These Lego Dishes are Deliciously Adorkable


These Lego dishes look good enough to eat, but don’t because you might crack a tooth.

Lego Brick Artist, Sachiko Akinaga, uses your average Lego assortment sets and builds incredible pieces, but her food creations are what has us drooling.

It’s hard enough to build a freaking Lego set that comes with the instructions but Akinaga has managed to recreate dishes such as a waffle dripping in syrup, a hamburger topped with all the fix-ins, an assortment of sushi and even a banana that you can peel open. A Lego banana. That. Peels. Open. Are you kidding me?


Akinaga competes in Lego building competitions and has been a Lego Artist for over ten years. Check out more of her delicious pieces below:



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Wear French Fries & Ketchup in Your Hair with Faux-Food Hair Swag

Food Headbands

Edible-looking clothing is always a good idea. Take the silk bacon scarf, for example — rock that bad boy, and you’d look ten times tastier than normal. And if you’re a fan of this type of garb, then you’ve gotta check out these foodie headbands by Japan’s Fake Food Hatanaka.

These super-realistic hair accessories not only look delicious, but they’re also quite versatile, serving standard hair-taming purposes while being fashion forward (at least to foodies). Fancy some french fries with a dab of ketchup in your hair? What about a generous serving of eggs and bacon?

The company also sells accessories like spaghetti carbonara rings, naan pizza necklaces and (our favorite) chili shrimp hair ties. Cool, right? Just don’t try and eat them.

Faux-Food Head Bands @Fake Food Hatanaka

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