The King Of Random), that’s pretty much all you need to get that fire going.

In one of his latest videos, Thompson utilizes the gum wrapper and a AA battery to create the greatest element mankind has ever been gifted with. During this experiment, he toys around with three different gum brands to see which worked best in igniting the battery.

Ideally, you’d want a foil wrapper that’s metallic on one side and fibrous on the other. 5 Gum is a good example that meets those criteria.

Proceed by cutting the fiber into strips and place the metallic end on the ends of the battery. If done correctly, the wrapper should immediately catch fire. You can check out the video above to see the process, in beautiful technicolor.

All that’s left for you to do with this newfound skill is set up some dry grass and pieces of wood and you’ll have a roaring fire in no time.

Hopefully you make it to the morning.

Fast Food Video

Little Caesars Pizza Exposed To Molten Copper Is One Of The Most Terrifying Things We’ve Ever Seen

While cold pizza is arguably one of the most delicious foods on the planet, we occasionally find ourselves struggling to reheat a pizza from time to time. Here’s an unconventional way to go about it.

YouTuber Tito4re took a pizza from Little Caesars and doused it with molten copper.

Now we’ve see Tito4re cover fast foods in molten copper before, but this little experiment was by far the most terrifying. Almost immediately after the liquid hot metal touches the cheesy surface, the Little Caesars pizza catches fire. As you can see, the pie turns from Hot-N-Ready to Dante’s Inferno in seconds.

I wonder if it’s the ingredients in the pizza chain’s $5 pie, or if all fast food pizzas catch fire? We may want to experiment with this one day.

Check out the video above, but seriously do not try this at home. There are easier ways to get your pizza slice well done.

Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food Video

What Happens When Instant Ramen Noodles Are Exposed To Molten Copper [WATCH]

There’s something so fascinating about watching red-hot metal being doused onto food. It could be that if we ever attempted something so dangerous at home, we’d probably burn the place down.

In the latest episode of Tito4re’s molten copper series, the hothead experiments with instant ramen noodles. Y’know, the ones hidden in bulk behind your college dorm beds. Check out what happens when he ladles a generous amount of molten copper onto the packaged noodle soup.

As you can see, unlike his attempt with the McDonald’s Big Mac, the dried noodles were burnt to a crisp almost instantaneously. Check out the video and see the fire a clump of dried noodles can create.


This Guy Started A Fire Using Ice [WATCH]

Surviving in the wild is something we should all be prepared to do, in case it ever comes to that. Nobody that’s had to live off of the land has done it without understanding their surroundings and knowing how to survive.

Or maybe they got lucky as shit and a plane full of seemingly useless yet exceedingly useful packages crashes near the island they’re on, leading them to surviving for three years and befriending a bloody volleyball.

Regardless, there are a plethora of useful tips and tricks for surviving the outdoors, some that you would never exepct, like starting a fire with ice. YouTube user Tim Jones shows how to make this sorcery happen.



Photo Credit: Deviant Art


This Dog Started A Kitchen Fire Looking For Pizza & Taught Its Owner A Valuable Lesson


There have been many moments in our lives that we’re not proud of when pizza is involved. For this dog, starting a house fire is one of those moments.

Hilariously horrifying footage shows the dog of a Waterbury Connecticut resident trying to grab a slice of pizza. Brookfield, a black labrador, was sniffing around some pizza boxes that were on top of the kitchen stove.

The dog accidentally nudges the stove burner nob and sets the pizza boxes on fire.

Owner, Gary LeClerc, rushes in to find his kitchen on fire. He immediately tries to extinguish the flames as Brookfield watches her master in shame. The incident, however, has become an educational experience for the homeowner.

LeClerc told NBC Connecticut that he and his wife have since begun to use this footage to raise awareness about the 700 yearly fires caused by pets in the household. Guess leaving pizza boxes on stoves isn’t the best idea with pets around. Check out the video below.

For your viewing pleasure….wait for it….and please share if you would like. Enjoy!Katie O'Neill- LeClerc Pj O'Neill Julia Galuppo

Posted by Gary LeClerc on Sunday, September 27, 2015


This Stupid Beer Pong Rule Burned A Man’s House To The Ground


As messed up as your Halloween might have been, it probably can’t get worse than this guy’s. Redditor C_Chivo posted this hilarious beer pong story on the popular subreddit Today, I Fucked Up. It literally brought the house down.

While most Reddit stories should be taken with a grain of salt, some are a little too awesome not to mention. Here’s his post.


Please bare with me I’m going on zero hours of sleep about 20 beers and a bad hangover. Plus I’m writing this on my phone because well… My fucking house burned down with everything in it.

Last night (Halloween), my girlfriend who I live with and myself decided to have a Halloween party, it’s Saturday and we normally get fucked up on Saturday anyways so why not drink and dress up.

We have about 15ish people over at our 2 bedroom place and about half were dressed including my girlfriend and my self. I was dressed as Mario and one of my buddy’s dressed as bowzer. Well 4 of us start playing some bp to get our drink on and have a good time. We get a couple games in and the night seems like it’s gonna be a good and long one. Well it was my turn up on the bp table. Myself and a good buddy of mine are on a team vs my girlfriend and bowzer.

Before I go any further, I have a house rule that I made up to stop people from throwing air balls. If the opponent throws and over shoots the table without hitting anything you can catch it and instantly throw it and if it hits the person that air balled in the face that team has to pull a cup from their side.

So Bowzer throws and air balls and instantly catch it and throw a fast ball as hard as I can towards his face. In his drunken stuper he ducks by throwing his ass backwards which in turn bumps the side table with 2 lit Halloween candles. The candles flew around 5 feet straight towards our curtains that my girlfriends grandmother made us.

I saw everything in slow motion. It took for ever it seemed for the candles to land. My butthole puckered so fast I’m surprised it didn’t whistle. Then in less than a second the entire curtain is in gulfed.
Panic mode. I scream, he screams, my girlfriend screams, everyone screams. I rush to get anything that can hold water and start filling it up. It doesn’t help my sink is over flowing with dishes already. I get one pot of water about half way filled and I can tell from the commotion from the other room that things are getting worse and the pot of water isn’t going to help. I take it in the living room and way and dump it on the curtains that have already been pulled down onto the floor. It was at this point I realized that I’ve been living in this house for 8 months and never bought a fire extinguisher. (The house is super old and I’m an army vet so I should know better than to take a chance and not have one) we try stomping out the curtains but it had all ready reached the ceiling before they were pulled down.

At that point I grabbed my dog and usher the remaining people out of the house and call 911.

It’s pouring outside, so all of us are standing out in the rain waiting on help as we watch my living room glow like a jackolanturn. Help arrived working 5 or so minutes of calling them probably about 10ish minutes from the whole thing starting. The fire fighters save the back half of the house but the living room and the dining room are fucked.


Talk about an eventful Halloween. We’re guessing he’ll probably retire that rule if he ever decides to host a beer pong game ever again.


‘Banana Boat’ Puts Chocolate and Marshmallows in a Split Banana, Roasted Over an Open Fire



‘Girl on Fire’ Ice Cream Shooter, Peeta’s Cheese Buns and Other Hunger Games Inspired Recipes

Chances are like most normal people, you’ve grown out of your Hunger Games craze by now and probably couldn’t tell Glimmer from Foxface, but the truth is, I really don’t give a flying mutt. The truth is, the DVD comes out this weekend, as most fans already know, and the truth is, title to the contrary, the “Hunger” Games trilogy is actually filled with plenty of impossibly delicious-sounding eats that would make the mouths of even the richest Capitol kids water.

From the cine-culi-matic minds of the girls of Cinema and Spice, here are a few Hunger Games-inspired video recipes that would convince almost anyone to volunteer as taste-testing tribute:

Mellark Family Cheese Buns:

Or: scientific proof that Peeta Mellark is the best boyfriend ever.


Haymitch’s Smashed Potatoes:

Because Haymitch approves of food puns.


Capitol’s Finest Lamb Chops:

Because yum?


‘Girl on Fire’ Ice Cream Shooter:

And finally, some flaming alcohol, to help get you through the deaths of Rue and Cato and pretty much anything and everything you love.

The Hunger Games comes out on DVD Saturday, August 18th; Catching Fire to release November 2013.