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How To Treat Your Dad To A Meaty Father’s Day

There are those of you who like to plan your Father’s Day ahead of time, and others who tend to wait until the last minute to figure something out. There’s no wrong away to go about it, just as long as whatever you do comes from the heart.

For example, my dad’s a guy with simple tastes. He LOVES meat. Rather than picking up a new shirt or wristwatch this year for Father’s Day, I began thinking up a few different experiences I could share with my father.

Here are some easy to execute activities I came up for my dad. Hopefully they inspire you to come up with some that fits yours!

Grab That ‘Cue

My dad loves barbecue. Give him a well-smoked brisket, sweet fall-off-the-bone ribs, some cheddar jalapeño sausages, and he’ll be a happy man. If your pops is the same, then find a good BBQ joint open on Father’s Day and treat him to a little of everything.

We’re talking brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, wings, sausages, and whatever sides your poppa’s heart desires.

Now if it’s anything like the Hog Heaven, that massive off-the-wall BBQ Birthday Cake, just make sure you bring a few extra family members to help you pick it apart. That thing’s massive.

Steak Recipe Free-For-All

Some of my best memories with my dad are simply the two of us cooking together, grilling meat, and frying fish.

Not too long ago, the Foodbeast editorial team were sent different cuts from this company called  Porter Road. Each person was tasked with creating a dish from a specific cut of meat: tri-tip, petite sirloin, shoulder tender, and flap.

As someone who looks for father figures wherever I go, it was interesting to see how my coworkers functioned in a kitchen setting and the dynamic between everyone when in full cooking mode.

Perhaps just running to the nearest Costco and picking up a few random cuts of meat, blasting some Carlos Santana on the stereo and just getting creative in the kitchen is something dad would enjoy.

Did Someone Say Hot Chicken?

Popular DTLA-based Howlin’ Ray’s is lauded for their Nashville Hot fried chicken. What they’re also known for is that ridiculously long line that rounds the block. If your dad is someone who appreciates an immaculate piece of fried chicken, I recommend taking him here.

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Sure, you’re guaranteed a multi-hour wait for your meal but that simply gives you plenty of time to catch up with him while you inch closer to the storefront.

Now, if you’re not based near Los Angeles, the same theory applies for any dope spot whose lines rival a sneaker drop. Just pick a restaurant, put on some comfy shoes, and get yourselves ready for some genuine conversation while you wait.

Let’s Hit The Grill

If your dad is someone who enjoys manning the grill, set everything up for him this weekend.

Put together a few quick and easy recipes and have everything prepped and marinated ahead of time. Clean out the grill, smoker or stove and have everything preheated and ready to go.

Once your dad is up and about this Sunday, all you have to do is hand him a beer, a pair of tongs, and pull up a chair with him.

All he’ll have to do is watch the flames, tend to the meat, and share an ice-cold brew with his kid.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Father’s Day Sunday!

Design Packaged Food

You Can Turn Your Dad’s Face Into A Big Block Of Cheese For Father’s Day

If you’re still on the hunt for some Father’s Day gifts, there’s a last-minute chance to channel your inner Andrew Jackson and turn Pops into a big cheese block.

cheese block

Photo courtesy of Kraft

Kraft is offering up the zany opportunity on eBay, where the top 5 bidders in a special, 48-hour auction will win a custom-made cheese sculpture. Currently, the top bid stands at $500.

If you’re one of the top five, Kraft will reach out to you following the auction and ask for a picture of your dad. They’ll then have professional sculptors carve a bust of him out of a 40-pound block of cheddar. It’ll be completed the day before Father’s Day, at which point it will get sent to you.

For those wondering, Kraft isn’t keeping any of the money from the proceeds of this auction. 100% of the funds, plus a matching donation from them, will go to Feeding America, the largest hunger relief organization in the country. So even if you don’t win, you can tell your dad that you spent good money on him that’s going to a great cause.

Those who do win the big block of cheese, though, are being advised by Kraft to NOT eat the cheese block. It’s meant for art, not for consumption purposes, so hold off on the crackers.

The auction closes on June 12th at 3 pm PST, and is only available to those in the 48 contiguous United States.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Father’s Day Ad Is An Adorable Tear Jerker

There’s a good chance that when you fall to your knees, smack yourself in the head, or completely lose your mind over a team’s loss, you picked it all up from your dad, who passed on his crazy fandom down to you. With these insane rituals in your blood, Buffalo Wild Wings’ new Father’s Day ad will definitely hit you in the feels.

The video shows a father in the living room, writhing in agony as he watches his favorite basketball team (possibly the Cleveland Cavaliers) blow the game, and come out on the losing end. Beside him on the couch, is his adorable young daughter, covering her eyes, stretching out her her face with her hands, and raising her arms in defeat, just as her papa was doing.

After the father lets the team’s loss sink in, he looks over at his daughter, who has a huge smile on her face and leaps into her daddy’s arms, effectively deflating all the tension in the room.

The last words you see are, “Thanks for showing us how to love sports,” as the commercial ends.

The ad is almost Super Bowl-ish, as it was meant to make you feel something, and it succeeded, as many sports fans can watch and relate.

If this isn’t the cutest Father’s Day tribute, I don’t know what is.


Running List Of The Best Father’s Day Food Deals

Father’s Day is this Sunday and that means it’s time to find the perfect gift for the man who’s always there for you.

From his embarrassing dance skills to his perfect barbecue, with all that your dad does for you what better way to celebrate than food? Here’s some Father’s Day deals to help you treat him.

Maybe he’ll even stop with the dad jokes long enough to stuff his mouth.

The Counter Custom Burgers


What: All dads who request the BFD by name will receive a free 1/3 with purchase of a burger of equal or greater value by a family member. Dads just tell your server “I want a BFD.”

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19



What: Dads get a free all-beef dog with chili with proof of fatherhood. To get this deal dads need to bring children, show family photos or tell a story about their kids.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

Shake Shack


What: Dads get a free single cup or cone of frozen custard.

Where: All United States Shake Shack locations.

When: June 19

Medieval Times


What: Make dad a hero. Free ticket for fathers with purchase of full price adult ticket. A Father’s Day package is including 20-ounce beer, souvenir photo and a “super dad” cape is available for $25 extra.

Where: Participating locations

When: June 9-21 with promo code DFWEB15.e.

Spaghetti Warehouse


What: Fathers eat free when they dine in.  The meal offer is for free lasagna or any original recipe spaghetti entrée.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

Outback Steakhouse


What: Outback is offering an early Father’s Day Deal. Diners will receive 15% off their check excluding alcohol. Coupon can be printed here. It is also available on Outback’s app with the code DAD15.

Where: Dine-in or Curbside Take-away at all participating locations.

When: June 14-17

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

ruths chris father's day 01

What: All dads who dine at Ruth’s Chris on Father’s Day will receive a $25 dining card for use on a future visit.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

wahoos fathers day 01

What: Dads with kids under 20 get a free #1 entree Father’s day weekend. Just ask the cashier for a Father’s Day Flyer.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 17-19


Hooters Father's Day 01

What: Treat your dad to 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of any 10 wings. Fathers will also receive $5 in free dad’s bonus bucks with the purchase of a $25 gift card.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

Firehouse Subs:

firehouse father's day 01

What: Treat Dad to a free medium sub with purchase of a medium or large sub, as well as chips and a medium drink. Just save or print this coupon.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

TGI Fridays

tgi friday's father's day 01

What: Father’s Day wraps up the end of TGI Fridays Dine and Drink Deal which includes a drink and entrée for $12. Mix and match from a selection of drinks and 8 different entrees.

Where: All participating locations.

When: Now through June 19



What: Treat dad to free yogurt.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

Deals Hit-Or-Miss Restaurants

How To Turn Your Father Into A Hibachi Chef For Father’s Day

Getting dad a gift for Father’s day is always a struggle. There’s only so many years in a row you can get the poor guy a pair of new socks, which he somehow always needs. Benihana, the hibachi restaurant company, is offering a pretty amazing deal to anyone who wants to change things up for good ol’ dad.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.30.18 PMFor just $200, you can get a Be The Chef package for your father this Father’s Day. The package includes dinner for three plus the guest chef, which is presumably your father or father-figure, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. This fun lesson in cooking can be enjoyed by anyone with a passion for teppanyaki.

The main feature of this package is the one-on-one lessons with a trained Benihana teppanyaki chef. The lucky guest chef will be able to learn how to make Benihana’s famed fried rice on top of a collection of the neatest tricks the teppanyaki chefs know.

On top of the lessons, the guest chef will also receive a Benihana apron, a Benihana chef’s hat, an Honorary Teppanyaki Chef certificate and a commemorative photo. Furthermore, any purchase of $50 or more from now until June 19th will reward you with a $10 gift card.

If you’re planning on getting the Be The Chef package for a loved one, I’d suggest killing two birds with one stone buy purchasing four $50 gift cards, then using that $200 to get the package. In exchange, you should get $40 to Benihana!

Not a bad deal, eh?


The Best Last-Minute Foodie Gifts To Buy Your Dad This Father’s Day


Photo courtesy of Bjarki Halldorsson

So you tackled Mother’s Day with ease (candles or flowers, duh) but now Father’s Day has arrived and you are at a loss. Your creative juices are completely drained. Luckily, we have some great gift ideas for Dads who love food almost as much as you do. And let’s be honest, whose Dad doesn’t love food?

Check out some of our picks below for the coolest and most unique gifts for Dads who love grilling, beer and other manly food-related things.

Monogrammed Beer Mugs


Photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

William-Sonoma has a great set of 4 beer mugs that will send Dad over the moon. Everyone knows a good beer mug is a sign of a true beer drinker. The next time Dad has friends over to watch the game, they’ll all be jealous of his expertly crafted glass mug. These babies can also be stored in the freezer, which will totally change the way your Dad drinks his booze.

Omaha Steaks

Grilled BBQ T-Bone Steak

Photo by Brent Hofacker

 Your Dad will be drooling once he sets his eyes on his box of fresh Omaha Steaks. They’re basically a slam dunk. Omaha Steaks is offering a Father’s Day New York Strip Combo with 2 strip steaks, 4 burgers and 4 jumbo franks. Hopefully you can convince your Dad to share…


Charcoal Smoker


 Photo courtesy of World Market

Your Dad will be chomping at the bit to try out this handy-dandy smoker. You can practically smoke anything in this baby – meat, seafood and vegetables just got real interesting. Also, this smoker can easily be set up in your backyard. You’ll only be moments (or maybe hours) away from mind-blowing brisket, pulled pork and other authentic BBQ dishes.


Grillin’ Goggles


 Photo courtesy of World Market

Protect his eyes! Nobody wants grease spattering into your Dad’s eyes from the grill – you’d be silly not to snag him these super slick looking goggles. Not only will your dad be cooking dinner in a safer manner, but he’ll look cooler than anyone else grilling on the block.

Looking for an activity for the both of you? Try your hand at grilling with Dad. Who knows? You may be able to school him on the art of the perfect grill mark.


Beer of the Month Club


 Photo by Dave Lidbury

So maybe you and your siblings will have to split even on this present, but trust me, it’s worth it. You can choose a US beer membership, an international beer membership, or a little bit of both. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Every month, when the next beer shipment is delivered, your dad will continually be reminded of how awesome his kids are.


Popcorn Maker


Photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Okay, so your Dad doesn’t cook. He’s way more of a chill-on-the-couch and watch-the-game kind of guy. No worries, a popcorn maker is the perfect gift. This popcorn maker has all of the bells and whistles from a self-cleaning feature to a popper that can make healthier popcorn without oil. Check out Spoon’s homemade popcorn toppings for ideas on how to pimp out your Dad’s snack.


Cinnamon Whiskey Infusion Kit


Photo courtesy of World Market

Fireball might not be your Dad’s speed, but this kit lets Dad feel like a real scientist by giving him the chance to make his own version of a grown-up fireball. With super easy instructions and all natural ingredients, not only is this present affordable and cool, it’s super easy to use. We can only hope that Dad will share this, too.

Written by Gilliandukoff of Spoon University

Fast Food

Baskin-Robbins Creates First-Ever DUNKIN’ DONUTS-FLAVORED Ice Cream


In honor of National Donut Day, Baskin-Robbins has partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts to created a dessert that speaks for both brands. Donut-flavored ice cream.

June’s Flavor of the Month will be called Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee ‘N Donut. The new ice cream flavor is inspired by the idea of a chocolate-frosted donut dunked into hot coffee. It features coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts-flavored ice cream mixed together with a chocolate ribbon. Coffee ‘N Donut will also include chunks of donut hole treats inside.

The new flavor will be available Monday June 1 at participating Baskin-Robbins locations. For Father’s Day, Baskin Robbins will also be releasing a Toolbox-shaped cake and a Frosty Mug cake. Y’know, for dads that like drinking and fixing things.



Foodbeast Shares Their Fathers’ Drinks of Choice

fathers day drinks

Happy Father’s Day, Foodbeasts! Since it was usually our dads who snuck us sips of their Old Fashioneds when we were kids, this post goes out to them. Foodbeast asked their fathers what their drink of choice was, and we got everything from Madras to  Seagram’s Slut Banger. Really.

So, here’s to you dad.

For making us laugh with those never-ending corny jokes, for setting up family barbecues in the summer sun, for singing us to sleep in that off-key, husky voice, for bringing us to our first baseball game, for insisting we hold your hand when we crossed the street, and for always giving us honest, kind advice.

Cheers to the best guy in the world!


“I never met a wine I didn’t like.” –  Mr. Ayrouth

“I know my go to drink should be a manly sounding drink featuring an aged whiskey or double scoop scotch brand drink of some sort (can you tell I’m not a drinker?) with a name like Seagram’s Slut Banger or Rotchyerkokov Russian Rye (which would also be a GREAT bread name, right?). But that just isn’t me. Give me coffee. Now. Please.” – Sir Chaney

“Brandy, no ice, straight up.” – Mr. Madarang

“My drink of choice is an old fashioned, without a doubt. I learned how to make them back in my college days in Vermont . . . those were the days.” – Papa Kharrat

“7 and 7.” – The Buzelli

“Bud Lite . . . I’m watching my calories.” – Mr. Pham

“Torn between Bacardi and Coke . . . cuz I’m HOOD like that . . . or Tokyo Tea . . . ‘cuz I’m Asian like that.” – Mr. Khawsy (AKA Thug Nasty)

“I usually go for a Madras. It’s just vodka, cranberry and orange juices so it’s nearly impossible to screw up, and it tastes great.” – Mr. Simcik