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KIVA Confections Elevates Cannabis Culture at Outside Lands Music Festival

Photo by Omari Allen

Recently San Francisco held their 11th annual Outside Lands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park. Like any music festival, the bill featured a long list of performers across a wide range of genres. Aside from great music, the main draw to Outside Lands is its emphasis on food, wine, and art. San Francisco is known for its restaurant scene and with Napa Valley and Sonoma nearby, its wine scene is pretty poppin’ too. Each year Outside Lands invites visitors to feel like a San Franciscan for a weekend in what may be described as a love letter to the city. 

Another thing San Francisco is famous for is it’s cannabis culture. Haight-Ashbury, a district widely known as the birthplace of the hippie movement, has had a storied history with cannabis. The first well known cannabis dispensary, or “head shop,” was called Ron and Jay Thelin’s Psychedelic Shop, which opened in 1966 and grew, along with others, to become a major hub for the hippie movement. Steeped in counter-establishment ideals and widespread drug use, the movement was regarded by mainstream society as naive and idealistic. Popular terms used to describe hippies were tree-hugger, beatnik, granola, liberal, and the most notorious, stoner. 

Photo: MK Feeney on Flickr, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

The “stoner” image still stigmatizes cannabis culture, although the movement dissipated long ago. Only in recent years has the word shed some of its negative connotation, gaining popularity through entertainment and the internet. With access to information and a global community, the benefits of cannabis began to see the light of day. One example of progress was this year’s aforementioned Outside Lands Music Festival. It wasn’t the first year OSL allowed visitors to consume cannabis, but it was the first time it has been legally sold at a music festival. I was curious to experience the “experiment” first hand, especially the booth by California-based brand, KIVA Confections. The edible market has evolved considerably in the past few years and KIVA is at the forefront.

Photo by Omari Allen

KIVA Confections was started in 2010. Their goal was to offer cannabis edibles that were potent, consistent and tasty.  At the time, the cannabis edible market was less regulated, having a more inconsistent homemade quality. KIVA co-founders Scott Palmer & Kristi Knoblich saw an opportunity to elevate the cannabis edible. Searching for fresh approaches to cannabis infusion, they consulted with a local chocolatier which helped bring everything into focus. They next met with expert cannabis cultivators and certified analytics laboratories to ensure the highest quality product. Like with any start up, it took some effort before they landed on the perfect edible. Fast forward to today and KIVA Confections, through efficacy, food safety, and business integrity, has become one of the leading California-based cannabis edibles. They have maintained their mission to offer a premium cannabis experience for customers. I witnessed this first hand during my visit to their confectionary booth at Outside Lands.

Photo courtesy of KIVA Confections

If you’ve never attended Outside Lands, it is made up of different “lands” which offer unique experiences. For example, if you’re looking for libation, there is Beer Land and Wine Land. And for “canna-bation,” there’s Grass Lands, a sprawling stoner paradise perfectly situated under a shadowy canopy of tall blue gum eucalyptus trees. The Grass Lands were definitely the chillest land around, filled with a wide range of cannabis vendors, smoking sections and interactive activities. Located squarely in the center, and standing out amongst the more subdued color palettes of neighboring vendors, was the KIVA Confectionary booth. 

Photo courtesy of KIVA Confections

The booth was shining white with gold trim and had a See’s Candies feel, an aesthetic akin to quality confectionaries consumers are typically familiar with. Workers were dressed in white dress shirts with black aprons, wearing white 5-panel baseball caps which added a hip, yet classy feel. Festival-goers bustled around the booth, patiently waiting to get their hands on one of KIVA’s confections. My personal favorite was the dark chocolate KIVA bar with the Camino pineapple habanero gummies being a close runner up. KIVA’s chocolate tastes rich, full and creamy yet has a subdued bite with a balanced sweetness. Their gummies melt in your mouth. The pineapple habanero flavor leaves a slight tingly feeling on the tongue, adding a spicy kick to the sweet flavor profile. With only 5 milligrams of THC in each serving, microdosing KIVA’s confections offers a smooth and subtle high, perfect to experience over the course of a day. Interactive stations included mazes, a gumball machine, mystery drawers and a life-sized chocolate fountain, which unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of swimming in.

Photo courtesy of KIVA Confections

KIVA Confections elevates cannabis culture through its aesthetic and focus on quality. The care they take can not only be tasted, but felt through the clean product design, informative packaging, and potency. With a blind taste test, it’d be hard to know that cannabis is in the product. But, you can certainly feel it. Like the cannabis taste, the microdosing effects are subtle as well — the perfect amount for first time cannabis edible users. Coincidentally, this aligns with the recent resurgence of “hippie ideals” in the last few years. In a time where legal medical and recreational cannabis use is prevalent, getting high doesn’t overshadow the actual benefits of cannabis use like it once did. By making more artisanal and thoughtful products, KIVA’s approach is helping to de-stigmatize the “lazy stoner” image. 

The confectionary booth attracted a wide range of festival-goers of various age groups and backgrounds, displaying how the culture is evolving into something the average consumer can enjoy.  It’s only a matter of time before cannabis-infused products are a norm at your local grocery store.

Photo courtesy of KIVA Confections
Culture Hit-Or-Miss News

New York’s Pizza Festival Infuriated Guests With FYRE-Like Failures

A while back, the FYRE Festival left a pretty bad taste in people’s mouths. What was intended to be an island paradise musical festival with villas and gourmet food turned out to the be a tremendous disappointment. It looks like another festival is disappointing attendees, and this one hits a little closer to home thanks to the promise of the universal embrace of warm pizza.

GrubStreet reports that the New York City Pizza Festival pissed a lot of people off over the weekend. Folks came from far and wide, paying up to $75 a ticket to wait in a “sketch” Bushwick parking lot filled with empty tables and not nearly enough food.

As you can see here, the pizza looks far from filling:

It seems that the event had a single tent that workers were cutting embarrassingly thin slices of “bad” pizza to feed the hungry guests. Allegedly, the organizers had trouble finding the 30 pizza vendors they promised their guests so they ordered about five pizzas to the venue.

Guests were peeved.

Not too long after, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office launched an inquiry into the event. Never piss off a New Yorker anyone with the promise of pizza.

The festival’s organizers posted a few days ago that they’ll simply be issuing everyone who came full refunds. The only thing customers couldn’t get back, unfortunately, was the time they wasted waiting in line.

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Pinches Tacos Is About To Unleash This Beastly Version Of Loaded Fries

We can’t stop thinking about the mouth-watering creations ready for carnivorous consumption at FOODBEAST’s first ever meat festival, MEAT STREET Presented By the Makers of SPAM Brand at Main Place Mall. But we needed to check ourselves when we laid our eyes on Pinches Tacos’ MEAT STREET exclusive.

La Bestia AKA The Beast, is a beefed up version of carne asada fries, piled high with savory toppings that will only be available inside the MEAT STREET VIP Section Saturday April 22.

There’s no doubt Pinches Tacos is unleashing the beast with the La Bestia as it features a bed of crispy, seasoned fries, loaded with pinto beans, cheese, chopped onions, all of which are then topped with carne asada AND al pastor, cilantro, tomatillo salsa, sour cream, queso fresco, and guacamole. I think I speak for everyone when I ask, “Can I have a bite?”

Think you can tame La Bestia? You’ll need to grab your ticket and wait your turn.

So, if you haven’t already, grab some to MEAT STREET here!

Cravings Culture What's New

Boysenberry Pizza Is Knott’s Berry Farm’s Newest Slice Of Genius

Southern California residents will recognize this time of year as the iconic Boysenberry Festival from Knott’s Berry Farm. The Orange County-based theme park, farm for berries, is home to every kind of boysenberry food product you can think of.

Each year, Knott’s adds a cornucopia of boysenberry-themed items to celebrate the festival and fill guests stomachs with before they brave the rides. This year, however, Knott’s released possibly one of their craziest new items yet: a Boysenberry Pizza.

The pie features a boysenberry cream cheese sauce topped with diced chunks of Black Forest ham, caramelized onions, goat cheese, and arugula. It is then topped with a drizzle of Boysenberry Sriracha sauce and some sliced almonds.

Guests can find the sweet and savory pie at Wagon Wheel Pizza.

Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival begins April 1 through April 23. Check out the video above to see all the other mouthwatering boysenberry items the festival will offer.

Disclaimer: Knott’s Berry Farm has sponsored Foodbeast content in the past, though not for this piece. 


A Noodle Festival Called NOODS NOODS NOODS Has All The Crazy Asian Food You Could Ever Want

Noodle lovers are gonna have a field day at this upcoming California noodle-inspired festival appropriately called NOODS NOODS NOODS Presented by Cup Noodles.

Hosted by Foodbeast, a rag-tag bunch of ramen lovers and cheese pull addicts, the celebration will feature noodle dishes and Asian fusion menu items from dozens of local restaurants and venues.

Check out every single noodle item featured in the menu. If you’re in the Orange County area on Jan. 14, and consider yourself an noodle-afficiando, grab your tickets here. You can either get a marketplace ticket and buy-as-you-go, or go all out with the VIP option and pack your sweet pink mouth with so much food, you’ll be the envy of every Jerry and Jane at the event.

Before you start drooling over the glorious food pics we procured to tease what’s to come, here’s the line up of vendors at the Marketplace and VIP to help you decide which tickets to buy:


Remember, Marketplace Tickets get you in the door but you’ll have to buy as you go. VIP tickets are held in two sessions: 1PM and 5PM. At the VIP sessions you can eat and drink to your heart’s content.

Anchor Hitch


Anchor Hitch took their signature Uni Pasta, rolled it up into a ball, and deep fried it. The decadent spheres of flavor are topped with masago, shredded nori, and more chunks of fresh sea urchin.

Cauldron Ice Cream


When you’re ready to take a break from all the savory items Noods has to offer, Cauldron Ice Cream is serving a Churro puffle with Nutella ice cream. Take your photos fast though, a dessert this fine deserves to be eaten ASAP.

Mad Dumplings


The Mad Dumplings food truck will feature a variation of the iconic shrimp Cup Noodles. It features fresh carrots, green onions & shrimp stuffed inside a crispy homemade dumpling skin. The dumplings are served in a bed of cheesy Gouda Rabokki.

Naugles (Taco Bun)


Ever fancy a taco served in a hamburger bun? Naugles Tacos & Burgers’ Taco Bun is literally the contents of a taco thrown on a burger bun. While the concept is simple enough, the flavors themselves speak volumes.

Have some hot sauce ready.

Neptune’s Raw Oyster and Seafood Bar


A dish that incorporates seafood in almost every aspect, Neptune’s Crab Pasta features a black squid ink pasta that’s tossed in a creamy uni sauce and topped with crab meat and baby tomatoes.

Pour Vida Latin Flavor


What do you get when you combine the classic Mexican tripe soup menudo with Japanese udon noodles? Probably the coolest food fusion name of all time: Men-UDON. The dish features tripe in a savory broth, hominy, udon noodles, and fish cakes.

Sgt. Pepperonis Pizza


Sgt. Pepperoni takes the classic Italian noodle dish and turns it into savory hand-held nachos you can grub one at your convenience: Lasagna Nachos. I’m sure Garfield the cat would have no reason to hate Mondays if he had a plate of these bad boys.

Sit Low Pho


Our homie Hop from Sit Low Pho threw the content of his hearty bowls of pho into a burrito in what we love to call: The Phorrito. It features rice noodles, oxtail, herbs, and is served as a dip with pho broth.

Pho-get about that New Year’s diet.

Two Birds Restaurant


The name says it all: Jidori Fried Chicken Ramen Burrito.

Created by upcoming spot Two Birds in Irvine, the dish is the brainchild of none other than Slapfish mastermind Andrew Gruel.

The burrito features ramen cooked in a smokey pork broth with a hint of dashi that’s paired with a creamy cabbage. Once the burrito is assembled, it’s topped with the crispy fried chicken and Two Birds’ signature Tiger Sauce.



While Bruxie’s beastly creation of a Korean BBQ-flavored fried chicken and waffles topped with a kimchi noodle slaw is a thing of beauty. Those looking for a little heat in their food will be pleasantly surprised with the kick this sandwich brings.

Chelo Creamery 


Another sweet option in a day jam-packed with savory dishes, the Dragonfruit rolled ice cream will be one of the most photogenic dishes at Noods. The dessert from Chelo Creamery is topped with fresh fruit and sweet sauces and are camera-ready for your phones to snap away at.

Dos Chinos


Dos Chinos is one of the OG spots around that combines popular Latin and Asian flavors to create a insanely beautiful dish you’d be proud to share on social media. Their entry into Noods is a Mexican Ramen that boasts noodles, homily, avocados, fresh avocados, roasted pork, and a rich broth topped with a pozole red tare.

The Kroft


It’s East meets West at the Kroft, which is serving a Philly Cheesesteak Bao topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. While absolutely mouthwatering, it’ll be tough to get both components (Hot Cheetos and Cheesesteak) in a single picture. We encourage you, however, to give it your best shot.

Tiki Fish


You’re gonna want to try more than one of these Hawaiian Pineapple Teriyaki Burgers. The sweet and savory slider features a spam spread and habanero aioli, ensuring eat bite delivers a massive amount of flavor in such a tiny package.

Mess Hall Canteen


You might remember salivating a while back over Mess Hall Canteen’s insane soft-shelled crab mac n’ cheese tater tots. Well, you ain’t seen anything yet.

Mess Hall Canteen’s new Drunken Sailor Ramen features ramen noodles covered in a copious amount of creamy cheese “broth” and served with bacon, lobster, and snow crab. The hearty dish is then topped with masago aioli and shredded nori to bring the ramen noodle concept together.

Norigami Tacos


Norigami’s Ramen Taco will boast ramen noodles, Japanese style slow-braised pork, egg, corn, and green onion. The innovative item will be served on a crispy seaweed shell so that patrons can enjoy their taco and they explore Noods.

Samurai Burrito


Wanna crush a massive amount of sushi on the fly? Samurai Burrito will throw all your favorite sushi components into a hand-held burrito. We recommend sharing this bad boy with a friend if you want some room to try other dishes, or go back and get another one—who are we to judge?

Seoul Street


Need a savory walk-around snack? The Korean Bulgogi fries from Seoul Street is the perfect choice if you’re feeling peckish want to grab something to share with your buds. The dish features sweet bulgogi meat topped with corn, pico de gallo, and cheese crumbles.

Shrimp Daddy


Popular Smorgasburg newcomer Shrimp Daddy will be serving their signature Pineapple Shrimp bowls at the event. They’ll also be introducing a new macaroni salad shrimp cocktail made exclusively for the event.

Sunset Catering


Fancy some fancy Mac n’ Cheese? Sunset Catering will be offering a rich Sriracha Creamy Lobster Mac N’ Cheese that combines seafood with the velveteen texture one can only get from a perfect bowl of macaroni and cheese.

The Dirty Cookie


The Dirty Cookie will be offering a quartet of Asian-inspired cookie shots. The options include Thai Tea, Black Sesame, Matcha, and Ube. Extra points to anyone that collects them all.

The Low Key Poke Joint


The Low Key Poke Joint, in Garden Grove, CA, created a Hot Cheetos Poke Burrito t0 incorporate the fiery corned puffed snack into their menu in an innovative way.

Utilizing a build-your-own-poke concept, the restaurant gives you a large variety of ways to craft a poke/sushi “burrito” or bowl. One of the more popular, social media-friendly options includes a Hot Cheetos wrap for sushi burritos. The burrito features a fish protein of your choice, crab meat, masago, onions, and tons of other sides and toppings.



Because you can’t just be eating pork belly and cheesy noodles for the entire day, Green2Go offers two of the healthier alternatives at NOODS.

You can get a pan-seared Alaskan salmon, organic veggie stir fry rice noodles with a house-made teriyaki sauce and sesame ginger dressing. If you’re looking for something a little meatier, try the grass-fed tri-tip with organic veggie stirfry, rice stick noodles, with teriyaki sauce and sesame ginger dressing.



The concept of Nashville Hot Chicken has been pretty popping this year. Puzzles is offering a Korean-style Nashville Hot Chicken Bao at Noods that we couldn’t be happier to sink our teeth into. The dish features hot chicken served on a steamed bun and topped with shredded cabbage.

Looks like they’ll be going head-to-head with the Kroft to see who has the best bao.

Photo: Kevin Lee

Euro Caffe


This Mini Matcha Crepe Cake from Euro Caffe features layers upon layers of the savory match-flavored pancake. Euro Caffe will also be serving Matcha Espressos to pair their stunning dessert with.



Elbows’ Korean BBQ Mac N Cheese will proudly live up to all cheese pulls guests will expect from the creamy dish.

We Have Noodles


We Have Noodles will be offering and elevated take on classic Vietnamese Pho with smoked beef belly, rice noodles, bone broth, beef tendon chicharron, pho herbs, and beef fat shallot confit. Prepare to pack your mouths with tons of pho-lavor.



This behemoth of a Ramen Burger features fried chicken katsu topped with seasoned ramen noodles between two burger buns. It’s actually so big, we had a bit of a difficult time getting the entire thing into frame. You can see it for yourself if you come to Noods, though.

Goa Taco


Pad Thai fans will get a kick out of this Prawn and Chicken Pad Thai Paratha Taco from Goa Taco. The Noods exclusive item is not only a mouthful to say, but a mouthful to embrace in the best way possible. It’s vibrant colors and fresh ingredients make it either a great starter dish, or finisher dish food an Asian food festival.



Got that craving for poke, but you can’t really commit to all the carbs that come from a burrito? Hamasaku is serving up a fresh Salmon Poke Noodle Salad made with fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber, green onion, cashew, and a Japanese pesto sauce.

Photo: @StirandStyle, @Pham_bot, and event vendors.

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Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts To Your First Great American Beer Festival

I remember the urge to run. The long line that snaked along the side of the Colorado Convention Center in Denver dragged me in the building, up a wide flight of stairs and released me into the
cavernous Great American Beer Festival®— my first. I’m not sure what I was running to. I almost expected a lifeguard to yell, “No running!”

So I did the same straight-legged, hand flat down my sides speed walk that over-stimulated children do around a pool. I hustled to the first brewery I saw. Little did I know that the first beer sampled at the country’s largest and most renowned beer festival was my symbolic cannonball into a fascination, a career and a whole new life that I have loved ever since.

That was over a decade ago.


Today, my GABF starts well before the line begins. I’m on the other side of the stanchions — the other side of the booth. I still get just as excited. And proud. I see the same elation on other first-timers’ faces that I’m sure was stuck to mine. I think about how much the festival has grown, how much the small and independent brewery scene has grown and maybe I’ve grown, too. (Nope, still 5’10”.) I remember when dropping one’s tasting cup was license to go bat-sh*t crazy; it still is. Not necessarily from hearing that roar 20 times each session, but from seeing the joy that it brings.

(MORE: 10 Best Medal-Winning Names from 2015 GABF)

As we look to this next GABF, I figured I’d share some ideas for newcomers that I think will help make your GABF as life-changing as my first time. Everyone experiences GABF differently, but if I had a chance to do it all over again, I might consider these.

DO: Make a list

The GABF app didn’t exist for my first fest; I’m pretty sure none did, but it sure would have been helpful. In subsequent years, I’ve been able to create lists of breweries or beers that I wanted to visit. I’ve shared that list with others and they’ve appreciated the tips. Use the app to create your own list or check out the filtered lists of beers and other things going on at the GABF.

DO: Make a pretzel necklace

No accessory says “I’m here to have fun” like a pretzel necklace. Get creative, make it a statement piece. What? You’re too cool for pretzel necklaces? How are you going to cleanse that oh-so-refined palate? Matzo medallion?

It’s Friday! Bust a move & enjoy that weekend! ‪#GABF #TGIGABF

A photo posted by Brewers Association (@greatamericanbeerfestival) on

DO: Eat before. Drink water during

Savor the Flavor responsibly and don’t let the fest get the best of you. Having some food in your stomach is imperative and water is an important part of life in the Mile High City regardless if you’re enjoying beer or not.

(MORE: 5 Questions Brewers Want You to Ask During Tours)

DO: Ask questions

Nobody will ever know everything there is to know about beer — that’s part of the reason we love it — but sharing perspectives and knowledge can go a long way in understanding it better. Whether you like the beer you’re sampling or dislike it, ask about it. What’s the style history? What was the brewer’s intention? After you learn about it, maybe your initial impression will change.

DON’T: Wait in lines

This might be just my preference, but I can’t stand waiting in line. No matter what beer is being served at the front of the line, it’s not worth it. If a glass of beer is normally about eight to 10 minutes of enjoyment, then spending 15 minutes in line for a 1 ounce sample just doesn’t compute. Instead, set your sight on finding the beers that will be commanding long lines at next year’s GABF. There are plenty of them. Find them.

DO: Dump beer

I know what you’re thinking: This dude wants me to waste beer!? That’s right. Nobody is going to shame you for dumping a beer you don’t like. There are hundreds of others to choose from. You aren’t going to hurt anyone’s feelings. Dump that sucka and find one you’d like to sip on for a bit. Downing a 12% barleywine that you don’t like will only wreck your palate, fill your tummy (and bladder) and bring you closer to naptime.

After 35 years the Great American Beer Festival has become much more than just a beer festival: it’s a family reunion for many attendees and brewers alike and a source of great pride for all who have the chance to work on it. If you’ve been before, you’ve likely figured out your own tips on enjoying your time. I hope that if you’re joining us for the first time you take some of my advice. With all that the festival and its breweries have to offer, we want you to have it wash over you like it has done for us. It is not an exaggeration to say that the GABF changed my life, and I have looked forward to it every fall since.

Bonus: Don’t run. Or at least don’t run like I did.

Written by Andy Sparhawk |

Alcohol Drinks Features

9 Plans For Conquering The Great American Beer Festival


Walking through the doors of the Great American Beer Festival can be overwhelming for a first-time attendee, or even a festival veteran. So many breweries times so many beers equals an experience where no beer fan can possibly hope to catch them all.

How can you avoid missing out on some of the most awesome beers at the festival? First, take a deep breath and realize that this is one of the most highly regarded festivals in the world. Each beer was sent to the festival with a mission and most of the time with the beer drinker in mind.

Setting a strategy before you walk in the door can help take off the pressure. We came up with nine creatively-themed tracks — think of them as missions or quests or even scavenger hunts — to add an element of mystery to your GABF experience. Most of all take it slow, drink plenty of water and remember that the festival is about the enjoyment of beer overall. As Andy Sparhawk recently reminded us: beer is supposed to be fun.

1: The Social Butterfly

social_butterfly3Are you a people person? Do you like to let fate be your guide? Then try being a Social Butterfly. This is where you ask a friend or the person pouring beer at a table which brewery you should try next. This is a great way to find out some other people’s favorite beers and break some ice.

2: The Gandalf

Wander around and try one or two beers from each of the regions in the festival hall, or one beer from each of the 50 states. Have you ever tried a beer from North Dakota? Fargo Brewing will represent the Peace Garden State. What about Alaska? Alaskan Brewing will be in attendance for the 49th State. Allagash Brewing will be the sole Maine brewery. Wander around and see what new beers you can find. After all, not all who wander are lost.

3: The Collector

the_collector_2Taneleer Tivan collects rare and wonderful objects from around the galaxy in the Marvel Comics Universe. What strange and wonderful beer ingredients can you find this year? See how many new ingredients you can try in your beers. Did Wynkoop Brewing bring their Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout? Did Firestone Walker or Adroit Theory happen to bring any beers aged in mezcal barrels? See how far you can step out of your comfort zone.

(MORE: 10 Off-Kilter IPA Ingredients)

4: The Fonzthe_fonz

Arthur Fonzarelli  knew lots of people and everyone felt like they knew him on the 1970’s sitcom Happy Days. Say “heyyy” to the interactive Beer Style guide and see if you can sample beers from categories you’ve never tried before.

5: The Indiana Jones

“Archeology is the search for fact, not truth,” Indiana Jones told his students. Just as Indy went in search of historical artifacts, brewers at GABF have produced beers fitting historical styles. Try to drink one of each of these historical beer styles: grodziskie, Lichtenhainer, gose, Berliner weiss, zwickelbier, adambier and rauchbier.

muscles_brussels6: The Muscles from Brussels

Just like Jean-Claude Van Damme took America by storm, now GABF brews up a storm of Belgian-style beers, all of them worth a try. In this track, sample beers with Belgian influence: golden ale, Belgian IPA, Belgian wit, sours and lambics. If in doubt, see if the beer’s name has the word “Belgian” in it.

7: The Luke Skywalkerdarth_vadar

A Jedi can appreciate this search for the light side of malt. Just as Luke trained with Yoda on Degobah and learned the ways of the force, this search looks for lighter-colored beers. These beers aren’t necessarily “light beers;” instead, they’re mainly beers brewed with lighter colored malts including the cream ale, kolsch, pale lager, pale ale, IPA, goses and pilsners.

8: The Darth Vader

Just as Darth Vader told Luke Skywalker, “You don’t know the power of the Dark Side,” GABF can be your ticket to exploring beers made with dark malt in some way. Hopheads in particular can stretch outside their comfort zone to find beers with dark and roasted malts including stout, porter, black IPA, milk stouts, imperial stouts and schwarzbiers.

technicolor9: The Technicolor

This is a horse of a different color. On this track, enjoy beers made with fruits, roots, woods, and barrels, or even beers of a different color like Irish reds, etc. The deeper the color the more unique the beer. How many beers are made with passion fruit? Dragon fruit? Lychee? Lingonberries? See how many strange fruits you can pick off this beer list.

MORE: A Fascination with Foraged Beer)

No matter how you choose to enjoy the Great American Beer Festival, make it memorable by enjoying in moderation, drinking plenty of water and being patient with fellow festivalgoers and staff. Remember that this event celebrates the community of beer, and we are enjoying this together. Cheers!

Written by Mark DeNote |


These Are Coachella’s Three Most Popular Places To Eat

The first weekend of Coachella 2016 was a success as folks drank, listened to live music and ate. So what was the most popular spot to chow down at the music festival? Our peeps at Twitter sent over some data that shows what was hot this past weekend.

Over the three-day Weekend One, more than 3.8 million Tweets were about Coachella. So at such a massive event, what could possibly be the most popular things to eat?

These three food spots were the most talked about vendors this past weekend.


A photo posted by Hinterland LA (@hinterland_la) on

Based in Santa Monica, this spot features “Coastal New American” style cuisine. We hear their shrimp grits were AMAZING. 

Afters Ice Cream

Afters ice cream vibes at @coachella | 📷: @kiana.krolik

A photo posted by Afters Ice Cream | 12pm-12am (@aftersicecream) on

Orange County’s very own Afters Ice Cream drew massive lines at the music festival. Their signature item is a fresh donut stuffed with sweet sticky ice cream.

Blue Bottle

We’re back in the desert! See you tomorrow #Coachella.

A photo posted by bluebottlela (@bluebottlela) on

At a place like Coachella, you’re probably not going to want to sleep. That’s where Blue Bottle comes in. Caffeine boosts for all.

You can also check out our exclusive look at 10 of the most Tweeted food phrases during Coachella’s Weekend one.

Cover Photo: Coachella Facebook