These USB-Powered S’mores Slippers Will Toast Your Feet


Slippers can play an essential role in your morning rituals. If it’s a cold one, slip into a pair and keep your feet nice and toasty until you’re ready to start your day. What better way to represent something toasty than a pair of s’mores slippers.

Sold at Smoko, the whimsical foot warmers are designed to look like the popular campfire treat. This includes the a smiling graham cracker, melted chocolate and masrhmallow core.

The slippers come with a USB cable that allows them to be heated if it ever gets too cold.

h/t Design Taxi


Irish People Try Chicken Feet And Other Strange Foods Around The World

The world is filled with foods that may appear strange, but more often than not, end up being delicious once you give them a chance. Yet another Facts. video has surfaced on YouTube showing Irish people trying something new for the first time.

This time, the test group is trying four of the strangest foods found around the world.

Among the foreign dishes are escargot (France), chicken feet (Indonesia), kangaroo steak (Australia) and lamb testicles (United States).

Major points for the open-mindedness. We’re pretty sure we won’t be trying chicken feet any time soon.


These Tasty Socks Transform Into Giant Sushi When You Roll Them Up


Here us out, just for a second.  Having your feet look like giant versions of your favorite sushi is actually super cool. These sushi-inspired socks, made by Tokyo Otaku Mode, an online store specializing in Japanese pop culture products, knits the details into the sock, for a more realistic look.




The socks, when rolled up, are almost indistinguishable from giant sushi rolls, and they transform your feet and legs into giant sushi when worn.  The designs include shrimp, octopus, caviar, and salmon, to name a few.  And at less than $6 per pair, you can easily get an entire chef’s set without breaking the bank. That’s more than you can say for a really nice sushi restaurant.

H/T Design Taxi