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Doritos Releases Spicy Sweet ‘Fiery Habanero’ Dinamita Chips

doritoshabanero copy

Things habanero peppers taste like: fruit. Flowers. Supah hot fiyah?

Typically reserved for sweet spices, glazes, and desserts, the vibrant orange-red chile is also the latest flavor inspiration for Doritos’ line of spicy rolled Dinamita tortilla chips. Since the tongue-singing habanero clocks in anywhere between 100-350K on the Scoville scale, chances are Doritos’ new Fiery Habanero Dinamita chips will be the punchiest of the bunch, which also includes Nacho Picoso and Chili Limon.


Serving suggestions: dipped into bubbling queso, sprinkled into a cocktail made from the blood of your enemies, or, most deliciously, coated around spicy deep fried ice cream. Available in select markets nationwide, $0.50 — $2.99.