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[NSFW] Oral Sex Candy Exists, Watch Pornstars Taste Test It

If you think tiny explosions going off on your junk sounds like a good time, something actually exists to appease your strange fetish.

It’s called Pipedream’s BJ Blast, and it sounds like it’s just Pop Rocks being used for fellatio.

Because people love watching porn stars do, well, anything, YouTube channel Wood Rocket recruited five of them to try out the oral sex candy.

Relax, it’s YouTube, so they didn’t try the candy ON anyone, it was more of a taste test and reaction.

“I can understand the purpose of this,” Cassandra Cain said in the video. “If I were to put this in my mouth and then put a penis in there, it might feel really cool.”

The general realization between all the ladies, was that it’s just repackaged Pop Rocks.

Because the internet, yes there are forums discussing Pop Rocks as an oral sex enhancer.

Some have described it as feeling like “sandpaper to me,” while another user said, “It’s not a show stopper, it’s just something different for a moment.”

If Pop Rocks going off on your man parts like the 4th of July doesn’t sound pleasurable, there are plenty of other foods that can get the job done, like honey, whipped cream, and even grapefruits.

Hit-Or-Miss News

Guy Gets Arrested For Getting A BJ In McDonald’s Dining Room

Sometimes that McDonald’s McFlurry is so good, it gets you in “the mood,” and you have no choice but to get it on right then and there.

Conrad Jablecki, 30, got arrested after getting a blow job in the middle of a Pennsylvania McDonald’s dining room, Monday.

Jablecki, pictured below flipping off the camera and holding a stack of money, looks the part of a guy who’s down to pull down his pants and ask someone to put their mouth on his one-eyed-monster in the middle of a family-friendly fast food joint.

The woman involved in the incident has not been found or charged with anything, but Jablecki is facing indecent exposure, and open lewdness charges, according to The Smoking Gun.

It was smackdab in the middle of the day, too, as he was spotted at the McDonald’s at 1:11 p.m.

A quick scroll through Jablecki’s Facebook page, and you immediately notice he’s a motivational speaker, with advice like “Be about gettin’ ya bread-N-find A bad bitch W/ mean head game,” and “I got sooo much style I can lend ur nigga sum!!”

I don’t care how good that Quarter Pounder is, if you’re suddenly turned on, you’ve gotta find a better place to get fellated than a McDonald’s dining room.


Watch Professional Porn Stars Give Oral Sex Tips Using Popsicles

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 3.08.54 PM

It’s pretty crazy how food can be used as a learning tool.

From the same people who used fruits to show us how to properly stimulate a woman, comes an educational visual on how to perform oral sex on a man.

YouTube channel Simple Pickup brought in professional porn stars and had them use Popsicles to demonstrate proper fellatio techiques.

To paraphrase Johan Hill in Superbad, some of the best foods are shaped like dicks, so popsicles and penises are similar enough to give a good illustration.

Although the women seemed to have a little trouble with certain tips, mostly because “It’s hard to give instructions with a cock in your mouth,” they dished out several methods that have worked for them.

Check out their expert advice below: