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This Giant Ferrero Rocher Cake Is A Golden Dome Of Decadence

Growing up, a Ferrero Rocher piece was the pinnacle of decadent confection. Wrapped in bright gold foil, the balls of chocolate and hazelnut boasted a rich flavor and bold textures created from the marriage of the two balanced ingredients.

Now imagine that feeling, magnified one hundred fold.

Gelato Messina, a gelato shop in Australia, created a giant Ferrero Rocher ball that pales all other candies before it.

Photo Courtesy of Reuben Mourad

The exquisite details to create this dessert miracle start with tempered chocolates that are liquefied and poured into a dome mold, which is then tipped upside down. The mold is next filled with gianduja gelato, white chocolate, and hazelnut spread, all of which are then frozen. What follows is the hazelnut praline mousse and chocolate covered Rice Krispies being added to the gelato dome once it’s stiff.

A second, smaller hazelnut and cream gelato dome is crafted, frozen, and glazed with chocolate rocker glaze while the bottom dome is sprayed with gold luster. Finally, the Rocher glazed dome is placed on top of the gold glazed one, sealed and ready to be split in half.

Photo Courtesy of Reuben Mourad

An intricate process, yes, but the results speak for themselves.

You can order this cake online to be shipped or pick it up in-store if you’re in Australia.

News Now Trending Sweets

Ferrero Reportedly Buying Nestle For A Whopping $2.8 Billion


It was just last December that news broke of Nestle trying to sell off its U.S. confectionery unit, and while it seemed that Hershey’s might be the favorite to buy its rival’s popular chocolates, an unexpected player has swooped in, and looks to be crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on a deal.

Ferrero — yes, the Italian company that makes Nutella and those delicious little hazelnut Ferrero Rocher chocolates — is closing in on a $2.8 billion acquisition of Nestle U.S., according to Bloomberg.

We could hear official news of the sale as soon as Sunday, and would seemingly help both companies, as Ferrero wants to build its confectionery presence in the U.S., while Nestle is trying to back off and focus more on its coffee, drinks, and basically every other product that is not candy-related.

Ferrero’s impending purchase of Nestle U.S. is huge news, if only for the prospects of having Nutella infused in some of our favorites sweets, such as Crunch, and even Butterfinger bars.

If Ferrero wants to dominate the chocolate world, and throw Nutella on everything, we won’t be mad at them. Do your thing, Ferrero.


Hershey’s Upgrades Their KISSES For The First Time In Two Decades


Hershey’s Kisses are a classic Chocolate and you don’t see big changes from them too often, but they’re getting bigger and badder this holiday season.

Kisses Deluxe are the new treat from Hershey’s, and they’re twice as big as the traditional Kisses. They feature a creamy chocolate center with a whole roasted hazelnut, and have milk chocolate crisps within the chocolate shell.

They sound a lot like the classic Ferrero Rocher chocolates you see around the holidays, and from the gold wrapper, to the clear case, it sure as hell looks like Ferrero Rocher’s chocolates, as well.


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.48.52 PM

Either way, Hershey’s tested out these hazelnut treats in China back in 2013, spent the last few years tweaking it, waited for China to fall in love with them, and got them ready for their US arrival November 5.

It won’t be a soft launch, either. The Kisses Deluxe will be available nationwide at places such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger, hell, even Amazon.

The sizes will range from a 3-piece, to 35-piece box. If you do grab some from Amazon, they’ll have a giant 74-piece box.

So if you want to give out something familiar, but new this Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, this might be the perfect gift.


Ferrero Rocher Cupcake with Nutella Buttercream

nutella cupcake

H/T Bobs_Bitch_Tits


11 Incredible Ways to Replace Your Significant Other with Chocolate

What to do when love isn’t enough? Drown your sorrows in red wine and chick flicks? Post passive aggressive Facebook statuses? How about something a little more straightforward, and a lot more delicious? Whether your relationship is brand sparkling new, entirely nonexistent, or a little worse for wear, nothing and no one will ever love you as much as you love chocolate.

Chocolate can be cool and collected or gushy and warm. Chocolate will never let you down or make promises it can’t keep. Best of all, chocolate gets along with everything and everyone else you love, from marshmallows to beer . So we collected a list of 11 products and recipes to remind you that chocolate, let’s just be real, would absolutely be the best significant other, ever.

Repeat after me: Chocolate + [You] = LUV 4 EVER.


S’mores Brownies Are Softies on the Inside and Out


Graham crackers are all right, but the real stars of the campfire have always been chocolate and marshmallows. These S’mores Brownies take all the good parts of s’mores and leave all the boring parts (i.e., graham crackers and shame) buried deep underneath where they belong.

Recipe: Pastry Affair


12-Layered Chocolate Cake Will Never Let You Down


Sometimes a relationship starts great only to dissolve into an awful, ugly mess. Not so with this 12-layered chocolate cake from New York’s Strip House. Simple and sweet, there are no surprises here, just all good. Alllll goooooodddd.

PicThx: StripHouse


Dark Chocolate Creme Brûlée Is The Tough Guy With a Heart of Gold


Recipe writer Bee Brûlée describes this chocolatey pot of cream as “so good you’ll want to punch someone in the face.” We’re picturing something with a touch more nuance than its vanilla counterpart. Just be careful not to burn the sugar, since the chocolate custard might make it a little hard to tell.

Recipe: Bee Brulee


Magnum Double Chocolate Ice Cream is the Ultimate Chocolate Pleasure


Premium chocolate ice cream swirled with rich chocolate sauce and made with rich Belgian chocolate — yes, please! If you’re looking for the most pleasurable way to take your love affair with chocolate on the go, there’s nothing better than a Double Chocolate MAGNUM ice cream bar.

PicThx Dominique Zamora


Richart Assorted Ganache, Coulis, and Pralines Are Fancier Than Netflix Dates


Richart is a French-based chocolatier dedicated to creating visually impressive chocolate collections that look less like melted cocoa poop and more like the insides of designer handbags. For just $850, you can even get yours in a hand-crafted, seven drawer, burlwood vault. Yay.

PicThx Chocablog


Chuao Potato Chip, Spicy Mayan, Maple Bacon Chocolate Bars Will Never Get Boring


Maybe you don’t like wasting time. Maybe you’re just multifaceted. In any case, chocolate for you isn’t just a one-trick pony, but a culmination of everything good in the world. Southern California-based Chuao chocolates does its bars up with everything from maple bacon strips to crunchy potato chips to honeycomb. Super fancy.

PicThx: Chuao


Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake Will Always Love You


No matter how much you tell yourself otherwise, the indulgent tastes of chocolate and Nutella can be too rich after a while. But throw in a subtly cooling twist like cream cheese, and you can stuff your face with at least another pound of the stuff, easy.

Recipe: Ang Sarap


Caramel Stuffed Quadruple Chocolate Chip Cookies Are 100% Melt-Worthy


The name is as big a mouthful as the cookies are, which is a beautiful thing. These chunky treats ooze with melted chocolate chips and chocolate Rolos. Pro-tip: chilled dough results in optimal, gooey thickness. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with a sad, hunchbacked mess, sigh.

Recipe: Averie Cooks


Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Will Never Force You to Commit


White, milk, and dark chocolate flavored cheeses set into in one gloriously decadent wheel.

PicThx London Dessert Collective


Mini Chocolate Stout Brownie Sundae Floats Are Your Favorite Bad Decision


This is what death by chocolate looks like. Just close your eyes and it’ll feel that much sweeter.

Recipe: Half Baked Harvest


Chocolate Tree Is Like Christmas AND Valentine’s Day


Melt chocolate, pour over ice, let set into jagged, sinuous branches, and call it a tree. At Del Posto in New York, they’ve perfected this process into an art form, resulting in veritable cocoa crags only the hardiest chocolate lovers should dare attempt to conquer.

PicThx Del Posto


2-in-1 Ferrero Rocher Champagne Pineapple


Picthx Fancy Topcake


Mind=Blown: Ferrero Rochers Are Filled With Nutella

ferrero rocher nutella

PicThx Imgfave

Fast Food

McDonald’s Hong Kong Now Serving Ferrero Rocher Coffee


A new collaboration between McDonald’s Hong Kong and Italian chocolate company Ferrero has made tiny, golden-wrapped, peanut-bedazzled, and Nutella-filled chocolate-flavored coffee a reality. The chain’s new limited time Golden Moments series, features two drinks and one coffee cake inspired by Ferrero products. In other words, yes, you can now drink your Ferrero Rocher.

The New White Chocolate Coffee is available iced or hot and tastes like Ferrero’s Confetteria Raffaello, a white chocolate round wafer covered with coconut.

The Golden Nutty Mocha tastes like the iconic Rocher and features steamed milk, chocolate sauce, espresso, and hazelnut syrup (a bit similar to Starbucks Secret Menu “Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino“).

Finally the seven layer Coffee Chocolate Cake comes with a base of biscuit crumbs, topped with chocolate and coffee mousse, Italian cheese, and chocolate cream, and tastes like the Ferrero Rondnoir, the company’s dark chocolate line.

Best of all, each item also comes with a free sample of its inspiration, bless.

H/T + Picthx Brand Eating