This Is What Erotic, BDSM Lollipops Look Like


In case you didn’t think lollipops were phallic enough already, Moscow-based creative agency FIRMA recently dreamt up a series of concept lollipops themed after, what else, sex toys.


From the anal bead, cherry-flavored “Toys,” to the mace-shaped, blackberry-flavored “BDSM,” these sexy Chupa Chups are definitely not your childhood suckers, though we can imagine the sticky situations that could arise if little Johnny or Sally ever got their hands on one.

“Mommy, why would anyone want a lollipop that hurts your mouth with all those spiky things?”

“For reasons, Sally, for reasons.”


Still, you’ve got to wonder who came up with the candy that comes with two extra lollipops attached, dirty-minded or not. Luckily, FIRMA recently launched its five-year-old project—under the brand name “Sucker”— into the Russian market this past May, with global sales reportedly in the works.


The Sucker slogan says they’re meant for “adult girls and boys, who have no shame.” Now, that’s something we can totally get behind.

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Kinky: This Woman Thinks About Popeye’s Chicken to Achieve Orgasm


“I’m clucking, I’m clucking!”

Too much?

In an upcoming “Is it Weird?” episode of the Steve Harvey show, a woman named Christina will share a fetish of hers that everyone probably has but no one is willing to admit: Food.

In fact, when her man’s moves in the bedroom just don’t cut it, imagining her favorite piece of Popeye’s Spicy chicken is enough to get her off.

In the preview clip below, Christina describes what I can only imagine to be a typical night’s pre-schlicking routine:

“I look up cheesecakes and cupcakes . . . And the strawberry shortcakes with the juicy cherries on top . . .” And somewhere between all the fluffy mounds of white cream and gooey sweet liquid, Christina’s excitement just builds up and up until – well, you see where this is going.

In any case, the interview snippet is mostly harmless, unless you’re like Christina and the merest thought of food gets you all hot and bothered, like when she starts chanting “Popeye Spicy” to herself and suddenly you’re imagining peeling away those delicious strips of skin and letting the chicken juices just swirl around your mouth . . . Ahem.

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