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Tips and Tricks: The Delicious Guide to Fresh Figs

Photo: So Delicious

Fresh figs can sometimes put you off, because of their squishy texture. But you know what makes it worth cooking with them? Their lovely taste. So here is how to do it to minimize the unpleasantness, but also take full advantage of the taste.

I, for one, really love the texture of fresh figs, even if I sometimes can be a picky eater. What I love about them is how versatile they are. Oftentimes I buy them at the market, wipe them a little and then just eat them out of the bag. But I love the fact that I can have them in so many dishes, either raw or cooked. There are so many things to do with them and really wanted to represent their potential right here, right now, a little bit before their season descends upon us.

Why should you eat them though? I have plenty of answers for you. First of all, because they’re loaded with soluble fiber, something you’ll always need in your diet. Figs are one of the oldest trees; they are even featured in the Bible, so yeah, quite the history back there. They’re also rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper, but also antioxidants, and vitamins A, E and K. They act as a natural laxative thanks to their fiber content. The potassium in them acts as a powerful counteracting of sodium, which we all tend to have way too much of. Potassium also helps the calcium stay in your body.

And figs go great with dessert, like these roasted figs with vanilla ice cream.

How to pick fresh figs at the market

They’re in season in summer and autumn, and that varies a little depending on the type of figs you’re getting. When you pick them out, choose the ones that are plump and tender. Their color should be rich and deep. Make sure they have no bruises. Use your nose, too! Smell them and see if they’re fragrant and sweet.

They only keep for about two days in the refrigerator, so plan your shopping accordingly. And don’t wash them until you’re ready to eat them or cook with them. Cut one open and see if it’s ripe. If not, you can keep them at room temperature and let time ripen them.

5 things to cook with fresh figs

1. Pair them with feta and beets

Yeah, you read that right. Feta and beets go great with recently-bought figs. Think about it: their textures are pretty different. The rootiness of the beet, with the freshness of feta plus the sweetness of figs, definitely equals love this time. Pro tip? Make sure to cook the beets with plenty of garlic, to turn out even more high notes out of this dish.

Figs tend to work as an excellent companion for tons of cheeses, from blue ones to mild-flavored ones. You can experiment yourself with a nice cheese platter, too. Or try these baked figs with goat cheese and walnuts.

2. Pizza with fresh figs on top

Does it seem weird? Do you hate pineapple pizza perchance? Well, I can all but guarantee you’re not going to hate this fruity pizza, because the combo of toppings – blue cheese, fresh figs, and some smoky bacon – is going to knock your socks off.

3. Make a yogurty breakfast

If you’re not sure what you’re having for breakfast tomorrow morning, how about pairing some lovely fresh Greek yogurt with some sweet and chewy figs? Not too much preparation needed. Just wash the figs and throw them over the yogurt bowl. The combo will make you want seconds!

Tips and Tricks: The Delicious Guide to Fresh Figs

Yogurt and figs is a delicious and healthy combo for breakfast; you can add muesli and chia seeds.

4. Roast or poach them

You think you know figs? Well, you don’t, really, unless you roast or poach them and uncover a new depth of texture and flavor. And the best thing is that once you cook them, you can use them for desserts or for savory dishes.

For instance, try these roasted figs with vanilla ice-cream. Serve them still warm with the cold ice cream and your dessert will be one of great contrasts.

5. Cook them with some poultry

If you’re making delicious chicken dishes or even making a duck recipe, then you can try adding some figs to the oven pan. Figs taste even more spectacular if you add some fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme in the pan.

One last tip? Figs go great with salty, smoky, fatty meats like pancetta and bacon. Try wrapping them in the latter and you might as well start licking your fingers.

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Article by Ruxandra Grecu from So Delicious. View the original article here.

Health Hit-Or-Miss

15 Things You Should Eat Before Sex If You Want To Last


The Weeknd’s new album Beauty Behind the Madness drops today, significantly increasing the baby-making potential for anyone who has a listen. How best to prepare? Looking and feeling at the top of your physical game doesn’t come easy, but keeping a few key meals and ingredients in mind during the day can keep your stamina in the bedroom, when that time comes, at its peak.



Start with that all-important meal in the morning.

  • Eggs are the go-to, B-vitamin protein that’ll ease stress levels and make you focus on what you’re doing.
  • Caffeinated coffee wakes your sorry ass up, and even makes you “regular”.
  • No time? Slather heart-healthy peanut butter on multi-grain toast.
  • Even oatmeal’s amino acids will help relax the muscles around blood vessels near your man parts. This results in increased blood flow.



Lunch hour should be your biggest meal, so do double duty and have a steak salad.

  • Slow-digesting, lean meats and vitamin-packed leafy greens are a killer combination for stored energy.
  • Add nature’s butter with the good kind of fat: avocado. Your libido will thank you later.
  • If you crave starchy foods, substitute boring white rice for the muscle-strengthening grain called quinoa.
  • Switch out soda for unsweetened tea; it stimulates the brain and cleanses your system with catechin antioxidants.

Late Afternoon


That afternoon slump will have you craving empty carbs.

  • Use that hunger to fuel up on nutrient-dense dried fruit and nuts.
  • Bananas contain fiber and natural sugars, giving quick energy when you need it most.
  • Even a bottle of green juice will pack in those vegetables and fruit with little effort.




At night, if you give a damn about what the other person thinks (smells?), avoid garlicky foods or anything that’ll give you gas.

  • Fatty acids found in salmon trigger arousal by raising dopamine levels.
  • Pair it with green beans, which will keep your blood oxygen-rich and flowing easily.
  • Eating fried foods will weigh you down and upset a stomach, and the last thing you want is indigestion.
  • For dessert, figs, red grapes and even watermelon will provide that final boost of stamina.

We can’t prevent you from drinking, so down lots of water beforehand to flush out toxins. Rule of thumbs involve keeping the number of drinks down to keep performance high. One drink for a buzz, too many will deflate your loins sooner than expected.

And turn up that music; ain’t nothing better than not feeling your face while you’re doing the nasty.


5 Gorgeous Game of Thrones Feasts Including a Dothraki Blood Pie and Bacon Wrapped Trout

GOT Feats Cover

It’s pretty safe to say that Redditor rach11 is a Game of Thrones fan. This talented chef went out of her way to create 5 amazing feasts straight from the series focusing on the cuisine of a different region in the fictional land of Westeros within every meal. Check out the rest of her albums for a more gratuitous look at GoT food porn.

Also, what an episode last night.


Kings Landing

Kings Landing Spread

A spread that includes cornish game hens cooked in Elizabethan butter sauce, almond herb crusted fish, salmon fig tarts, lemon cakes, apricot cherry tart and an onion potato and cheese pie. There’s absolutely nothing here a king would be mad about. Also includes fruits, cheeses, breads, roasted sweet and sour carrots and a plum salad.


Crusted Fish


The Wall

The Wall

If you’ve taken a life-long vow of celibacy, you might as well fill that void with drool-worthy food. The diet of a man of the Wall features a crusted rack of lamb, roasted chicken with a carrot, chestnut and date stuffing, bean and bacon stew, a pork pie, and peas porridge. For dessert, iced blueberries with sweet cream and apple cakes. It’s a lonely, delicious life.

GOT Feats Cover

Iced Bluberries


The Reach

Reach SPread

One of the largest kingdoms of Westeros, the Reach has a pretty high bar to set when it comes to tasty dishes. This spread includes Sister’s Stew (fish, clams and crabs) served in a bread bowl, bacon wrapped trouts, stewed rabbits, roasted beets, poached pears, a variety of fruit tarts and pastry cream swans with vanilla cream.






Home of the Dothroki, some of the most bad-ass nomads around, it’s no surprise that the diet is largely meat-based. Orange Honey Roasted Duck, goat cooked with sweetgrass fire pods honey, shrimp and persimmon bisque, garlic butter mushrooms, Dothraki blood sausage and goat hand pies and Dothraki blood sausage and goat cheese pie. Wintercakes, ginger candies and pastries close out the desserts.

goat braised

blood pie



Dorne Spread

Dorne’s abundance of fruits is a clear influence on its cuisine. Spiced lemon duck with root veggies, snake with friers mustard wine sauce, honey lemon pepper lamb chops, grape leaves stuffed with ground lamb, rice, onions, mushrooms and raisins. Also features a hefty spread of figs, cheese and dates with cream cakes for dessert.


cheese dates



Figgy Pie

Figs, goat cheese, onions, fresh thyme and a honey balsamic drizzle…I think I might of just died and gone to heaven. (Thx MHWC)