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Spice up Your Footlong With Jalapeño Cheddar Bread


Subway is spicing up their menu once again, this time with their new Jalapeño Cheddar Bread. After debuting their Fiery Footlong Collection in November the chain is taking the next logical step and adding jalapeño ridden rolls to the menu. For an extra hot lunch why not pair your Jalapeño Cheddar Bread with some creamy Sriracha sauce? Although the bread will only be available for a limited time Subway R&D Baking Specialist Mark Christiano says the bread “has the potential to be added to the permanent menu”

The addition of the new bread coincides with Subway’s “Janu-ANY” promotion which comes a month early in 2014. Any regular footlong will be $5 for the entire month.

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Subway Bringing Back $5 Footlongs for FebruANY


While February usually conjures up images of fluffy pink teddies hugging Pepto-Bismol-colored hearts, here at Foodbeast there are a few other things on our mind. . . like Subway’s $5 FebruANY promotion, for instance.

The deal goes from February 1 – 28,  starting at 7 am and valid throughout the entire day. Although, the $5 promotion doesn’t apply to just any footlong sandwich (it’s $6 for “specials”), so check the site to peep which ones you can get at a discount.

Of course, while we all love a good BLT, Meatball Marinara and some Roast Beef action on a budget, we don’t recommend making this your spot on the 14th. Just a heads up.


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FebruANY — Subway is Offering $5 Footlongs All Month Long

Over the past couple years, Subway has become the definitive sandwich discounter. The chain has made a distinct impression  on competitor’s sandwich price points, setting the tone with their iconic $5 Footlong-deal introduction a few years back. Every so often they’ll hearken back to their “Any Regular FOOTLONG is a $5 FOOTLONG” menu, making customers everywhere happy, and those poor sandwich artists a tired wreck by day’s end.

With that said, from February 1-29, ANY regular FOOTLONG is a $5 FOOTLONG, starting at 7AM. Yes, that means if Meatball Marinara is your jam, it’s yours for $5. Tuna? $5. Steak & Cheese? $5. Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki? 6…err…$5.

For you Subway fanatics, what’s your sandwich of choice?