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SweeTARTS x Wonder Woman Collab Releases Golden Rope Candy

While we may be months away still from the premiere of the new Wonder Woman movie, our excitement for the next installment in the series is getting us through these past melancholic months. Luckily, there’s a bit of a reprieve in the interim of that wait. In a collaboration between SweeTARTS and Wonder Woman 1984, the candy brand has released a limited time new treat inspired by the upcoming DC Comics film.

SweeTARTS Golden Ropes are golden strings of tropical-flavored licorice rope that boast the signature flavor of SweeTARTS in the center. The candy snack was inspired by Princess Diana’s legendary Lasso of Truth, given to her before leaving the mythical island of Themyscira. The lasso’s power compels anyone bound by it to tell the absolute truth, making it an essential tool in Wonder Woman’s mystical arsenal

You can find them now on grocery store shelves in the candy aisles in anticipation for the upcoming comic book movie. Wonder Woman 1984 is tentatively set to release this August, though that premiere may be moved depending on the state of the world.

Film/Television Packaged Food Sweets

Star Wars x Nerds Collaboration Has Us HYPED For ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiering near the end of the month, fans are hungry for the final installment of the Star Wars saga. For those wanting something to satiate their sweet tooth in the weeks to come, Nerds Candy has just revealed a new Star Wars collaboration has just hit stores.

The new flavors ask you to pick between the opposing spectrums of the Force manifesting in Light Side Raspberry or Dark Side Cherry. They come in Nerds Rope, Big Chewy Nerds, or Original Nerds.

Big Chewy Nerds boasts a chewy center that’s covered in a Nerds candy shell.

You can find the new Star Wars themed Nerds at mass market, grocery, and convenience stores nationwide.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters nationwide on Friday, December 20. It’s said to bring an end to the legendary Skywalker storyline in the main series, though we can probably expect more installments from the universe in the not-too-distant future.

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Star Wars Cookware Featuring All Your Favorite Characters Is Dropping Soon

Le Creuset has been a household name in cookware for nearly one hundred years, crafting cast-iron French Ovens, roasters, and cocette-cooked meals for kings and commoners alike. Now, the company has partnered up with another prolific brand that has ingrained itself in humanity’s rich narrative, a brand that’s been around a long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away.

On November 1, Le Creuset will be launching an exclusive Star Wars line of cookware. If you’re a fan of the ample cinematic history behind the sensational space opera, you better mark your calendars.

The set will be available at as well as Le Creuset Singature Boutiques, Outlet Stores, and Willliams Sonoma locations beginning Nov. 1. The Le Creuset x Star Wars line will include a Han Solo Carbonite Roaster, Tatooine Round Dutch OvenDarth Vader Round Dutch Oven, R2-D2 Mini Cocotte, C-3P0 Mini Cocotte, BB-8 Mini Cocotte, Death Star Trivet, Millennium Falcon Trivet, and a Porg Pie Bird.

At the forefront, an incredibly exclusive pièce de résistance of the set is the Tatooine Round Dutch Oven an item in which only 13 exist in the world. Each will be hand-painted in Le Creuset’s French l’Atelier to reflect the aesthetic of the desert planet that embraces two suns.

Man, as cool as the Han Solo roaster is…  I need to cop this Tatooine Dutch Oven. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime work of art.

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These Over The Top Cocktails Are Inspired By Cinematic Classics

Castaway Burbank can really hold its own when it comes to mouthwatering dishes like their Lobster Pot Pie. However, the hidden Los Angeles Gem also holds another secret that only locals know about. Film buffs and alcohol aficionados, you’ll want to check this out.

The Green Room, a secret bar/cocktail lounge inside of Castaway is home to a community that loves everything film. At the bar, one can order from a menu of intricate cocktails that are each individually inspired by a cinematic classic.

Here are some that you’ll find on the menu.


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Short Round, named after Harrison Ford’s sidekick in the classic Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, is a visual masterpiece. The cocktail is made with Macallan 12, Dolin Blanc, and Suze. Stired and strained, it’s placed in the chest (on a bed of grass) and served alongside a dry ice skull.

Belle, based off of the iconic rose from Beauty and the Beast, features Ketel One Botanical, St. Germain, Clarified Lemon, and 1-1 simple syrup. The cocktail is presented with a special technique that features smoking incense and the use of dried flowers to create an atmospheric aromatic rather than one that simply comes from the cocktail or garlic.

It’s served in a bell jar that’s filled with smoke.

Pirates of the Caribbean fans will want to order the Flying Dutchman, a cocktail that serves two people.

They stir and strain stolen smoked rum, Novo Fogo cachaça, Smith & Cross, honey, clarified citrus, and Allspice, and finish the drink by infusing the ship carafe with orange wood smoke. As the drink is poured into the glass, the ghost ship arises within the foggy cocktail sea. A haunting beverage that’s perfect for a melancholic evening.

You can find these cocktails and more movie-inspired beverages inside the hidden Green Room at Castaway.

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13 of the Best Food-Themed Movies and TV Shows

The only thing we love more than eating and cooking is watching others eat and cook. Whether it’s real-life kitchen masters or fictional hungry patrons, we cannot get enough of people preparing wonderful-looking food or dining on it. We sit from the comfort of our couch, bed, or theater seat and revel in the idea of enjoying such tasty treats, even if we must briefly live vicariously through those on the big or small screen. So let’s talk about our favorite food-themed movies and television shows.


In Jon Favreau’s love letter to cooking and the DIY approach, Chef shows what it’s like for one man to bail on a popular L.A. restaurant to find his culinary truth in a food truck. He lovingly serves up Cuban sandwiches across the country with his best friend and son, rediscovering what made him fall in love with being a chef in the first place. Plus, there are so many close-ups and sound clips of food being cooked, that you can’t get through the flick without eating.


With some legitimately gorgeous shots of Paris, Ratatouille tells the story of a seasoning expert, foodie rat teaming up with a young goofball in a highly touted restaurant’s kitchen. Remy the rat is mocked by his family for his love of flavor (although they come around) as Alfredo the human is mocked for his lack of skill (although he comes around, too). It’s a cute tale that focuses on what food-lovers will do in order to earn their keep in the culinary world.

A Cook’s Tour / No Reservations / The Layover / Parts Unknown

It seems like we could just watch Anthony Bourdain bounce around the globe and eat forever. He’s our favorite person to send out into the world to try, taste, and savor the cuisine we don’t have the luxury or luck to do ourselves. He’s respected by his peers and he seems like a guy who’s ready to have a beer with you. He can be all things, but, aside from his life as a chef, he’s best at being a guide.


When an exceptional chocolatier and daughter move to a French village filled with rather stiff religious traditionalists, they don’t exactly fit in. But the charming confectionary shop begins to turn the tide, transforming the stern locals into colorful enthusiasts one by one, all as the mayor rallies against such a nest of temptation. It’s hard not to treat your sweet tooth after watching Chocolat.

The Trip

In The Trip, both a show and a movie, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play fictionalized versions of themselves on a restaurant tour in England. It’s largely an effort for Coogan to impress his foodie girlfriend, despite being a pretty unhappy person. Throughout the adventure, the two men bicker like brothers and attempt to outdo each other, especially when it comes to impressions, always eating at fancy eateries. And then The Trip to Italy came a few years later.

Iron Chef / Iron Chef America

Iron Chef has been a fascinating staple of the culinary world since it began in mid-90s Japan. Its original incarnation only lasted until the turn of the century, but the cooking show’s since splintered off into individual country concepts, including Iron Chef America. It’s a dramatic timed cook-off, with each episode focused on a specific secret ingredient. Given the hosts’ passionate delivery of each competition, a standard set by “Chairman Kaga” back in the day, it’s pretty dang memorable.

Soul Food

So much happens around a family’s dining room table that we tend to forget its importance. It’s so constant and true that it seems too obvious to be valued. But in this movie about a Chicago family that has Sunday dinners together every week, we’re reminded of how much we engage each other sitting around and eating. While every event of our lives certainly doesn’t happen in the dining room, we discuss, debate, and catch-up at the table, ideally over good, hearty food.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

In the fascinating documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, we behold Jiro Ono and his journey to serve his life goal of perfecting sushi. He’s no novice, though. When we meet him, he’s already the 85-year-old owner of a celebrated sushi restaurant in Tokyo known as Sukiyabashi Jiro and been a qualified sushi chef since 1951. Many consider him the most masterful sushi craftsman alive, with even former President Barack Obama once claiming that Ono’s sushi is the best he’s ever had in his life. It’s magical to behold a professional so dedicated to and passionate about his craft.

Top Chef

There are many programs like Top Chef, and even some spin-offs, but this has always been a favorite. Chefs compete against each other and try their best to impress a panel of celebrated figures from the food industry. It’s been around for more than a decade now, having brought in such big names as Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, and Anthony Bourdain along the way.

Julie & Julia

Scrumptious food and the people behind it have a tremendous impact on us. Such was the case when Julie Powell tried to make all 524 recipes from Julia Child’s bestselling book Mastering the Art of French Cooking (written alongside Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle). Powell kept tabs on her progress via a blog that later became this film adaptation, telling the story of Powell figuring out life in the process of her self-appointed cooking challenge as well as Child making her way through Paris and Le Cordon Bleu. It’s lovely.

Good Eats

On Good Eats, Alton Brown dove into the what lead to the final result of food. He was all about history, science, technique, and equipment. People compared him to the likes of Bill Nye and Mr. Wizard, if they only focused on food. Brown seemed to love what he did over the course of more than a dozen seasons. In fact, the show earned him both a Peabody Award and a James Beard Foundation award nomination for “Best T.V. Food Journalism.”

Big Night

Stanley Tucci’s film about two Italian brothers trying to make it on the New Jersey restaurant scene in the 1950s is a masterpiece. Even Roger Ebert started off his glowing review by claiming that Big Night was “one of the great food movies.” It’s not hard to see why. The film shows and talks of food as if it is the most powerful and wonderful force in the world. The process of cooking is as celebrated as it is honored, but always with the acknowledgement that you can’t satisfy every single eater.

The French Chef

Julia Child’s cooking show in the ’60s and ’70s celebrated the encouraging chef’s love for all things food. The French Chef was one of the first shows of its kind in the United States and it made the fanciest of French cuisine seem doable in the homes of American audiences. She was like the Mr. Rogers of the culinary world, and the show won her a Primetime Emmy as well as a Peabody Award.

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This Guy Hilariously Turned His Wieners Into Iconic Pop Culture Scenes

We’re pretty sure after a certain age, playing with your food becomes acceptable once again. How else would you get something so amazing as pastry chef Erik Vernieuwe’s wiener series?

The chef recreates famous paintings and pop culture icons in a series he calls The Daily Wiener, reports Design Taxi.

In it, hot dogs replace famous celebrities, paintings, and movie scenes – all to a hilarious effect. Some examples include the meticulous recreation of The Last Supper which can be seen above. A few scenes taken straight from cinematic history are also pictured below.

You can’t say this isn’t a shining argument for playing with your food.

Check out some of the entertaining photos from the burpzine Instagram account.

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This Animated Short About Father & Daughter Cheesemakers Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Slow acoustic covers of popular, upbeat songs somehow always make our hearts swell. Just as most dairy products do the same for our stomachs… but I digress.

A recent short film created by Dairy Farmers of Canada, titled Mia & Morton, tells the story of a father and daughter duo of cheesemakers.

Set to the tune of Rose Cousins’ acoustic piano cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop,” the short captures the spirit of a Pixar film without actually being Pixar. Without any dialogue, it highlights the father-daughter relationship and how Mia strives to become a cheesemaker like her father, though at the same time wanting to forge her own path.

We won’t spoil the rest for you, but if you have a few minutes during your day, we highly recommend you check out the heartwarming short film.

It’s pretty damn beautiful.

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Alfred Coffee Created Exclusive Power Rangers Drinks In Special Collaboration

It’s morphin’ time … But first, coffee. #AlfredCoffee #PowerRangers #MMPR

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Love it or hate it, the new Power Rangers film has brought life back into the colorful franchise we adored growing up.

Picking up on the momentum of the hype, Alfred Coffee + Kitchen is doing a Power Rangers collaboration at all of their coffee shops in Los Angeles.

Photo: Alfred Coffee

Each location will feature a different custom-made Power Rangers-inspired drink, as well as different ways to celebrate the Mighty Morphin culture. There will be five Power Rangers drinks in total.

You can also order their regular beverages and still get a sweet Power Rangers sleeve.

Select locations will have a hand-painted mural by The Most Famous Artist, like the ones of the Pink and Black Rangers seen above and below.

The collaboration began on April 9 and will continue through May 7. Sources say they had a morphenomenal time at the coffeeshop collaboration.

Photo: Carolyn Lee