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Guy Casually Orders From McDonald’s Kiosk While A Fight Breaks Out Around Him

There are times when crazy occurrences get in the way of your dining experience, as the managers and employees get distracted and can’t exactly take your order on-demand. Well this video is evidence that McDonald’s ordering kiosk puts the power in your hands, no matter what, even if something outlandish like a fight breaks out around you.

Reddit user TonyMoll successfully put in an order at a Liverpool, UK McDonald’s, even though chaos erupted around him, with chokeholds being placed and frantic managers trying to control the situation.

Usually something like that means you have to wait for the bullsh*t to settle before you can place your order, but TonyMoll was not to be deterred.

He recorded the fight breaking out around him, but continued on to order his Mayo Chicken sandwich.

Unfortunately, because the people were swearing in the video, the sound was removed by Reddit, so we don’t even know what pissed off the customers so much.

While Tony recorded this kind of comically, it does remind us of the usefulness of kiosks, and how you don’t have to wait around on humans to put in your order.

In particular, self-serve kiosks like this take away the anxiety of having the cashier blankly stare you down, as you’re surveying the menu, while they silently judge you for not knowing what to order by now. They also ensure that the order is put in correctly, because you have full control.

And of course, as the crazy fight video showed, you don’t have to wait around while the employee’s taking care of something in the back or trying to input a complicated order or stopping a fight from getting out of control.

You can literally put in your order, wait for the dust to settle, grab your burger, and bounce.

Thank you, McDonald’s kiosk. You’re the real MVP.

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Woman Jumps Out Of Car, Fights McDonald’s Employee At Drive-Thru Window [WATCH]

Working night shifts is never easy, and it seems like the craziest things happen once the sun goes down. Another example of this comes from a McDonald’s drive-thru, as an unidentified customer straight up hopped out of her car and got froggy with the employee at the window.

The video was taken by a patron in the car behind them via Snapchat, captioning it, “Holy shit there’s a real fight at McDonald’s.”

The fighting female patron looked to get the worst of it, having her head grabbed and slammed against the wall like a professional wrestling spot. She eventually said her piece, got back inside her car and presumably drove away, as the video cut off.

Quite possibly the best thing about this video was that Milky Chance’s “Stolen Dance” was playing in the background. Bet you never thought you’d see a violent fight go down while an emotional acoustic chorus played in the background.

While fights inside fast food restaurants aren’t uncommon, you don’t often see someone so upset that they step out of their car and start swinging in the drive-thru window.

Unfortunately, not much more information is provided in this video, so we don’t really know where it was taken, or if authorities were called, but we’ll keep you posted if any more information becomes available.

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[WATCH] Angry Customer KOs Young Girl After Getting Cold Fried Chicken

When customers receive a wrong, or bad order, they can usually take it back, talk to a manager and have the matter resolved civilly. That’s not what happened at Qwik Chik in Baxley, Georgia, as a couple lost their minds, beat down the restaurant owner, and punched out her 15-year-old daughter after receiving an order of cold fried chicken.

Surveillance footage shows a woman initially attacking the store owner with several punches to the face, as the Georgia native tried her best to cover herself up. A few moments later, the owner’s daughter got sucker punched in the face by the man in the incident, knocking the teen down as she tried to diffuse the situation.

Both the mother and daughter were left with black eyes, and reportedly suffered multiple broken bones, according to KTNV.

The couple was reportedly upset that their chicken order was cold, and that they didn’t get enough fries.

The footage is difficult to watch, as the not only is the large man punching a young girl, but he really let it fly, like if he was in heavyweight fight.

The couple is still at-large, but hopefully gets caught soon after their gruesome actions.

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Insane Woman Fights McDonald’s Staff Over A McChicken [WATCH]

Okay, we’ve seen some weird stuff go on with McChickens before, but this woman’s reaction to not getting one fast enough is beyond insane.

Des Moines resident Amanda Garland Gravely posted the above video to Facebook that shows her view of an out-of-control fight from the drive-thru window. Gravely explained that she was getting her kids ice cream and waiting in the drive-thru for her order when the woman in the above video began screaming at one of the cashiers because she didn’t get her McChicken sandwich in a timely manner.

“Give me my meal or give me my money. You can’t make my f***ing McChicken? Then give me my money!”

Things escalated faster than the fight scene in Anchorman from there, with a full-on brawl eventually breaking out between the cashier and the woman that’s more entertaining than a WWE match.

Following the posting of the video, RT reports that Des Moines police are looking for those involved in this incident to identify them. Anyone with information should contact the proper authorities to help resolve the ongoing investigation.

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Wendy’s Employee Brutally Attacks Customer Who Reportedly ‘Disrespected Him’

Talk about a savage beatdown.

In the video above, a Wendy’s employee is shown viciously attacking a customer with a flurry of punches following what’s been described as the customer allegedly “disrespecting” the employee.

The video was posted to World Star Hip Hop under the title “Damn: McDonald’s Employee Beats The Ish Out Of A Customer For Disrespecting Him!” It’s gone viral since then and multiple news sites confirm that the altercation actually took place at a Wendy’s, as can be seen by the company’s logo on the restaurant’s door mat and a different staffer’s ball cap seen in the video.

The onslaught didn’t just consist of punches, however, as the defenseless customer was also treated to a deluge of iced tea after the attacker bludgeoned him with the tea dispenser, leaving the customer dazed in a puddle of said tea. The employee then walked away after issuing a menacing threat to his subdued opponent:

“I’m going to kill you, n*****.”

Yikes. Definitely wouldn’t want to get on that guy’s bad side.

It’s currently unknown exactly at which Wendy’s this altercation went down, but Wendy’s has confirmed to Foodbeast that they are now looking into the incident and will provide more information when available.


Guy Casually Films A Girl Fight While Ordering Some Taco Bell

“Umm, yeah can I get three soft chicken tacos Fresco-style?”

We’ve seen our fair share of restaurant brawls, but this one is a little different. What started as an average order at the Taco Bell drive-thru window turned into a front row seat to a UFC fight. This guy pulled up hoping to get some soft tacos and a quesadilla and ended up watching a fight breakout between two women.

The funniest part of the entire video is how this dude orders his entire meal without skipping a beat. He doesn’t even tell the employee that there’s a fight happening in the parking lot.

“You want the shredded chicken or the original chicken?” the drive-thru employee asks.

“I think the original chicken,” the man replied.

There is a 10 second pause. Literally 10 seconds of silence, aside from the high pitched yips and screams from the two women scuffling on the ground. Then the Taco Bell employee, probably wondering why this dude isn’t saying anything, asks:

“Can I get you anything else, like a drink or something?” the employee asks.

“Um, yeah. Can I have a large Diet Coke?” the man replied.

This dude didn’t want to spoil the action. This clip was posted by Ghost to WorldStar Hip Hop on July 25, the video has close to half a million views in a few hours.

At least the firemen came to — put out the fire. It is unclear if the women were eating at the Taco Bell, or just agreed to meet there to settle their differences.


A Violent 50-Person Fight Broke Out At This Chuck E. Cheese’s [WATCH]

Maybe Chuck E. Cheese’s isn’t the classiest joint in the world, but it’s still a kid’s indoor playground where they should feel safe.

That safe feeling was violated Sunday as a 50-man brawl erupted inside a Pittsburgh Chuck E. Cheese’s, leading to a couple of arrests and a lot of high emotions.

The party involved was celebrating a 1-year-old’s birthday, according to CBS Pittsburgh, and the fight seemed to have started over some baby daddy drama.

Two women reportedly got in an argument in the restaurant. One woman was the child’s mother and the other was the father’s current girlfriend. Eventually, the girlfriend started swinging at the birthday boy’s daddy and police were called.

While everyone in the building probably hovered around the fight, like a baseball brawl, the kid’s dad and the girlfriend were the only ones arrested in the whole mess.

The party kept going, no one was hurt, not even Chuck himself, but there were probably a lot of screaming children, which was probably worse than the fight itself.

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30 People Got Kicked Out Of A Hotel For Fighting Over A Waffle Maker


What began as a squabble over a waffle maker turned into a massive verbal battle that led to 30 people getting kicked out of a hotel, reports MLIVE. According to the Mason County Sheriff’s Department, the incident began early Sunday morning.

One woman approached another woman and asked if she was in line for the waffle maker at the hotel’s breakfast area. When the second woman refused to answer, the first began to make her waffle. The second woman allegedly confronted the first after this and the two began to fight over the waffle.

When officers arrived at the scene, there was a crowd of people fighting over the one waffle maker. Apparently there was a lot of yelling and screaming, though luckily, nothing physical.

The manager of the property asked all the parties involved in the waffle fight to pack up and leave. An officer remained behind until everyone who was a part of the fight had left.